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Consumer Electronics Trends Expected To Excite and Dominate in 2022


The world of consumer electronics changes vastly from year to year. New innovations pop up, old products fade away, and technology consistently advances. 

This means new trends emerge every year for consumer electronics. 

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PCs for personal and business use
Smartphones and tablets

Smart TVs
Fan-favorite audio products
Wearable tech and accessories
Cameras and accessories

Businesses that operates within the tech industry are probably wondering which items they should start bringing in for 2022.

This article has got you covered. 

Read on to discover what’s expected for the consumer electronics industry in 2022. 

PCs for personal and business use

89% of households in the US have a personal computer (PC). Whether they’re used for business or pleasure, they’re a staple in most people’s lives. 

There are many consumer electronic trends expected to dominate in 2022. Learn about them now to help your business succeed.

Preferences for PCs differ vastly from person to person. This is due to intended use, size preference, functionality requirements, and more. 

The three biggest PC trends for 2022 include laptops, 2-in-1 computers, and all-in-one computers. 


Laptops are the best option for on-the-go computer use. 

In 2022, the market expects more power, battery life, and style, all in smaller sizes and more portable options. 

Hardware updates are the highlights of the 2022 laptop trends. Think top-performing CPUs, graphics cards, and processors. Connectivity and Wi-Fi features are also major updates. 

Both external and internal updates are expected to hit the market together with sleeker designs and better screen resolutions. 

And finally, recent years have displayed the need for updated webcams and microphones. These will have your Zoom meetings going better than ever before. 

2-in-1 computers

A 2-in-1 computer is a PC with features of a laptop and a tablet in one device. 

They have a touch screen and a keyboard that is often detachable, or at least adjustable. One major benefit of 2-in-1 computers is the use of applications. 

2-in-1 computers reduce the number of tech products consumers may need to purchase. They’re often lighter than most laptops, so they’re more portable. They’re the most flexible option for PCs in 2022.

They also feature a desktop operating system which makes them more functional than the average tablet.

All-in-one computers

All-in-one computers have the benefit of, well, all desktop components in one piece. Basically, the computer itself lives within the same casing as the monitor. They’re ideal for personal and business use, especially for those faced with limited space. 

They’re also more portable than desktop computers and offer saving on maintenance and energy. Apple previously dominated this space, but more and more brands are starting to offer all-in-one computers. 

Smartphones and tablets

83% of people have a smartphone today. That’s huge! The popularity of smartphones is here to stay, as people rely on them for all aspects of day-to-day life. 

Woman operating a handheld smartphone

Smartphones keep evolving, so let’s talk about smartphones and tablets booming in 2022. 


A few trends are expected to make waves in the smartphone world for 2022. 

A big one is augmented reality (AR) accessories, such as smart glasses, to elevate the smartphone experience. Another is artificial intelligence making smart tech even smarter, which has been the priority of many innovators for years now. 

Enhancement of mobile security is also predicted. Sharing of personal information is a concern of many technology users, so keeping personal data safe is a priority of the big tech producers. Advanced biometrics are also expected to grow in this space. 

Improved charging abilities and products are also expected to emerge. Portable chargers, wireless chargers, and faster-charging solutions are markers of 2022.

And finally, the implementation of 5G for mobile devices is forecasted. More and more companies are starting to build phones to operate within the 5G networks. 

Android products

Android’s tech for 2022 aims for smartphones to help users in other aspects of their lives. 

Media sharing across devices, digital car keys, and cross-functionality between devices are all planned. They’re also planning for integrations with other operating platforms. 

As for products, the Google Pixel 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and OnePlus 9 Pro are expected to wow consumers. 

Apple products

Apple is known for being secretive about their upcoming products until they make the official announcements themselves. 

However, what is expected for 2022 is the iPhone SE compatible with 5G networks, and later in the year the new iPhone 14. More details will be unveiled closer to launch dates. 


As for tablets, a few contenders are expected to trend in 2022. 

Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro is worthy of mention, as is the Amazon Fire 7. Microsoft’s Surface Go 2 and Samsung’s Tab A7 will also be popular. 

There’s a tablet for everybody, no matter the favorite brand. 

When picking a tablet, consumers should consider size, storage, display, camera resolution, and CPU. 

Accessories are also worth exploring, as they can enhance user experience immensely when it comes to tablets. Think of styluses, headphones, keyboards, cases, chargers, stands, and more. 

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are dominating the television market. With the popularity of streaming services, a TV that can connect directly to the internet and user-favorite apps is preferred by consumers. 

A sports fan streaming a soccer game on their smart TV

Smart TV functions

The most notable function of smart TVs is the use of applications to connect to content platforms directly within the TV. They connect to the internet so users can watch YouTube, Netflix, and more.

Making sure a smart TV has solid internet and Bluetooth connections is important. Consumers should also consider the ports that are built-in, HDMI or USB for example. 

Smart TV worldwide trends

A big smart TV trend for 2022 is high-quality resolution. We live in a time where screen resolution is better than ever and still improving. 4K resolution is expected to dominate the market, with 8K creeping up on that title.

TV displays are also constantly improving. OLED is taking over the display screen world as it consumes significantly less power without compromising quality. All the top TV brands are using OLED technology and furthering it. 

