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5 Awesome Color Cosmetics Innovators to Watch Out for in 2023


Innovators in color cosmetics pride themselves on developing products to transform contemporary makeup artistry and consumer needs. Women now prioritize items focusing on creativity and inclusive attitudes. Sustainability is another factor consumers demand in cosmetic kits.

This article discusses five color cosmetic brands prioritizing self-expression and modern applications and uncovers why they’re the ones to watch in 2023. But first, here are the market statistics for color cosmetics.

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How big is the color cosmetics market
The 5 color cosmetic innovators reigning in the sector
Rounding up

How big is the color cosmetics market

Marketing experts in 2021 valued the global color cosmetics market at $70.34 billion. The color cosmetics market was one of the few industries to suffer a backlash from the pandemic. The lockdown reduced cosmetics demand across all regions, and the global market suffered a 5.2% decline in 2020.

In 2022, the market slightly increased to $72.74 billion, but experts expect it to grow further by 2029. They predict it’ll reach $94.49 billion at a CAGR of 3.8% over the forecast period. Women demand these products because they provide a healthy and fresh appearance by concealing marks and spots, defining facial features, and enhancing the overall look. These benefits increase the cravings for color cosmetics and drive the industry’s growth.

The online distribution segment accounts for a significant sales boost, which supports the global market’s growth. In addition, the offline segment dominates the market due to the easy buying process and improved physical experiences.

Asia Pacific also holds a dominant market share, and experts predict the region will maintain its position over the forecast period. Asia Pacific generated $30.02 billion in 2021. Additionally, North America will follow closely behind by holding a significant market share by 2029.

The 5 color cosmetic innovators reigning in the sector

MOB Beauty

Woman applying colorful makeup

Combining sustainability-focused packaging and customized palettes, MOB Beauty provides consumers with eco-friendly choices without reducing personal taste or performance. The cosmetic brand places as much focus on packaging designs as it does on product formulas. Consumers only need one purchase to enjoy multiple personalization options, giving them more freedom to address various individual needs.

MOB Beauty develops vegan and cruelty-free products with ethically sourced ingredients. Their products also use biodegradable ingredients, which helps to protect local ecosystems and water systems. This brand’s item list includes blushes & bronzers, cream clay, refillable mascaras, powder finish eyeshadows, and powder eyeliners.

Lady using a makeup brush to apply eye shadow

This color cosmetic brand is one to watch because of its environmental efforts. MOB Beauty prioritizes refillable packaging with mono-material made from PP or PET resin. These materials are easy to recycle even with 50% post-consumer content. In addition, the cosmetic innovator utilizes 100% PCR outer packaging that’s also FSC-certified.


Beautiful woman wearing colorful makeup

Neen takes a different consumer approach by offering the ultimate “try before you buy” experience. This brand provides risk-free ways for consumers to test products before making purchases. Consumers can access cosmetic sample cards with QR codes. After scanning the codes, consumers will get tutorials showing how to achieve the promoted look. In addition, these Neen cards come with five makeup looks and peel-back swatches.

Consumers can access this tutorial through the brand’s app and enjoy a split-screen feature. Such innovations allow consumers to record themselves recreating the look while using voice commands to rewind, fast-forward and pause the tutorial. In addition, Neen is also eco-friendly, as the brand offers refillable full-sized products, including lip balms, eyeliners, cream cheek & highlighters, dual-pan lipgloss, and multi-use pressed pigment shadow.

Woman holding a makeup brush while applying cosmetics

Neen is one brand businesses should watch because of its inclusive, sustainable, and community-driven values. The environment is another crucial part of this brand. Neen starts with the test-first method, then utilizes clean ingredients and functional packaging.

HIGHR Collective

Lady putting on red lipstick

HIGHR Collective focuses on universally flattering lip-wear. The brand claims to have the first C02 neutral lipstick with clean formulas and sustainable supply chain techniques. This lip-wear-focused brand offers lipgloss and eight lipstick shades. Although it seems like a few product offerings, HIGHR redirects energy into the universality of each item. Hence, it eliminates the need to provide multiple shade offerings.

One unique approach this cosmetic brand takes is monitoring all employees’ daily activities. It tracks daily travel (freight inclusive), tube manufacturing facilities, shipments, warehouse usage, and accommodation to reduce carbon in the supply chain.

Smiling woman wearing a pink lipstick shade

Retailers can follow this cosmetic brand for its dedication to creating inclusive shades. HIGHR Collective creates mid-tones that won’t change in cool or warm pigmentation. In addition, the brand tests its lipstick colors on various skin tones for universality. Consumers can also drop feedback if they don’t like the shade or have suggestions to improve the quality.

Westman Atelier

Woman applying skincare cream on her face

Westman Atelier combines sustainability, luxury, and efficacy into skin-first hygienic products with a second-skin approach. The brand believes that “makeup should be more than enhancements; it should balance, calm, and replenish the skin.” Interestingly, this brand used skin-nourishing products (with clinically-proven effects) to etch a niche space in the clean color cosmetics market.

Each of this brand’s products shows extreme compatibility in a user’s makeup closet, as consumers can use them together seamlessly. Westman Atelier also evaluates all synthetics, ensuring they comply with the EU’s standards for safe and clean beauty. Everything on this brand’s sales list is cruelty-free, including its makeup brush range.

Relaxing woman applying cream in a spa

Although it’s relatively new, Westman Atelier channels maximum effort into providing sustainable innovations, making it a brand one should watch. Westman Atelier keeps pushing toward refillable packages, while consumers can easily recycle its existing packaging. In addition, all products from the brand are carbon neutral, which helps it contribute positively to the environment.

Kaliedos Makeup

Lady applying colorful makeup on her face

Image source: Pexels.com

Imagination and creativity are Kaliedos Makeup’s’ most vital aspects. The brand also thrives on core values of eccentricity, individuality, and authenticity. This Shanghai-based brand puffs a diverse international team, allowing it to utilize a cross-border vision and identity. Kaliedos Makeup’s inspiration goes beyond singular cultural influences and dives into the global varieties.

Kaliedos Makeup provides collections with artistic inspirations. Products like Night of Creation, Flower Punk, and Smokey Nostalgia follow this theme by offering various items for the consumer’s perusal. Each collection includes Lip Clay lip colors, chromatic eyeshadow palettes, lip masks, Space Age highlighters, and multi-chromatic gel liners.

Makeup artist styling a woman’s face

This brand makes a great role model because of its multiversal approach to makeup applications, creativity, and experimentation. Kaliedos also provides various color stories and innovative finishes that support its authenticity, eccentricity, and individuality themes. The brand offers cruelty-free products and shows the potential to garner more environmentally-friendly methods beyond aesthetics.

Rounding up

Color cosmetics are taking an up-turn this season as more consumers want to enhance their looks with natural products. Consumers demand more sustainable, high-end color cosmetics that last longer than a meal. 

With consumer demands redefining what it means to use “clean” products, businesses must set ethical standards and higher tones for transparency. Take inspiration from color cosmetic innovators that encourage consumers to do more than traditional makeup applications.

MOB Beauty, Neen, HIGHR Collective, Westman Atelier, and Kaliedos Makeup are the brands to watch if businesses want a solid market presence in the color cosmetic market.

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