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5 Crafted Men’s Cut & Sew Trend Styles in Spring/Summer 2023

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At the various catwalks held in different fashion cities in 2022, the crafted men’s cut-and-sew trend designs were presented and released to the general public—based on their super comfy and classic styles for 2023.

So, it’s normal to see more silhouettes associated with “#notsoclassic” themes, like the zip-up jacket, evening wears, and many more. This article will reveal five solid men’s cut-and-sew trend designs specific for the summer/spring of 2023. But first, here’s a summary of the men’s cut and sew market.

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What is the market projection for men’s cut & sew styles?
Five remarkable men’s cut & sew trends of S/S 2023
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What is the market projection for men’s decorated styles?

The men’s decorated styles, powered by cut-and-sew designs, had a market size of US$ 23.06 billion in 2021. Researchers expect the market to register a CAGR of 12% from 2022 to 2030.

The increasing demand for embroidery, screen printing, and many more styles are part of the growing determinant factors influencing the industry’s steady growth.

But that’s not all. The increased demand for bespoke designs by clothing manufacturers will also add to the market’s growth and fashion industry in the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Boxy tees

T-shirts remain the best-performing category in cut-and-sew styles. They’re also an essential part of the quintessential men’s wardrobe. Interestingly, S/S 2023 will see the rise of elegant oversized shapes nodding toward preppy baseball influences and utility stripes. The boxy tee suits every occasion—whether it’s round or V-neck.

Men can never go wrong with the iconic boxy tee and blue jeans ensemble. Always fresh, cool, and fitting, this outfit is ideal for afternoon outings, date nights, and even semi-casual business meetings. The style is minimalist & timeless and will make any man don its chic look. But the T-shirt must fit the preferred bottoms to avoid grouchy silhouettes.

Understatement is the specialty of a boxy tee and elegant pant outfit. Consumers wearing this outfit will feel well-dressed for any occasion, especially with the combined elegant and classic features. Interestingly, this style looks subtle and noble simultaneously. Whether combining these T-shirts with pleated trousers or modern cropped designs, men will exude pride in the powerful combo.

Man posing while rocking a pink boxy tee

Boxy tees also feel relaxed when consumers wear them under an unbuttoned shirt. The outfit involves rocking a fitting T-shirt under an open-worn shirt combined with chinos or jeans. Men can make the look colorful or opt for a monochrome aesthetic. And check or stripe-patterned items will add more interest to an otherwise basic outfit.

Design detail sweatshirts

Man smiling sideways in a red sweatshirt and jeans outfit

The sweatshirt openly welcomes an effortless dash of creativity through extra design details. This trend also increases the commercial and craft visibility of the primary item. Some variants introduce eye-catching details like slash necks featuring ribbed V necklines or extra pockets with contrasting colors.

Clean-cut sweatshirts are sportswear pieces that match refined smart-casual looks. For example, men may consider wearing a slim-fitting variant in gray style over some selvage denim or chinos. These sweatshirts also make perfect layering pieces under a coat or jacket, like a bomber, leather, and varsity jacket. They even match formal overcoats for a more business-like spin.

Not marketing Jersey sweatshirts as smart-casual pieces? No problem! They can also work as comfortable loungewear, particularly oversized and neutral variants. Men can experiment with color blocking and large logos before matching their sweatshirts with joggers or jeans. More daring consumers can opt for a fully branded tracksuit to create an intense look that bags confidence.

Man posing in a white sweatshirt and joggers combo

Sweatshirts don’t always have to be long-sleeved. Sellers can opt for short-sleeved models that exude an 80s sporty vibe or look slightly oversized with wide, Kimono-style sleeves. Asides from leaving the hands exposed, short-sleeved sweatshirts don’t feel out of place and often feature cotton-jersey fabric.

Zip-up jackets

Man rocking a blue zip-up jacket with white stripes

This season’s urban staples include the zip-up jacket, and innovators are experimenting with ways to add an updated twist to the piece, like deconstruction. The trendy style for zip-up jersey jackets includes dusty and wash-out effects on fabrics for a distressed look. In addition, some designers shred the hems to create new silhouettes.

Nailing a look with a zip-up hoodie requires choosing one in classic neutral colors like black, gray, or navy. Then, consumers can match it with their favorite type of bomber jacket, whether it’s wool, leather-sleeved, or nylon. Finally, men can complete this urban style by adding dark blue or black jeans, producing a contemporary inner-city style with slight athleisure aesthetics.

Man posing while wearing a light brown zip-up jacket

The hoodie

Man posing in a white hoodie

Hoodies are one the most versatile cut-and-sewn items to hit the catwalks and retail this season. They can easily accommodate a range of forms, from bright, colorful shades to classic shapes. Although the humble hoodie may not feel like the most forward item, it’s unbeatable in comfortable and practical departments.

Matching coats with a hoodie is an excellent option for staying warm while looking stylish. Although it looks sharp and sophisticated, double-breasted coats can make fantastic styles for a relaxing weekend. The piece only needs a hoodie to help dilute its formal nature. Consumers can experiment with this style by layering a brown or black coat over a white hoodie and relaxed bottoms.

Man holding the hood of a black hoodie

Denim jackets also make eye-catching pairs with hoodies for a casual and relaxed look. Although many shades can fit this outfit, businesses can offer light blue options for their versatility and stylishness. Gents can marry the jacket with a gray or white hoodie to feel dapper. Skinny or ripped jeans will easily complete the overall aesthetic of this ensemble.

Hoodie styles can’t be complete without layering under leather jackets. The combination is functional, sleek, and stylish. Opting for biker jackets and pairing them with a black zip-up makes the outfit look edgy and tough. A pair of black slim-cut jeans will introduce a rocker aesthetic to the ensemble.

The tank

Man walking on a beach while wearing graphic tank top

S/S 2023 is witnessing new approaches to the sexy tank top, ranging from basic white tank essentials to neckline experiments, second-skin fabrics, and bold color choices. The men’s tank top world is expanding to include mesh, layered, cropped, and plain designs.

Although tanks are a hot trend this season, they usually carry uncertain air, and consumers often avoid them. However, sellers can ease men into this trend by offering loose tank tops for relaxed outfits. Black tank tops pair well with boxer shorts for the ultimate summer loungewear. Stepping out with this outfit will keep the wearer’s body cool.

White tank tops also offer similar looks and can feel slightly edgier while adding more character to the consumer’s look. They can consider layering a shirt over a white tank top and leaving all buttons undone for classic summer attire.

Man at the gym rocking a white tank top

Gents may also approach the edgy tank top with a pair of jeans or cotton trousers. It makes an excellent look for grocery runs or neighborhood walks. Alternatively, men can swap the regular bottoms for joggers, creating a simple and stylish sporty aesthetic.

Wrapping up

Experiment with products featuring new possibilities and fabric development for a lesser environmental impact. Key items with eye-catching visual interests should be a priority this season for outfits celebrating creativity.

Keep in mind when investing that stocking up on products with valuable fabrics and super lifespan is essential for threading the men’s cut-and-sew market. Also, consider deconstructed details and recognizable aesthetics for better offers in S/S 23.

Capitalizing on boxy tees, sweatshirts, zip-up jackets, hoodies, and tanks is the best way to stand out during S/S 23 sales.

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