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5 Astounding Women’s Color Trends That Will Reign in Spring/Summer 2023


The catwalks saw a different approach to the season through balance and optimism. Dopamine brights continue to rise, with luscious red occupying a standout position.

Contrasts this dopamine brights are also making a scene this season as premium brands embrace core shades, highlighting the beauty of trans-seasonal and transitional hues.

However, these are not the only hues trending this season. Discover five eye-catching color trends women will love in S/S 2023.

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Summary of the women’s fashion color industry
5 top-trending women’s color styles for S/S 2023
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Summary of the women’s fashion color industry

The global women’s apparel market registered a US $915 billion value in 2021. But research predicts the industry will reach US $1,165 billion by 2027 while exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.84% over the 2021–2027 forecast period. The fashion industry is shifting gears toward colors showcasing consumer emotions.

Experts expect dopamine brights to dominate the women’s fashion color market. Sunny yellow, luscious red, and hyper pink are the top color trends gaining attention this season, and this shit shows enough promise to drive the industry’s growth.

Core shades are also gaining popularity because they contrast the ever-bright dopamine tone. Hues like dark browns and optic whites show the most potential for increased demand. Hence, reports suggest they will contribute positively to the market’s expansion.

5 top-trending women’s color styles for S/S 2023

1. Luscious red

Woman holding the hem of a flowy red dress

Luscious red heralds the return of emotionally engaging and fiery brights in Spring/Summer 2023. The hue takes a spot as the season’s familiar and commercial bright. Retailers can use this tone to satisfy consumers’ cravings for fashionable looks.

This season updates the iconic ruched dress with luscious red. Adding the hue to this versatile outfit makes it a flattering option for any occasion, and consumers can effortlessly dress it up or down. Ladies can try a red mini-ruched dress with an exaggerated gathering for a hot alternative to the classic silhouette.

Leather skirts are ideal for introducing some attitude to any outfit and show extreme compatibility with luscious red. These bottoms are bold and chic and feel great with various tops. Consumers can wear them anywhere from the bar to the streets. 

Woman standing near railings in a fitted red dress

Ladies love maxi skirts, and they look even better with luscious red. Due to their length, red maxi skirts make perfect statement styles. Women can select a design in lightweight fabric and pair it with a structured or knit jacket. They can rock all red or add neutral tones to dress down the look.

2. Tranquil blue

Woman in a blue cut-out dress holding a travel bag

This mid-tone signals the reemergence of sophisticated and soothing shades. Tranquil blue is incredibly versatile and looks excellent across all fashion categories. High shine and satin textiles can elevate this shade’s beauty and create a flowy effect, adding tranquility to the season and balancing statement brights.

Dresses with beaded embellishments are perfect for adding something spectacular to everyday outfits. Consumers looking to explore regality without overthinking will love this sanity and delicate decorated piece. But this elegant ensemble receives a beauty raise when dyed in tranquil blue. Pairing a black or white jacket with the item will easily accent the blue’s beauty.

Woman wearing a blue button shirt and ash vest

Ladies ready to show some legs will love a tranquil blue miniskirt. These skirt styles are daring and stylish, but blue adds some elegance to the flirty piece. They’re ideal for crafting sexy evening or gorgeous weekend outfits. What’s more, versatile apparel can match various wardrobe staples. Consider pairing a blue mini skirt with a slogan tee for a simple spin on the regal color.

3. Dark browns

Woman wearing a brown dress posing with hands at her back

Dark browns like #DarkOak and #SepiaTones rise as transitional neutrals, making awesome alternatives to black this S/S 23. These shades serve as essential neutral and trans-seasonal hues for high-quality materials–like lightweight sheen satins and chiffons. And these textiles allow luxury to infiltrate the humble color.

Cut-outs are huge trends this season as they’ve made their way from the catwalks to the streets. They are an effortless way to exude sexiness and satisfy the nostalgic craving for Y2K aesthetics. Usually, cut-out items look fantastic in black, but consumers can swap that out for dark browns.

Woman sitting on a chair in a brown dress

This trans-seasonal hue also has its moments with jackets featuring fringing details. Fringe is a returning trend, and Dark browns are a stylish way to ease consumers into the style. Interestingly, this design adds appealing movement to various outfits. In addition, consumers can experiment with different items like maxi skirts and flared trousers.

4. Optic white

Woman sitting while wearing a white elegant dress

This clean shade offers a pared-back alternative to this season’s brights. Optic white reemerges as a palate-cleansing shade while drawing inspiration from 90s minimalist trends. Work into an essential versatile and trans-seasonal hue offering the features of contemporary and timeless looks.

Consumers can maintain a hot summer vibe by adding a catsuit to their wardrobes. This body-skimming ensemble is incredibly sexy and trendy enough to accommodate optic white shades. White catsuits are versatile enough for ladies to wear anywhere–they may style it with an oversized coat or showcase every part of the feminine silhouette.

Woman posing with a camera while rocking a white dress

Oversized suits are back and making whites look natural this season. Optic white makes the ensemble flattering and multifaceted, allowing it to look fantastic anywhere. Ladies can rock the outfit to the office or for market trips and brunch dates. Going basic is an ideal way women can rock this style.

5. Soft pink

Woman folding her arms while rocking a pink dress

While pink remains a significant driver for the women’s color market–this season paves the way for tinted shades to soak some attention. Soft pink charges to the forefront and brings a delicate and soothing feel. This shade doubles down as a near-neutral, making it trans-seasonal and versatile.

Soft pink will gain a luxurious feel when paired with lustrous satins and dusted pastels. Neutrals are gaining traction this season, and one style topping the charts is the stone suit. Women can effortlessly transition from winter to summer with soft pink trousers and matching coats. Include a crisp white shirt for a blended silhouette.

Woman holding a straw hat in a pink patterned dress

Skirts are so versatile that women can wear them casually or glamorously. But ladies searching for a style worthy of cocktail functions and evening outings can look no further than soft pink sequin skirts. Consumers worried their outfit would attract too much attention can pair the piece with casual tops–like t-shirts or sweaters.

Closing words

As women continue making more considered purchases, it’s crucial to make appealing offers with seasonal palettes and provide commercial colors with a trans-seasonal appeal.

Stock up fashion catalogs with transitional colors to build a more balanced Spring/Summer palette. Retailers must consider investing in luscious red, tranquil blue, dark browns, optic white, and soft pink to connect with consumers’ emotions and garner more sales in Spring/Summer 2023.

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