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Creativity Rules! Top 5 Jackets & Outerwear Styles to Nail Pre-Summer 24


As we transition into the Pre-Summer 24 season, women’s jackets and outerwear continue to be wardrobe essentials that bridge the gap between winter and summer. Key styles spotlighted on the catwalks offer versatility for wearing during unpredictable weather. This article will explore the crucial transitional jacket and outerwear pieces to focus on now, from updated takes on timeless silhouettes to fresh iterations of classic styles. Drawing insight from retail sales data and emerging catwalk trends, we’ll spotlight the hero transitional outerwear styles to have on your racks for Pre-Summer 24. The focus will be on pieces that offer styling longevity while applying the latest trend-driven updates.

Table of Contents
1. Hot trends off the catwalks
2. What’s selling now: Retail category performance
3. Top 5 must-have styles to invest in
4. Key takeaways

Hot trends off the catwalks


The catwalks offered directional inspiration for updating classic silhouettes and styles for Pre-Summer 24. Tailoring was a key influence, with designers moving beyond casual shapes and adding more polished elements. This was seen in the prevalence of blazers, trenches and lightweight topcoats. Silhouettes were roomier and oversized for an element of inclusivity. Cropped lengths also added fresh proportions.

Leather emerged as an important material, expanding beyond the typical biker to styles like trenches and bombers. The leather pieces aligned with darker, edgy themes. Color palettes focused on versatile neutrals and greys for maximum longevity, while pastels and brights added femininity and seasonal energy.

There was an emphasis on pieces that could transition from day to night with ease. Details like statement zippers, modular elements, and luxe materials elevated basic shapes. The overarching theme was versatility through transitional styling and timeless silhouettes reimagined with trend-driven accents.

What’s selling now: Retail category performance


The retail data reveals the jackets and outerwear category continues to see steady growth overall. The blazer, in particular, is resonating strongly right now as consumers seek polished yet casual #WorkLeisure options. The trench coat is also proving to be a consistent seller, with its versatility and timeless silhouette lending itself well to new trend-driven updates each season.

More seasonal outerwear styles like the padded or down jacket understandably see declines moving into the pre-summer season. However, transitional pieces like leather and denim jackets see small spikes as the weather warms up.

The data underscores the importance of versatile silhouettes like the blazer and trench when building a pre-summer buy. Focusing on evergreen shapes in neutral, year-round colors is key. The blazer, trench and leather jacket should form the core. Trend-driven details like statement hardware, cropped proportions and modular elements can then update these classics.

It’s important to map quantities and product depth according to each style’s seasonal relevance. Padded transitional styles warrant smaller buys, while perennial favorites like the blazer and trench justify greater investment.

Top 5 must-have styles to invest in

The modernized trench

trench coat

The trench coat is a wardrobe staple that serves as a blank canvas for reinventing itself each season. For Pre-Summer 24, look to update this classic with elements of modularity and sporty utility.

Removable sleeves allow the trench to transform from coat to jacket for multifunctionality. Integrate belts, buckles and straps inspired by outdoor apparel for a modern utility feel.

Silhouette-wise, opt for a slightly oversized shape in longer lengths for timeless appeal. Cropped proportions can also create a more contemporary vibe.

Fabric-wise, invest in fine cotton gabardines or lightweight technical fabrics that are suited for transitional weather. Natural textured cottons and linens will also add depth.

Color is key to imbuing the trench with seasonal relevance. Neutrals and khakis have year-round potential, while soft pastels and brights provide fresh pops of color. Tonal shades like olive green and caramel speak to rich earthiness.

Details like contrast stitching, statement zippers, and printed lining nod to emerging trends without compromising versatility.

The trench coat is a prime example of a classic style that can be reinvented season after season while retaining its core DNA. Use fabrication, color and accents to infuse this essential piece with relevance.

The fresh take on the blazer


As a versatile #WorkLeisure essential, the blazer shows no signs of waning in relevance. For Pre-Summer 24, update this wardrobe staple with of-the-moment accents.

Silhouette-wise, opt for a slightly oversized shape for an element of slouch and nonchalance. Cropped lengths also create a more contemporary vibe.

Fabric-wise, lightweight technical fabrics work for the transitional season. Contrast interesting textures like soft boiled wools against sleek leathers or satins.

