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5 Beautiful and Top-trending Men’s Color Apparels for Spring/Summer 2023


Gone are the days of subdued embellishments and neutral colors. Men’s wear is now ravishing with mouth-watering colors. From enhanced neutrals to dopamine brights, there’s no limit to classic shades that make a bold statement.

S/S 23 comes packed with a mix of timeless and transeasonal hues. Men don’t have to sacrifice colorful apparel to look top-notch. 

Businesses can explore five top-trending colors for the upcoming seasons and discover how to make increased sales and profits. But first, here’s the market size for men’s color apparel.

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How big is the men’s color apparel market?
Five ravishing color designs trending for men in 2023
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How big is the men’s color apparel market?

In 2021, the men’s apparel market witnessed a surge, with experts valuing it at $533.3 billion. But it didn’t end there. Experts also estimate the market will expand to $746.9 billion from 2022 to 2027. They expect it to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period.

The increasing fashion consciousness in men and higher demands for more unique appearances are some factors facilitating this impressive market size. 

As the men’s global apparel market expands, the color apparel segment also grows, sharing the large market size and potential.

With new bold hues taking the spotlight, sellers can expect a splash of colors to hit menswear in S/S 22/23.

Five ravishing color designs trending for men in 2023

Performance blue

Man wearing a performance blue suit, shirt, and tie

Extending beyond activewear, performance blue is here to take the center stage for S/S. This approachable bright works across all outfits and makes some brilliant color pairings.

Performance blue is also outstanding as solid, which adds impact to familiar staples. After all, blue is every man’s go-to for a reason.

This color is the epitome of effortlessness and can easily make any outfit stylish. But pieces particularly attractive with performance blue include hoodies, sweaters, and kimono-like outfits.

Consumers can combine performance blue with french navy and other shades of blue to create eye-catching outfits. Other warm colors that work with this hue include blush pink, warm neutrals, yellow, orange, and different shades of green and purple.

Male consumers with a thing for monochrome can rock a blue-on-blue outfit. They can wear a blue wooly shirt combined with dark blue pants for added casual aesthetics. Men who aren’t afraid of occasional experimentation can combine contrasting colors, like a blue checked blazer with bright pink shorts.

Man wearing a blue zipped-up jacket

Consumers can also wear performance blue long sleeves for a casual touch. They can combine the piece with grey baggy pants for an increased relaxed look.

Men can opt for a more flashy alternative with a blue jacket and yellow shirt combo. The outfit would also make a stunning pair with some cream shorts.

A red leather bottom would make a pretty combo for blue long sleeves, as they make fantastic contrasts with the red in the entire look.

Black with black

Man posing in all black outfit

What’s better than dopamine brights? An all-black outfit. Consumers that prefer subdued colors can’t go wrong with a black-with-black aesthetic.

All-black outfits provide a contrast that balances out the seasonal brights and exudes sophistication. That’s not all. Black features a transeasonal and timeless appeal across men’s shorts, jackets, pants, and separates.

An example of such exotic pieces is the black net shirt. This piece appeals to male consumers ready to show off some skin. It’s mostly collarless with fitted shapes that accent a hot masculine shape. Men can complete the outfit by pairing the piece with black baggy shorts.

Man wearing matching black set with patterns

A black trench coat is another timeless piece that makes an excellent black-with-black outfit. And it doesn’t have to be all-black. Male consumers can add a bold pink scarf to give some contrast to the dark outfit.

The classic suit also benefits from this trend. But what makes it different is its room for more styles. Male customers can go wild with a black suit by adding blue wavy patterns to give the ensemble an accentuated look. Combined with blue hems and lining, this piece will be sure to leave mouths agape.

Turtlenecks are other apparel that makes killer outfits in black. Paring them with black dress pants and a light blue blazer would make the look more sophisticated.

Enhanced neutrals

Man posing with neutral-colored matching set

While neutrals tend to look boring and formal, their enhanced versions bring more life and vibrance to summer/spring. Enhanced neutrals are soft and subtle transeasonal options that work with raw and undyed fabrics.

Pieces like a knitted vest look top-notch with enhanced neutrals. These ensembles have the flexibility and mobility men need to look edgy or keep things casual with a gorgeous pair of faded black jeans. 

This color trend leaves enough room for men willing to try some bold experiments. For instance, they can try pairing an extra large light grey suit with some dark grey baggy shorts. Alternatively, they can add a white undershirt for a gallant look.

Men posing in black and cream sets

Trench coats also look great with enhanced neutrals. Male consumers can pair them with black shirts and cream baggy pants. Alternatively, men can opt for a cream jacket and short combination.

Adding some pink would introduce some striking contrasts to enhanced neutral outfits. Consumers can rock a grey-on-grey outfit with a white inner shirt and a pink shawl.

Luscious red

Man smiling with red shirt

Red is incredibly transeasonal, saucy, and perfect for making active outfits in S/S. There’s no limit to what consumers can do with the color. For formal events, pieces like the suit jacket would look dashing.

That’s not the only formal attire male consumers can rock with red. They can opt for a classic dress shirt with a black turtleneck under it, complete with black pants.

Man rocking a red coat with white designs

Shirts and jackets are not the only pieces that look good in luscious red. Pants and ties can also make some dazzling outfits. Consumers can take some red pants and mix them with a navy blue duster and sky blue shirt.

Today’s pants feature many shapes, but they can still add some posh aesthetics. Male consumers can consider pairing luscious red baggy pants with a white T-shirt and a red bow tie to complete the look. They can opt for a gold coat and vest to add an elegant touch.

Astro green

Man smiling with green shirt

Astro green holds the front line when it comes to optimism. This transeasonal shade clears the way for smart and occasional looks. For formal looks, consumers can rock the colored suit for a graceful aesthetic.

Male consumers can also play with different colors to make beautiful outfits. Think pairing a green suit with a pink turtleneck. Or, some Astro green pants with a teal long-sleeve tee featuring light blue sleeves.

If that’s not enough, consumers can swap the pink turtleneck for a yellow one. A relaxed look is also possible with an Astro green oversized resort shirt and matching baggy pants.

Man looking classy in an elegant green suit

Astro green is also great for athleisure outfits. Men just need to don a green hoodie with some matching joggers and they’ll have a sassy sporty look.

A knit sweater would be the go-to for casual streetwear. It would be a great match with equally green sweatpants or faded blue jeans.

Bottom line

Spring/summer 2023 is a mix of transitional and timeless shades and bold brights to add more vibrance to men’s fashion.

With so many colors trending this season, retailers need to update their catalogs to showcase confidence. Colors connect with emotions as consumers continue to make more thoughtful purchases.

Businesses must reflect on performance blue, black with black, enhanced neutrals, luscious red, and Astro-green seasonal palettes to offer commercial colors that make profits in spring/summer 2023.

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