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5 Must-Know Drone Accessory Trends for 2024

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Drones offer a way to explore and capture the sky, fields, and beautiful landscapes like never before. And with the right accessories, consumers can improve their drones’ performance and elevate their overall experience.

The popularity of drone accessories is also evident from the average record of 90,500 online searches monthly. This means businesses can capitalize on this demand by exploring these top five drone accessory trends for 2024.

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The drone accessories market in 2024
Five drone accessories worth an investment in 2024
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The drone accessories market in 2024

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Drone accessories are necessary for a complete and enjoyable experience with drones. Experts predict that the global drone accessories market will grow from USD 15 billion in 2021 to USD 115 billion by 2032 at a 20.7% CAGR.

The major driver of this market is the increasing use of drones by professionals like videographers and photographers. Overall, North America currently holds the largest share of the drone accessories market.

Five drone accessories worth an investment in 2024

Polarizing lens filters

A case of polarizing lens filters on white background

Drones are great for photography, but unwanted glare from reflecting light or non-metallic surfaces reduces their image quality. However, polarizing lens filters are the perfect accessory for these pesky problems. They help produce better color saturation and glare-free images, boosting the overall quality.

Another awesome benefit these filters have is how they can achieve shots that are impossible in post-editing. Since they cut out reflections, consumers can see more clearly in water or through glass, letting the drone cameras capture even more details.

Hand holding up a case of polarizing lens filters

There are two main types of polarizing filter lenses businesses can offer. First is the circular polarizer, a recent innovation compatible with many cameras. Second is the linear polarizer—an older but more affordable type.

Polarizing lens filters are no suckers when it comes to popularity. In fact, they’ve witnessed an explosive growth from 2022 to November 2023. Google Ads shows that the search volume for these drone accessories boosted from 18100 to 110000!

Landing pad

Aerial view of a drone on an orange landing pad

Drones are expensive, and a landing pad is the best accessory to protect them from damage during descents. You can think of them as a cushion for the drone to land safely after flying high altitudes. A good landing pad is made of durable materials like metal, aluminum, and neoprene to withstand landing impact.

However, protecting the drone’s cameras is one of the primary reasons consumers use landing pads. The more compact drones don’t have a lot of space between the camera and the ground, which could be detrimental on uneven surfaces. Thankfully, drone landing pads help create a shield between the drone and the ground.

Aerial view of an orange landing pad on rock

Additionally, landing pads help protect the drone’s motors from dust, sand, and other fine materials. They’re especially useful for drones taking off in dusty or sandy places, preventing the drone from sucking in these particles while taking off or landing.

Landing pads have also maintained significant attention in 2023. According to Google Ads data, they’ve enjoyed 9900 monthly searches since 2022.

Spare battery

Two lithium-ion polymer rechargeable spare batteries for drones

Battery duration is one of the biggest concerns for consumers. However, how long drones last in the air depends on the manufacturer. The more expensive ones use batteries that run for at least one to two hours. On the other hand, mid-class drones may last thirty minutes to an hour, while cheaper ones may only last twenty to thirty minutes.

That’s why spare batteries are great accessories for consumers to extend their drone’s flight time—and they have an impressive 14800 monthly searches. Plus, swapping drone batteries is not challenging, making this a super convenient trend.

Two black spare batteries for drones on a smooth table

However, choosing a spare battery requires considering factors like output, weight, and capacity. Why? Well, spare batteries are extra luggage. 

So, a heavier battery may not be convenient for consumers. But ones with higher capacities would provide a better experience. It’s considered best to offer lithium polymer batteries as they offer the highest compatibility with various drones.

Carrying case

A drone and battery in a black carrying case

While it’s possible to carry drones by hand for short distances, it’s a different ball game for longer journeys. In such situations, consumers need a backpack or carrying case for a shot at a comfortable experience. 

A carrying case is the perfect protective accessory consumers need for transporting and storing their drones. Manufacturers make them with foam inserts and different compartments for drone components to fit snugly.

A drone seated on a portable black carrying case

Usually, carrying cases are specific to the drone’s model. Still, businesses can find universal variants that can host various drones. Plus, retailers can offer some customization services to spice up their offerings.

Drone carrying cases may not get all the attention, but they still hold consumer interest in the hundreds. In November 2023, drone users searched for them up to 320 times (based on Google Ads data).

Propeller guard

A drone propeller guard on white background

Drone blades are fragile and are more susceptible to damage/crashes, pushing consumers who value their device’s safety towards propeller guards. They are an affordable and convenient way to keep drones secure while in the air—and they do it by creating a physical barrier between the drone and obstacles. As a bonus, propeller guards enhance flight motion.

A white drone with a propeller guard on white background

However, propeller guards must be lightweight and have a secure grip to latch onto the drone properly. Variants made from heavier materials will affect the drone’s stability, increasing its chances of crashing.

Nevertheless, most guards offer an easy clip-on design, making it convenient to install and remove when necessary. Propeller guards have also attracted 2400 searches in November 2023.

The bottom line

Various drone accessories on a colorful background

With the promise of extended lifespans, higher performance, and elevated user experience, drone accessories ensure that users enjoy using their gadgets to the fullest.

Many drone accessories are available in the market, but most consumers are only interested in buying the most useful ones. Polarizing lens filters, landing pads, carrying cases, spare batteries, and propeller guards are the top drone accessory trends boasting high profit potential in 2024.

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