Details like statement shoulders and lapels, asymmetric closures and statement sleeves nod to emerging trends. Menswear patterns like checks and plaids lend a sense of tailored polish.

Cropped, slim fit blazers in black, white and neutral hues have timeless appeal. Pastels, sorbet shades and muted metallics inject fresh color if the saturation is low. Bold brights can feel incongruous with tailoring.

Consider linings and contrast trims in seasonal prints, patterns or colors to imbue versatility. Detachable collars/pockets allow consumers to refresh the look each season.

Go for quality materials and timeless silhouettes to ensure longevity and durability. Elevate basics like black and navy with luxe fabrics.

Blazers check the box for year-round versatility. Apply accents and colors with a light hand to retain their timelessness while still feeling fresh.

The updated biker jacket

biker jacket

The biker jacket is a modern wardrobe essential that anchors darker, rock n’ roll inspired looks. For Pre-Summer 24, reference nostalgic trends like grunge and Y2K while adding a refined edge.

Silhouette-wise, boxy and oversized shapes nod to vintage styling. Cropped lengths provide a more contemporary and feminine proportion.

Fabric-wise, leather is a given for authenticity. Opt for supple, fine leathers in black and neutral hues. Contrast textures like merino wool or cotton jersey for lining add depth.

Details like contrast inserts, aged effects, and distressed finishes reinforce the vintage narrative. Statement buckles, chains, grommets and chunky zips amplify the rebellious attitude.

Tonal black biker jackets feel most directional. Softer neutrals like ivory and blush provide versatility when styled against feminine dresses or tailored pants.

Go for quality leathers and fabrics even for fast fashion. Customers increasingly value longevity and sustainability.

Style biker jackets with contrasts like floaty dresses, pencil skirts and menswear-inspired separates. The juxtaposition of hard and soft feels on-trend.

The bomber 2.0

bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is a modern wardrobe staple that transitions seamlessly from season to season. For Pre-Summer 24, reference nostalgic trends like prep and 90s minimalism while feeling fresh.

Silhouette-wise, oversized shapes feel modern and inclusive. Cropped lengths provide a more contemporary and feminine proportion.

Fabric-wise, matte leathers and technical fabrics like canvas and cotton poplin provide structure. Contrast against soft knits and jerseys for depth.

Details like varsity stripes and contrast collars/cuffs nod to preppy and vintage sportswear. Pared-back minimalism also feels current.

Tonal neutrals in black, ivory and khaki have year-round versatility. Soft vintage pastels and pops of neon inject youthful energy.

Consider detachable collars or reversible styling so consumers can refresh the look each season.

Merchandise bombers as wardrobe staples in neutrals and core solids. Use prints, brights and embellishments sparingly as seasonal accents.

The reimagined statement coat

statement coat

The statement coat anchors polished occasionwear looks. For Pre-Summer 24, reference emerging tailoring trends with refined elegance.

Silhouette-wise, roomy oversized shapes feel modern. Experiment with sculptural details like capes or asymmetrical hemlines.

Fabric-wise, invest in quality wools, cashmeres and wool blends. Contrast textures like sleek satins against nubbly textured wools.

Details like strong shoulders, high slits and stand collars feel bold and directional. Cinch waists with belts for an added feminine element.

Monochromatic neutrals have longevity, while pale pastels and saturated brights provide energizing pops of color. Metallic sheens add glamour.

Consider linings and contrast trims in prints and patterns to inject seasonal newness. Luxe chain details and hardware amplify the sense of occasion.

Merchandise statement coats as investment hero pieces. Offer in core neutral solids and modern monochromes to maximize versatility.

Key takeaways

As the Pre-Summer 24 season approaches, versatility and creativity will be key for developing a compelling assortment of transitional jackets and outerwear. Focus buying efforts on classic wardrobe essentials like the trench, blazer and biker jacket in perennial neutrals, blacks and greys. Inject seasonal relevance and depth through considered applications of color, fabrication, texture and trend-driven details. Most importantly, design for longevity by investing in quality materials and silhouettes that transcend the season. Your Pre-Summer 24 outerwear buy should balance timelessness with of-the-moment touches for maximum appeal.

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