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5 Key Women’s Trims & Details to Know for Spring/Summer 2023


Women’s trims and details give clothing a unique and personalized appeal. The spring/summer 2023 season will see customers interested in fashion fittings that balance practicality with feminine elements. This is a guide to the trendy women’s trims and details businesses should make note of this season.

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What influences the women’s clothing market this season?
Women’s trims & details trends for spring/summer 2023
Attract womenswear customers with responsible sourcing

What influences the women’s clothing market this season?

The global revenue in the women’s clothing market was valued at USD 790.90 billion in 2022, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.01% from 2022 to 2026.

There is a shift in consumer preference towards environmentally-friendly clothing due to the growing trend of sustainable apparel. As customers become increasingly influenced by social media, fashion magazines, and celebrity endorsements, they will continue to demand items that follow the trends of the season. As a result, market players are introducing innovative strategies, such as mass customization and personalization, to keep consumers updated with the latest fashion trends.

Women’s trims & details trends for spring/summer 2023

Lace detailing

Woman in white shirt with lace trim
Gray wide leg trousers with white lace

For spring and summer 2023, a sense of femininity is promoted through lace trims and detailing. 

Lace detailing is given a refreshing update with contemporary placement and contrasting color combinations. Unstructured and organically placed lace can appeal to customers seeking trendier looks, with waistbands being a new and unexpected area for the placement of lace trimmings. Lace trim detail can also be inserted along the side of pants or used as an overlay on satin slip dresses. On garments with a top and bottom set, lace can be mirrored on both pieces for a symmetrical look.

In terms of materials, businesses are advised to invest in GRS polyester or nylon fibers, or BCI, organic, and recycled cotton for a natural alternative.

Practical adjustments

Pink wrap sundress with tie waist
Woman wearing dress with cords and drawstrings

This season, womenswear offers technical trims that allow garments to be adjusted for a tailored fit or length. These practical adjustments give customers options for how to wear their clothing by encouraging versatility and personalization.

Clothing can be enhanced with multifunction design inspired by active and outdoor detailing, such as adjustable waist drawstrings, dropped waist ties, or detachable elements. Adjustable cords in standout colors add a contemporary flair to garments, while straps that crisscross the body diagonally help boost visual interest.

Ties and drawstring accessories can be made from a variety of materials, including certified BCI, organic, and recycled cotton, GRS polyester, or nylon. Cords can also be topped by GRS polyester or recycled or low-impact zinc alloy stoppers.

Bows and ties

Red skirt with white and black striped bow
White frilly blouse with black bow

For spring/summer 2023, soft and delicate bows give garments extra detail. Bows and ties create 3D interest by building volume and surface texture, as well as offering functionality by enabling women to modify the garment to fit their needs.

This trend includes items such as pussy bow blouses, shirts with wraparound ties, contrasting color bow ties, or cut outs held together by multiple ties. Thin strings that are loosely tied around the waist and hips will also appeal to the focus on casual and simple decoration.

In keeping with the mono-material approach in women’s clothing, leftover scraps can be used to create decorative ties that match the base fabric.

Utility pockets

Light pink pants with cargo pockets
Beige women’s jacket with utility pockets

The spring and summer season sees utility pockets in womenswear taking a more feminine approach. Pockets are larger in scale and multiplied across garments for a softer utility look.

Statement cargo pockets in playful contrasting shades or large sizes add decoration and function to tops, jackets, and trousers. The deep four-pocket jacket will be popular as a safari-inspired style for the summer, while oversized pockets placed symmetrically across the garment will look modern and fresh. 

For a mono-material design that encourages recyclability and circular manufacturing, utility pockets can be made using leftover material to match with the base fabric of the clothing. 

Button-up front

Woman wearing blue pinstripe dress with button up sleeve
White and gray striped button front skirt

A major trend in trims and details for spring/summer 2023 is repetitive button-up front details. Repetition of trims or placement helps transform simpler womenswear items into engaging and refreshing pieces.

Button details running up the front of shirts, skirts, and pants is the most popular way of interpreting this trend. Rouleau loops or buttons can run along the torso, hips, shoulders, or back to elevate basic pieces. Retro-inspired button front skirts and denim pants are also making a return in fashion. For the trendiest customers, repetitive closures with asymmetric placement will be an eye-catching detail.

Businesses are advised to invest in plain buttons made from GRS-certified polyester, recycled or low-impact zinc alloy, and pearl or shell to combine minimalist design with sustainable materials.

Attract womenswear customers with responsible sourcing

There are several key trim and detail trends in women’s clothing for the spring/summer 2023 season. Practical adjustments using technical trims and adjustable components combine functionality with comfort, while utility pockets and button-up fronts turn simple details into decorative elements. The new wave of feminine trimmings also brings lace detailing and bows and ties to the forefront of womenswear.

As customers become increasingly conscious of circularity in fashion, businesses should commit to responsible sourcing through certified materials, including thread choice and all aspects of construction. By offering thoughtful innovation in womenswear design, businesses can encourage recycling and circularity when products come to end of life.

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