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A Buyer’s Guide To Halloween Beauty Gifting for 2023


Halloween is a unique time of the year, where traditions meet more modern types of celebrations and expressions. 

What’s become evident in recent years is the rise in not only festivities in the month leading up to Halloween, but also the desire for consumers to focus on wellness and bath remedies that reflect ancient times. 

In this article, we’ll provide a buyer’s guide to Halloween beauty gifting for 2023.

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Market value of Halloween beauty gifting
7 Halloween beauty gifting trends for 2023
Will Halloween beauty gifting continue to be popular?

Market value of Halloween beauty gifting

Halloween themed boxes wrapped in orange paper with black bows

Halloween is becoming more popular than ever, with festivities reaching many other countries outside of North America and the UK. This expansion has created the perfect opportunity for Halloween beauty gifting, with consumers on the hunt for the perfect beauty accessories to match with their outfits or for personal wellness use.

By the end of 2024, the global gift market is expected to have reached US $68.45 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2%. 

The rise of consumers shopping online and getting inspiration for gifts from social media means that Halloween gifts will be able to reach a much wider audience than in recent years, and will therefore make up a good portion of the forecasted number. Last year alone, consumer spending for Halloween gifts reached an all-time high of US $10.14 billion in the USA.

7 Halloween beauty gifting trends for 2023

With the growth of the Halloween industry across the globe, the market is expecting to see unique beauty gifting trends that also have the environment in mind. 

Eye-catching beauty sets, calming crystals, themed artificial nails, upcycled aesthetics, and bath accessories are the big Halloween beauty gifting ideas that are projected to be a hit in 2023 among consumers.

Metaverse beauty collection

Woman’s face covered in metallic makeup colors of different shades

The rise of the metaverse in recent years has brought with it a new inspiration for makeup trends. The metaverse beauty collection features color-changing tones, shimmery finishes, and eye-catching packaging that seamlessly ties into otherworldly aesthetics. 

This is a big Halloween beauty gifting trend to look out for, as the makeup will help to create virtual visual effects on the wearer and will be the standout makeup choice at any event. Packaging is also key here, with consumers looking for it to match the style of the makeup inside.

Calming crystals

Variety of healing crystals laid out on a table

Calming crystals have been used for centuries by various groups of people, and they are a popular accessory to have year-round. What makes these a great Halloween beauty gifting idea is that they play on a witchy aesthetic, but are still very much intended for long-term personal wellness. 

These calming crystals were known in ancient times for their calming, healing, and protective qualities, and today are being sold individually or as part of a wellness set, with a big focus being on fair-trade crystals. 

Special effects makeup

Two women dressed as vampires with SFX makeup on

Although special effects makeup is predominantly used for filming or on stages, there’s also a big spike in sales around Halloween. This type of makeup allows both professionals and makeup enthusiasts to create unique visual effects, and has only grown in popularity in recent years. 

The big trends with SFX makeup covers everything from pre-measured kits for use on prosthetics for specific appearances to large volumes of makeup that can be used for multiple looks. 

Hauntingly good nails

Woman’s nails painted purple with white ghosts on top

The Halloween beauty gifting market is expecting the demand for Halloween nails to rise in 2023, which is partly down to the explosion of tutorials found on platforms such as TikTok, and partly thanks to the popularity of at-home nail art. 

Seasonal press-ons and sticker nails are easy for consumers to use as part of their costumes, but they are also heavily used by both men and women who like to change their nails depending on the season, as part of a more casual and everyday look.

Bath accessories

Four styles of Halloween themed bath bombs on spooky table

Not everyone chooses to go out for Halloween, which is why there has been an explosion of Halloween bath accessories on the market in recent years. 

Bathing gifts are always a good option, and now Halloween beauty gifting can be included with the creation of Halloween bath bombs and transportative scents that can be found in diffusers and candles, as well as lotions and soaps. 

There are healing properties behind scents such as sage and rosemary, and Halloween is the perfect time to bring them out.

Entertainment-inspired cosmetics

Lilo and Stitch themed makeup palette with eyeshadows

When Halloween comes, there is usually an abundance of makeup for sale to help consumers create the perfect look. Entertainment-inspired cosmetics, such as movies or TV shows, will be a big hit for Halloween beauty gifting in 2023. 

With new films coming out that have eye-catching makeup on the characters, there’s always room for makeup to follow the trend. 

It’s important that the makeup sets or pallets include a variety of colors that can be used beyond Halloween too, so there is less waste and more of an inclination to buy.

Upcycled aesthetics

Halloween themed gift box with black bottom and filling inside

Halloween gifts and decorations that are only used once and then thrown away will begin to decline in the upcoming years, as Halloween starts to take a more sustainable approach like so many other holidays have. 

Items that can be lovingly repurposed or repaired will grow in popularity, and there’s expected to be a focus on packaging that can be reused as well. 

For this Halloween beauty gifting trend, it’s important to invest in packaging that can last for a long period of time and to embrace pieces that may have imperfections in them. This directional trend is one that should be bought into in smaller volumes. 

Will Halloween beauty gifting continue to be popular?

Halloween is growing in popularity around the world, and with it comes new trends to follow that are adapting to the modern lifestyles that consumers have. 

The top trends in 2023 will see upcycled aesthetics, creative makeup, prosthetics, bath accessories, calming crystals, and spooky nails growing in popularity with consumers of all ages. 

Beauty gifts that can be used after the Halloween period and won’t have a negative impact on the environment will expand in the next few years and will gradually overtake items that have one-time use. This is a growing trend in many markets and not just the global gift market.  

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