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5 Cool Color Trends for Men’s Fashion in Autumn/Winter 23/24


The new men’s fashion season has arrived, bringing with it an exhilarating opportunity to take a closer look at color trends for men. The high fashion runways have been filled with innovative, fashion forward options that will soon trickle down to stores. 

So what can businesses expect for men’s fashion in autumn/winter 23/24? 

This collection review will explore the forecasted men’s AW 23/24 color trends. It zooms in on the top 5 trends so buyers can stay ahead of the curve and curate lines that meet consumers’ fashion expectations. 

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Overview of men’s fashion market and trends
Men’s fashion color trends for autumn and winter 23/24

Overview of men’s fashion market and trends

The men’s apparel industry continues to grow steadily. The market is said to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.95% from 2023 to 2027. However, inflation and consumer indifference remain two of the great challenges the industry faces.

In 2023 experts predicted that global inflation rates would reach a staggering 6.9%. While this is significantly better than the previous year, consumer’s buying power is still adversely affected. As a consequence, consumers are looking for affordable, stylish, and quality men’s apparel

Consumer indifference can be understood as a consumer’s lack of brand commitment. It occurs where a consumer would receive the same level of satisfaction or utility from a product, irrespective of the brand. 

Men’s fashion businesses can guard against consumer indifference by being proactive with their season’s offerings. Color is a crucial part of that. Here’s what big industry players like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Balmain are doing for men’s A/W 23/24 catalog. 

Men’s fashion color trends for autumn and winter 23/24

The captivating color palette of A/W 23/24 is a harmonious fusion of hues that ignites the senses. Fashion forward consumers will be overjoyed with the new rich, vibrant tones that will become timeless additions to their wardrobe and elevate their style. 

The runways showcased leading men’s fashion brands taking deep dives into nature as their inspiration. From the warmth and depth of the fiery Sunset Red – reminiscent of the sun’s final moments casting a mesmerizing glow on the horizon – to enchanting Forest Green – evoking the lush foliage that blankets the earth, providing a sense of serenity and connection to the natural world. 

The upcoming men’s fashion season is all about making a statement.

All about apricot

Men’s winter fashion apricot colored t-shirt

Apricot Crush is the Pantone color of the year for 2024. The essence of the color lies in its soft and natural allure. Its sun-bleached tones evoke imagery of warm, idyllic landscapes and invoke a sense of calm. This gentle hue adds a touch of understated elegance to garments, making it a versatile choice for a variety of styles and occasions. 

Apricot Crush effortlessly harmonizes with neutral tones, providing a serene foundation upon which to build a diverse range of outfits.

Men’s fashion enthusiasts can make bold fashion statements by opting for key clothing items in Apricot Crush. Consumers should consider investing in stylish apricot-colored blazers or cozy sweaters to instantly elevate their ensembles. 

Statement pieces can be paired with neutral bottoms – such as beige or gray trousers – for a balanced and sophisticated look.

Monochromatic sophistication

Men’s black fashion t-shirts on a rail

Monochromatic palettes provide an easy and sophisticated way to embrace the men’s autumn and men’s winter fashion trends. Shades of gray, navy, and black create a sleek and polished look when layered and combined in different textures and patterns. 

Monochromatic outfits allow the colors to take center stage, emphasizing the rich depth and versatility of each shade. Consumers should experiment with tonal variations and textures to achieve a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

Warm earthy tones

Men’s fashion brown boots and knit

Autumnal shades – like caramel brown, burnt sienna, and olive green – create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. These colors work particularly well for men’s outerwear. When paired correctly, the tones can add a burst of warmth during the cold seasons. 

While maximalism takes center stage in men’s winter fashion, there is also a nod to the earthy tones that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. Rich browns, warm oranges, and deep greens pay homage to the beauty of the natural world. These colors provide a grounding effect, infusing outfits with a touch of rustic elegance. 

These earthy hues can be incorporated into men’s knits and accessories for a refined and nature-inspired look.

Vibrant contrasts

Men’s yellow fashion socks with black dots

Maximalism continues to reign supreme in the season’s men’s apparel, allowing men to make bold fashion statements with an array of vibrant hues. Expect to see a resurgence of intense colors this season, such as fiery reds, deep purples, and electric blues. 

These shades serve as a powerful expression of individuality, allowing men to embrace their unique sense of style with confidence.

In men’s A/W 23/24, maximalism is all about stepping out of the comfort zone and embracing colors that command attention. Men can experiment with head-to-toe monochromatic looks in vibrant shades like cobalt blue or electric orange. Alternatively, mix and match contrasting hues for a visually striking ensemble. 

Consumers could even consider pairing a vivid red blazer with royal blue trousers or a mustard yellow sweater with emerald green pants. The key is to embrace the fearless combination of vibrant colors to create a truly maximalist statement. 

Dazzling jewel tones

Men’s fashion knits on hanging on rail

In men’s A/W 23/24, designers focus on refining textures to elevate men’s style. Luxurious fabrics – like velvet, corduroy, and tweed – take center stage, adding depth and sophistication to garments. These timeless textures enhance the richness of the color palette, providing a tactile element that is both visually appealing and pleasing to the touch. 

Consumers can experiment with velvet blazers, corduroy trousers, or tweed coats to create a sophisticated and polished ensemble.


The men’s autumn/winter 2023/24 season brings a plethora of captivating color trends to men’s fashion, providing a spectrum of options to elevate personal style. From vibrant maximalism to refined monochromatic palettes, warm earthy tones, vibrant contrasts, and dazzling jewel tones – this season’s color trends offer something for every fashion enthusiast. 

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