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5 High-trending Skate Apparel for Kids and Tweens in 2022


While the skate boy trend felt rebellious, the surfskate trends are the opposite. With community-led sports increasing, designers have responded with a tranquil and flexible approach to skate culture.

Surfskate trends got a lot of attention from kids and tweens in 2022. They offered unique designs focusing on empowerment and inclusivity. 

These trends also blurred the line between genders with highly functional outfits.

Discover five high-trending skate apparel for kids and tweens that made waves in 2022.

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Market review of kid’s & teens boys’ surfskate apparel
Five astonishing surfskate apparel trends for boys
Rounding up

Market review of kids’ & teen boys’ surfskate apparel

Research shows that in 2021, experts valued the global surfskate apparel market at $1.27 billion and expect it to expand at a 5.0% CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

The enormous market expansion is attributable to the increasing demand for surfwear-inspired outfits and more acceptance of the surfskate lifestyle. Moreover, experts expect the market to reach $1.82 billion over the forecast period.

Although other psychedelic skateboarding trends rocked 2022, retailers can expect to find more trendy skatewear for kids and tweens in 2022. Read on to explore five of these trends.

Five astonishing surfskate apparel trends for boys

Resort shirt

Boy on the beach wearing a resort shirt

Resort collections never get old. They appear all year round and are now taking the spotlight once more. One trendy piece that’s part of this collection is the resort shirt.

Resort shirts give retro vibes as they exude a laidback style for consumers who want their kids and teens to look smart. That’s not all. This versatile piece combines functionality and comfortability to ensure wearers stay cool in warmer conditions.

These shirts feature relaxed collars, tropical prints, and button-up detail. They also help to add an exotic essence to the timeless short sleeve shirt. The fashionable piece creates a strong holiday vibe, perfect for various occasions.

Kids or teens can enjoy eye-catching patterns like leaf prints, palm trees, or the famous Hawaiian pattern. The apparel accommodates other unique styles like bright tigers, cherry blossoms, and vibrant dragons.

Boy in a resort shirt standing beside a pool

A resort shirt features a magical combination with chinos or straight-led jeans. This combo is ideal for everyday or casual evening styles. It’s also a great outfit for dinner nights as teens can look smart and relaxed.

Straight-leg denim shorts

Kid playing in straight-leg denim shorts

Denim shorts are a fashion staple in men’s and kids’ wardrobes. Though most people attached the piece to some dad trends, denim shorts still make some fantastic kid and teens outfit.

Though it’s easy to identify denim shorts as cutoff Levi’s 501s, more recent designs make them unique with an upgraded modern silhouette.

The perfect straight-leg denim short outfit shouldn’t look like an over-the-knee late 90s horror worn by teen skaters. It should show more confidence with better fits and shorter seams. Excellent straight-leg denim shorts should always run slim (and slightly above the knees).

Tween posing with straight-leg denim shorts

Lighter-weight denim will add comfort to the piece, especially for teens wearing them in more humid and hotter conditions. Consumers can also enjoy a wide range of washes from dark indigo to nearly bleached. Further, they can rock interesting patterns with their straight-leg denim shorts.

What’s more, denim shorts are a great pair for almost all casual shirts in a kid’s wardrobe. Teens can combine them with everything from T-shirts to patterned button-downs and polos.

Long-sleeved tee

Classy kid posing with orange long-sleeved tee

Long-sleeved tees are one of the most classic pieces for kids and teens. Despite this simplicity, they still exude enough stylishness to make a fashion statement.

Although long-sleeved tees don’t break the sartorial boundaries, their extra arm-lengths make them more versatile and give them more scope than their short-sleeved counterparts. The long-sleeve tee is also a skate culture staple.

Most wearers favor them for their oversized silhouettes. And the piece allows for creative freedom with colorful patterns and doodles that enhance joyful aesthetics.

There’s nothing more fun than fancy layering, and consumers won’t find the long-sleeved tee lacking. Consumers can enjoy a two-tee combo with the long sleeves serving as the base layer and a short sleeve as the top.

Consumers can make the long sleeve match the pants and slip on a short-sleeved tee with contrasting hues for a more fashionable look. Opting for baggy shorts with the ensemble will offer more comfort and breathability.

Tween smiling while wearing a red long-sleeved tee

Boys that prefer denim will have a great time pairing them with long-sleeved tees. They can also rock a denim-on-denim outfit by adding a jacket to the mix. A graphic long-sleeved tee would be perfect for adding more aesthetics to the ensemble.

Athleisure is not left out! Teens can don their long-sleeved tees with joggers. Such outfits are perfect for road trips as they strike a balance between comfort and style. Consumers can explore various styles, including printed or camouflaged joggers with neutral tees or vice versa.

Comfort cargo pants

Anonymous kid posing with green cargo pants

Pulling off a stylish look with cargo pants is not as difficult as most consumers think. Although, getting it wrong would make teens look like G.I Joe fan club reject. Getting it right, however, would give kids a timeless, classic aesthetic.

Cargo pants started as a military staple, but soon found their way into the heart of contemporary fashion. They pack durability, comfort, and versatility in single apparel.

However, cargo pants have seen many alterations and updates to make them compatible with modern staples. Now, it’s an effortless way for teens to look casual and super chill.

Kid posing in comfortable cargo pants

Summer is a time for light and breathable outfits. Consumers want to feel fresh without sacrificing style and can pull it off with comfortable cargo pants. Pairing them with some light-colored tees would give kids a more relaxed look.

Cargo pants also work for winter layering. They can provide some warmth and room to create eye-catching winter outfits. Teens can wear them with a long-sleeved tee and slap on a jacket for extra warmth.

Kids can also look super casual with a cardigan and cargo pants combo. The outfit is simple, yet attractive for outdoor and other informal activities.

Graphic tee

Kid jumping with a red graphic tee

Graphic tees are all the rave for the teenage generation. These stylish pieces have been around since the 70s and appeal to teens who love their retro, vintage vibes.

One crucial detail to rocking a graphic tee is choosing the right fit. It shouldn’t be too oversized and should rest around the hip.

Consumers also have to consider the kind of graphic tee before wearing it. There are bad and good graphics, but what makes a good one is the message conveyed with the prints. A perfect graphic tee should feature a fantastic picture or statement.

Teen smiling with a black graphic tee

Sporting a graphic tee with something offensive would destroy the overall aesthetic of the piece. Consumers should also avoid tie-dyed graphic tees and opt for variants with black or white bases.

Layering a graphic tee is one magical way kids can rock this piece. They can try a pullover, sports, button-up, or jean jacket. But make sure the outfit shows the beauty of the graphic tee and doesn’t cover it up.

For the bottoms, graphic tees can look great with a wide variety of pants. Kids can rock joggers, sweatpants, cargo pants, and even shorts for a close-to-perfect look.

Rounding up

High-summer themes are becoming popular as more consumers see things through a transeasonal lens. There’s more focus on durable designs that can work for outdoor and back-to-school seasons.

Genderless apparels are the new normal. These pieces have to celebrate inclusion, creating color palettes that are not gender-restricted.

Luckily, businesses can leverage resort shirts, straight-leg shorts, long-sleeved tees, comfort cargo pants, and graphic tee trends to reflect the growing consumer sentiment and make more profits.

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