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6 Key Men’s Tailoring Trends for Autumn/Winter 2023/24


The fashion industry continually evolves, and businesses must maintain a competitive edge as they stay updated with the latest trends. Men’s tailoring is among the trends that have stood the test of time and prevailed in popularity over many seasons. As the autumn/winter 2023/24 season approaches, businesses should look out for the most crucial items, colors, and fabrics for men’s tailoring. 

Generally, this year’s cooler season is expected to experience a return to classical tailoring with a touch of a modern twist. Mostly, fabrics will assume neutral, earthy tones, with bold colors being highly appreciated. The anticipated essential items for men’s tailoring in the season include blazers, suits, overcoats, shirts, trousers, and accessories. All these pieces have a unique styling potential, and businesses must experiment with various combinations to create the desired looks based on customer preferences. 

This collection review will explore these critical items in detail, including creating styles with fashionable and trendy looks. The trends in men’s tailoring, like oversized shirts, double-breasted blazers, and slim-fit trousers will be highlighted. So whether it’s for businesses aiming to remain relevant or individuals looking to up their fashion sense, read on to explore the key trends of men’s tailored fashion for 2023/24.

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Overview of men’s tailoring market and trends
6 key items in men’s tailoring for autumn/winter 23/24
Fabrics and colors for autumn/winter 23/24

Overview of men’s tailoring market and trends

The fashion industry has experienced stability in men’s tailoring for decades. As such, this year’s autumn/winter season will be no exception, emphasizing trends like sharp cuts, clean lines, and minimalist designs in men’s tailoring. Relevant fabrics for tailoring will include herringbone, tweed, and wool. Businesses and designers can try the above-mentioned textures to bring bold character and depth to their catalog. 

One can also use various styling tips to reach the desired look. These involve different combinations and additional accessories for a touch of complexity. Investments in several items of men’s tailoring will elevate businesses’ fashion potential. They can easily achieve formal and casual trendy looks as dictated by the men’s tailoring needs. For instance, suits will use different colors and patterns to attain prominence during the autumn/winter 23/24 season. 

Generally, the global tailoring and alteration services market reached a valuation of about USD 9.4 billion in 2022 according to Fact.Mr. The market is anticipated to rise at a moderate compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 4.7%, reaching USD 14.9 billion by 2032. The growth is tied to the increasing demand for bespoke clothing and market players’ adoption of advanced technology. Some major market players include Alfred Dunhill, Dormeuil, and Antonio Liverano. The North American market share was the highest during the research, with a 36% representation.   

6 key items in men’s tailoring for autumn/winter 23/24

1. Blazers

A man in glasses wearing a blazer

How about this season’s blazers assuming a more relaxed fit? Of course, this style will be achieved by including softer shoulders and less structure. Generally, blazers come with versatility as they can be dressed up or down. This makes them a go-to option in men’s tailoring. Buyers should expect more single-breasted blazers with notch panels. The colors will be varied, with earthy tones being the most preferred. They can be worn with jeans or paired with dress pants for a casual look.

2. Suits

A man in a suit sitting in an office lobby

Suits are expected to maintain relevance during the autumn/winter 23/24 season as a classic men’s tailoring staple choice. Designers will focus on different colors and patterns with bold hues to gain an advantage over other styles. Double-breasted suits have a potential return, while the single-breasted suit will remain popular, offering a relatively relaxed and casual look. 

Pairing a classic navy suit with a white shirt and black shoes produces a timeless look. Bold-colored suits, like burgundy or emerald green, can attain modern looks. Single-breasted blazers paired with slim-fit trousers are an expected trendy seasonal look. Another trend will be the three-piece suit that features a waistcoat. 

3. Overcoats

A woman helping a co-worker put on an overcoat

Overcoats can be a great addition to men’s tailoring collections and will play an essential role in the autumn/winter 23/24 season. They will be longer and more oversized for a classical-modern look. The fabrics used in making the overcoats will include wool blends, tweed, and camel hair. Neutral colors will be used with additional gray and classic camel options. They will be paired with suits or dress pants for a classic fit. Leather gloves or scarves can be added for a touch of sophistication. Additionally, for a more casual look, they can be dressed down with jeans and a sweater. 

4. Trousers

Autumn/Winter men’s trousers

Trousers require simple styling to give trendy and exceptional styles. During the autumn/winter 23/24 season, they will be narrow and straight. This unique design will be combined with a higher waist structure for a more tailored fit. Buyers should expect more cuffs, pleats, and patterns like windowpane checks and houndstooth. They can pair classic dress pants with blazers for a formal look. Also, the trousers can be worn with sweaters or casual shirts for a relaxed fit. A trend to look out for during this season will be the wide-leg trousers that feature a high waist and a cropped length. 

5. Shirts

Portrait of a pocketing man wearing a shirt

Shirts are essential in various men’s tailoring collections, and autumn/winter 23/24 is no exception. The shirts during this season will creatively exhibit relaxation due to their oversized nature. Designers will focus more on different prints and bold patterns, like bold prints and oversized stripes. This will add a trendy twist to classical men’s tailoring. They will also use fabrics like cotton and silk to add texture to those designs. 

Shirts with ties and suits will continually be popular for a classic and sophisticated look. Buyers can pair oversized printed shirts with slim-fit trousers for a trendy appeal. Generally, shirts can be dressed up or down based on the occasion. 

6. Accessories

A man in winter clothes with a scarf

The role of accessories in men’s tailoring is to complement the outfits. They bring about a sense of elegance and sophistication. This season’s accessories will be more leather and oversized pieces. These will include leather gloves, wide-brimmed hats, and scarves. Generally, scarves provide warmth and style to various outfits, while wide-brimmed hats and leather gloves add a touch of luxury. 

Fabrics and colors for autumn/winter 23/24 

During the autumn/winter 23/24 men’s tailoring season, fabrics will range from natural to luxurious options as designers focus on comfort and durability. For instance, suits and blazers will be made from classic wool fabric. 

Businesses are suggested to experiment with different textures and weights to include a touch of complexity and interest in their designs. For a classic look on modern designs, businesses can include tweed, herringbone, corduroy, and wool blends. Men’s tailoring collections will also produce a luxurious look and feel using silk, cashmere, and velvet fabric options. 

The classic camel and gray colors are expected to be the most preferred during the autumn/winter 23/24 season. Nonetheless, some bold and bright colors like emerald green will be added. The earthy tones will be created using olive, beige, mustard, and rust colors. Generally, the color palette will be a mixture of classic and bold hues. Bold colors will be green, red, and burgundy. These colors will be combined with various patterns to create designs based on the fashion industry’s demand. 


Men’s tailoring for the autumn/winter 23/24 season is a significant trend that cannot be overlooked. Businesses can find the right combinations of fabrics and colors to produce pieces creatively, capturing a rather sophisticated but modern look. As such, they should keep up with the latest trends to meet the customers’ preferences and fashion needs. Moreover, to stock up on the latest items in men’s timeless tailoring fashion for autumn/winter 23/24, visit Alibaba.com

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