Another major trend for smart TVs is the newly introduced luxury and lifestyle TVs, like the Samsung frame. Elevating viewing experience with an extravagant TV is becoming more popular, as is a TV that’s pretty to look at when not in use.

Smart TV sales by screen size

Bigger is better as the preferred screen size continues to grow. While 50 to 60-inch screens used to be the most popular, the TV market has seen growth in sales in larger TV screens. The sales of larger TVs grow every year. Many expect 80-inch TVs to sell well in 2022.

Fan-favorite audio products

Audio products have done well, and are expected to continue the same in 2022. With the popularity of music streaming services and podcast shows, everyone wants to listen in.

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers allow users to amplify their audio. And in 2022, they will be capable of more than just playing loud music.

Portable and wireless Bluetooth speaker being carried by its user

A waterproof or water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is preferred because of its durability. They are portable, so size and weight matter. In 2022, voice assistant technology is expected to be popular in Bluetooth speakers. 

Another major function of Bluetooth speakers is integration options. Whether a speaker has its own app or integrates with other apps, consumers prefer versatile tech. 

Headphones and earbuds

The biggest trend in headphones and earbuds for 2022 is wireless everything. With the popularity of Airpods, nobody wants to deal with the hassle of corded headphones. They’re annoying and impractical, especially for those on the move.

A Bluetooth headphone or earbud that connects to smartphone is what all music lovers and podcast fanatics are yearning for. Plus, there’s a lot of useful and stylish accessories to elevate the listening experience.

Wearable tech and accessories

Wearable tech is a newer phenomenon and some may say it is still in its early stages. Wearable tech and accessories can have benefits related to flexibility, security, and entertainment. 

The three main products within the wearable tech sector for 2022 include smartwatches, crypto wallets, and VR sets. 


Smartwatches offer users a lifestyle change. With personal numbers and data, health-conscious people are able to monitor their activity. They can also track their sleep patterns, stress levels, and monitor heart rate. 

The three main options for smartwatches in 2022 are Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin. While Apple offers the most functions (app downloads, ability to receive incoming texts, connection to Airpods, etc.) it only pairs with iPhones. Fitbit and Garmin are more compatible with multiple options. 

Apple offers the most versatile smartwatch with an endless amount of functions, while Fitbit and Garmin are more narrowly directed at fitness. 

Crypto wallets

Cryptocurrency is majorly trending in the finance world. And now with accessories, it’s coming to the consumer electronics world too. Enter cryptocurrency wallets.

A crypto wallet is a hardware device that stores the keys for cryptocurrency transactions. They can also be programs or services, but this article discusses physical wallets. 

Mainly used for security, the wallet can encrypt information to protect investments. And keeping this information off of a computer and in a crypto wallet will prevent hacking issues. 

They differ in size, weight, price, and functions. Many prefer crypto wallets that can connect to smartphone via Bluetooth and can handle large amounts of multiple cryptocurrencies. 

VR sets

Virtual reality is having a moment in the tech-entertainment world. Enjoyed by all ages, a VR set allows users to become immersed in technology. 

Phone-connected headsets are the cheapest option, but the major VR fanatics will prefer a standalone headset built with an operating system. 

And although VR is entering other areas such as healthcare, education, and business, it’s still mainly dominating the gaming world.

In addition to the headsets, remotes and other accessories are predicted to be a hot trend for the wearable tech sector in 2022. 

Cameras and accessories

Cameras will never go out of style. People love to document their lives, important events, travels, and more. GoPros, dash cams, and smartphone lenses could trend in 2022. Let’s see why. 


GoPro cameras are the preferred action camera for traveling. 

Action camera in use capturing nature photography

With increased traveling, comes increased action camera use. In a time where getting outside is being urged and seeing the world is being reintroduced, adventurers are expected to bring their action cameras along. 

Another sign pointing to the trend of GoPros is the popularity of YouTube, TikTok, and vlogging content. Some people love creating content, and many people love consuming it. Views of vlogging content grow every year

Alibaba has a selection of action cameras that make for great wholesale consumer electronics. 


Dashcams are mounted cameras that record the road in front (or behind) of the car. They give drivers peace of mind as they can record accidents and offer evidence.

There are many options when it comes to dashcams. Shape, size, and price tag all vary, so there’s something for everyone. 

Some just simply record, while others offer driver assistance with speed warning, voice control, and smart tech assistance.

Some aspects to consider when it comes to dashcams are resolution, stabilization, touch screens, lenses, and power. 

Other aspects to check are the reliability and storage functions of a dashcam. Some store footage on an SD card, others have cloud uploading ability. And some are so smart they can actually detect when a crash has happened, and will automatically save the footage. 

Smartphone lenses

With the improvement in camera performance of smartphones, people no longer need a separate digital camera to capture art or record life’s biggest moments. 

However, some photographers still want better-quality photos. This is where smartphone lenses come in. 

Smartphone lenses are simple after-market attachments that alter the abilities of a smartphone camera. Most often they offer a stronger zoom, a wide-angle lens, a fisheye lens, or a macro lens. 

Plus, they’re easier to use and lighter to carry. No more camera bags, the pocket will do just fine.

Ready to dominate?

Consumer electronics advance every year, and it can be hard to keep up with the trends. 

Whether you’re in the television, audio, computer, smartphone, or camera market, there are many avenues to explore. 

The technology sector is expected to exceed $5.3 trillion in 2022. Time to join the races!

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