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The Best Hat Trends Consumers Want To Wear


Hats offer consumers an effortless way to top off all their casual and dressy looks. The best hat trends range from balaclavas and beanies to baseball caps and bucket hats. There are various trending hats this season. And this article will highlight seven key hat trends. Read on to discover how retailers can leverage these trends. 

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Overview of headwear market
Seven catchy hat trends to buy
Hats will continue to be strong

Overview of the headwear market

Over the last few years, consumers have adopted a minimalist aesthetic. Fashion has now shifted to a “more is better” mood.  This situation is similar to the roaring 1920s and 1980s era of decadence. And consumers are showing signs that they’re ready to dress up again after years of athleisure and loungewear looks. 

Fashion designers have given apparel and accessories, including hats, the “more is more” treatment.  Analysts project the global headwear market to register a CAGR of 6.53% by 2027. Street style, the A-list, and social media continue to stoke the demand for fashion hats. Climate is also driving demand for stylish and functional hats.

Seven catchy hat trends to buy

Beanies are the stylish and practical topper

A woman wearing a yellow cable knit pom-pom beanie hat

Beanies are a fall go-to. This versatile hat has become a year-round closet staple. Consumers have also adopted the beanie in lighter fabrics for spring and summer. The beanie hat is a close-fitting hat designed to keep the head warm in even the coldest conditions. 

A woman wearing a white beanie hat embroidered with closed eyes

It’s similar to a skull cap, but the beanie has a longer silhouette. Rhinestones, embroidery and pom-poms combined with unique styling confirm the beanie’s “street cred.”

Balaclavas ruled the runways and the streets

A man wearing a gray knit balaclava hat

Another popular headwear choice for winter worn by celebrities, influencers, and street style stars is the balaclava. Similar to a ski mask, this close-fitting silhouette covers almost all of the face. Balaclavas offer warmth during outdoor activities such as skiing or snowboarding. 

A man and woman wearing balaclavas with full face opening

The balaclava has military origins, but today they are a far cry from their original knit design. Designers have sent their modern versions down the runway in recent years featuring balaclavas with luxe styling. Consumers can pick a style that covers the entire face or one with full face openings.

Cool girls are topping off their looks with a baseball cap

A woman wearing a white statement boy baseball hat

Baseball caps are no longer regular athlete caps. It has become the favorite go-to hat for it-girls and fashion insiders. Consumers are now topping off their tailored and dressier looks with the baseball cap. Popularity of the baseball cap is due to the athleisure wear trend.

A woman wearing a white embroidered baseball hat

As a result, designers gave the baseball cap an upgrade with sequins, rhinestones, and luxe fabrications. Consumers can choose from the twill, tweed, faux fur, and wool versions for fall and winter.  Similar to the baseball cap, the trucker hat has become popular among Y2K fashion trend followers. 

The beret adds instant French-girl chic 

A woman wearing a black beret

Consumers that want to add instant French-girl chic to their look, can reach for a beret. Like the balaclava, the beret also has military origins. 

A woman wearing a light blue beret

Designers have reimagined berets for fall. Fabrics like wool, cashmere blends, and corduroy are ideal for holding on to that warm and cozy feeling. Pom-poms, ribbon, and embellishments add interest and guarantee a look that stands out. 

Bucket hats are back and better than ever

A woman wearing a military green printed twill bucket hat

The interest in Y2K fashion trends in recent years has started a revival of trends from that era. The bucket hat is one of those trends that made a comeback. Fuzzy and oversized bucket hats are taking the center stage for fall.  Designers have added their stylish touch to this classic hat.  Bucket hats that are oversized and made from unusual fabrics are trending for fall. 

A woman wearing a leopard print fuzzy bucket hat

Bucket hats made of faux fur, cable-knits, wool, and corduroy will be cold weather favorites.  The crochet bucket hat, terry bucket hat, and lace bucket hat will be popular in SS2023.

The sun hat has become a year-round staple

A woman wearing an embroidered straw sun hat

Sun hats have become a year round favorite as consumers seek protection from the sun. Consumers realize they don’t have to pack up their sun hats at the end of summer. They can wear them right into fall. 

A woman wearing a straw sun hat

Sun hats serve a purpose during fall transition periods, as consumers still need to dodge the skin-damaging effects of the sun while enjoying the outdoors. Wide-brimmed styles reigns supreme. Consumers will be seeking stylish sun hats to banish the sun’s rays in 2023. 

The cowboy hat trend has taken over

A woman wearing a black cowboy hat

The cowboy hat is another hat trend that continues to ride the Y2K fashion trend wave. Western style fans know that cowboy hats are suitable to wear all year round. Consumers will gravitate to straw styles in spring and summer. Sleek wool-felted cowboy hats will be popular in fall.

A woman wearing a black cowboy hat

Hats will remain strong

The best hat trends are beanies, bucket hats, baseball hats, balaclavas, cowboy hats, berets, and sun hats. As the concept of maximalism continues to rise, consumers will look to headwear for their signature statement-maker. After all, consumers want to style all their over-the-top looks with an over-the-top accessory—the hat. Retailers that offer the best hat trends will be in a great position to satisfy fashion-forward customers. 

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