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Awesome Android Smartwatches You Don’t Want To Miss in 2022


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Android smartwatches market forecast beyond 2022
Best smartwatch for android phone users
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Do you deal in Android phones and are you considering expanding your stock range to Android smartwatches? That could be an excellent business idea. Why?

There has been an increased demand for smartwatches as wearable fitness technology to help track important biodata in recent years. A survey by Rock Health on digital health adoption indicated that smartwatch wearable ownership increased to 33% in 2018 from 24% in 2017. Though smartwatch devices are largely desired by young people, some studies project that demand among older adults would rise to over 98 million in 2060 from 46 million in 2016 in the US. Older adults need wearable devices to improve their health and quality of life, helping physicians to respond to their needs. 

Android smartwatches market forecast beyond 2022

Data from the World Bank indicate that 4.352 billion people dwell in urban areas by 2020, accounting for 56.15% of the global population. The urban population is estimated to rise to over two-thirds of the world’s population by 2050, thus providing an ideal market for smartwatches. These watches are helping people to track their daily activities, monitor sleep quality, and receive reminders to complete tasks or take medication. 

Statistics show that the Android smartwatch market will continue to grow. For instance, the global smartwatch market indicates that by 2026, smartwatch production is expected to exceed 230 million units, registering a 21.98 CAGR for the period 2021-2026. Another statistic from Consumer Technology Association forecasts that smartwatches’ demand will grow by 8% in unit shipments, driven by fashion-conscious and tech-savvy consumers.  

Best smartwatch for Android phone users

The above statistics show that venturing into the smartwatch business may be a good option for your business. Here are some smartwatches that are likely to witness increased demand. 

COLMI P8 smartwatch

A pink Colmi P8 Smartwatch with a 1.4 inch touchscreen

The demand for fitness trackers and smartwatches has exploded during the pandemic and is likely to continue increasing for a long time. So, why would stocking Colmi P8 smartwatches prove to be wise for business persons in this field? 

Customers value quality budget-friendly products, and Colmi P8 fits this bill. With its premium features and competitive price, Colmi P8 could be an ideal smartwatch for your customers. Most smartwatches are highly-priced and sometimes lack the functions needed by customers; however, Colmi P8 has it all. It is compatible with almost all Android and iPhone phones. 

Customers love smartwatches that help them stay connected day and night with features like one-click photos, alarms, incoming calls, and WhatsApp. Colmi P8 combines technology and fashion for men and women, hence its high demand.

Users also love this smartwatch because of its free app Da Fit, which allows users to customize the full touch screen. Additionally, Colmi P8 helps with health monitoring, and with people more concerned about their health than ever before, businesses can expect increased demand for this Android smartwatch. 

Other features like the ability to measure blood oxygen levels and sleep monitoring make the Colmi P8 smartwatch a hot cake. One downside of most smartwatches is the battery life, but the Colmi P8 beats the odds with longer battery life. 

Fitness enthusiasts love this Android smartwatch, which enables them to work out and stay motivated. This product is moving merchandise that guarantees returns for any investor due to its high demand. Order now from Alibaba.com and begin reaping from the market. 

Fitbit Versa 2 & 3

A purple Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch with a black touchscreen

Fitbit smartwatch Verse 2 or the upgraded Versa 3 could have been in the market for businesses selling smartwatches and phones. These smartwatches have stood the test of time with their many features. 

Why do customers love Fitbit smartwatches?

The smartwatch’s price is relatively lower than that of most of its competitors, thus enhancing its demand. The majority of the middle class are willing to spend on a budget-friendly health and fitness smartwatch, and Fitbit Versa 2 or Versa lite is often preferred. 

The additional feature of the Versa 3- GPS tracker also boosts this smartwatch’s popularity. Fitbit Versa 2’s battery life lasts approximately five days, making it a preferred choice. 

Fitbit Versa is a worn OS watch with over 18-hour battery life, making it a good fitness tracker smartwatch. As people work from home obesity is rising and many people are joining fitness groups and programs to lose weight. It means that Fitbit smartwatches will continue to be demanded in years to come.  

These watches are waterproof, meaning even swimmers can use them. The OLED screen makes it easy to see the reading outdoors and indoors, thus allowing wearers to see their workout progress and time even in bright sunlight. These features enhance the demands of the Fitbit Versa, hence a potentially profitable business opportunity. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A black Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4 with around touchscreen

Though Apple Inc. is a leader in the smartwatch industry, Samsung has taken a huge chunk of the Android smartwatch, with its Watch 4 design boosting several features loved by customers globally. 

This knowledge will enhance business marketing and promotional strategies for better sales. Some of the features that make this smartwatch stand out include longer battery life. Buyers also love that this smartwatch promotes overall sleep quality, with features designed to detect and record sleep patterns. 

This watch has features for tracking fitness and activities scores linked to the user’s phone. Since many people are searching for a device that can help in steps count, staying on the grid via GPS, and checking calories, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is likely to see increased demand. 

Production of Samsung phones is forecasted to increase, with the hope of increased demand. Other features that businesses can promote in this product include waterproof and easy to download apps from the play store. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also has health monitoring, Siri, and other functions such as weather forecast, camera and music control, call and message notification, cloud multi-dial, and more.

 HW16 smartwatch 

Ivory HW16 Smartwatch  with a Square touchscreen

Most Android smartwatch lovers are interested in sleek designs and quality that resemble Apple products. HW16 series has a huge fan base since it replicates Apple Watch Series 6. Fans love this watch for its cheap prices and numerous features.

For instance, it has a custom watch face, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, multiple sports mode, oxygenation, built-in speaker, and microphone features. With prices below $30, businesses can expect HW 16 smartwatch’s demand to continue rising, thus providing a perfect opportunity for making profits. 

This smartwatch is endowed with a multi-sports mode. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cycling and running. Since it is waterproof, it can be used in open water, swimming, or other exercises. 

Furthermore, its real-time heart rate and sleep monitoring features engender its fame. Undoubtedly, this smartwatch guarantees returns due to its high demand. Businesses dealing in smartwatches can increase sales and profit by increasing their HW 16 smartwatches. 

KOSPET Prime 4G LTE smartwatch

A black KOSPET Prime 4G LTE Smartwatch with around touchscreen

KOSPET Prime smartwatch is one of the trendy Android smartwatches sought by customers worldwide. This watch is highly demanded since it has longer battery life, heart monitoring technology, and several watch faces. Stocking this watch may be a good idea for your business. 

KOSPET Prime 4G also has IP67 protection, meaning it is resistant to any environmental challenges like dust storms, heavy rain, or water immersion. The watch can also act as a smartphone for surfing the internet and making calls since it has a sim card slot. 

Other features that contribute to KOSPET Prime 4 G’s increased demand include dual-band wi-fi Bluetooth 4.0 to connect earphones, camera for recording videos, taking pictures and making video calls, facial recognition, and a smart lock.

 Additionally, KOSPET smartwatch’s fitness and health app allows users to set different sports modes, including running, badminton, cycling, and rope skipping. The watch is thus demanded by both young and old alike.

Final thought

Technology will continue to evolve, and businesses that know how to read and adapt to the prevailing trends will reap big returns. According to the above-mentioned statistics, the smartwatch market will continue to expand. Your business can reap big from the growing smartwatch market share. 

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