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5 Must-Know Trends in Massage Equipment for 2024

A handheld massager on some ropes

Who doesn’t love a satisfying massage session? The vibrations, relieved muscle tensions, and improved blood circulation are enough to keep users wanting more after stressful events. But satisfaction is not the only benefit of massages. They’re also a very profitable business.

The focus here is not on massage services but on selling massage equipment. And while spas and massage parlors need this equipment, sellers can also target at-home users who love getting massages at their convenience.

This article will dive into five massage equipment trends that are set to be highly popular in 2024.

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An overview of the massage equipment market
Five massage equipment trends that will rake in profits in 2024
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An overview of the massage equipment market

Experts say the global massage equipment market grew to USD 7.4 billion in 2023. However, they predict the industry will boost to USD 17.7 billion by FY 2032 at an 8.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period of 2024 to 2032.

Reports also show that the market owes its surging growth to rising consumer awareness about the therapeutic benefits of massages, increasing awareness of massage therapy’s physical/mental benefits, and easy product availability across online platforms.

Here are other stats worth noting:

  • Chairs and sofas hold the largest share in the product segment due to their multifunctionality.
  • The commercial sector dominates the end-user segment, accounting for the largest market share.
  • North America is the leading regional market, with the United States emerging with the largest market share due to the high level of disposable income. 

Five massage equipment trends that will rake in profits in 2024

Foot massagers

A foot massager on a wooden tiles

The feet handle most of the stress when people go to the gym, work, or run errands around town, so they need a little pampering now and then. But not everyone has the time or ability to visit a massage therapist.

However, consumers don’t have to make expensive trips for deep-feet relaxation. They can get the same experience from the comfort of their home with a foot massager! Since they can use and enjoy it anytime they want, consumers can enjoy even more benefits and keep their bodies in peak shape after the daily grind.

Most electric foot massagers come with adjustable intensity, allowing users to achieve their desired comfort level. Foot massagers may also require an outlet or batteries to run. So, if target consumers are always on the go, businesses can offer models with longer battery lives (that are also compact/lightweight).

One’s feet do need some attention, and many people agree with this sentiment. Google Ads data shows that foot massagers average 555000 searches monthly—and that value increased to 825000 in January 2024.

Massage chairs

A massage chair on display in a room

A stressful day might see consumers wanting more than a foot massage. What many turn to in such situations is a full-body massage. That’s where massage chairs enter the spotlight.

Massage chairs are advanced pieces of equipment that mimic the movements of human hands, allowing them to perform various massage techniques, like shiatsu, kneading, rolling, and tapping. In addition to the inner components that make the massage experience possible, these chairs also come with paddings and ergonomic features to keep users comfortable and relaxed.

The best part is consumers can select and customize their massage type, speed, and intensity to target specific body areas or enjoy the full-body experience. And if users don’t want to set it themselves, many massage chairs come with pre-programmed massage sequences.

These models merge various intensities, techniques, and durations into single sessions, catering to specific preferences like “Full-Body Relaxation” and “Back Pain Relief.” These pre-programmed options allow users to enjoy various massage experiences without manual adjustments—they’re also customizable!

Massage chairs are the second most popular trend on this list and are hot items now! According to Google Ads data, their search interest boosted by 40%, reaching 450000 inquiries in January 2024 from 301000 in November 2023.

Foam rollers

Woman using an orange foam roller

Although electric massagers dominate the market, manual variants are not yet out of the picture! One that still holds “trending” status in 2024 is the trusty foam roller. Starting the year with 246000 searches (based on Google Ads data), foam rollers don’t seem to be dying out anytime soon.

Although they’re basically large cylinders made of solid foam, these massagers are the go-to option for relieving tight muscles. Manufacturers make them in different sizes and firmness levels, with many easily handling large muscle groups.

Some consumers use foam rollers as a quick solution to after-workout soreness. But others add foam rolling as a warm-up routine to loosen sore muscles before exercising. Foam rollers can come with smooth surfaces or have ridges and knobs (the latter is multifunctional).

Neck massagers

A neck massager on a wooden surface

Although the neck supports the head, it’s not immune to tension. Spending long days at a desk, engaging in intense exercises, and general stress can leave the neck feeling worse for wear.

The good news is that consumers don’t have to make tiring trips to spas to get relief. Neck massagers are here to help them release that pesky muscle tension from their shoulders and neck, leaving them more relaxed than a baby.

But that’s not all. Neck massagers are portable, meaning consumers can enjoy relief from pressure and vibrations anywhere! However, not all neck massagers are the same.

The best ones come with ergonomic designs that fit snugly on the user’s neck. Consumers won’t have a pleasant experience if their neck feels uncomfortable and heavy during their massage sessions.

Neck massagers should also have cordless operations so consumers can maximize their portability. Models with rechargeable batteries offer attention-grabbing freedom that is impossible with corded variants.

These massagers have experienced tremendous growth recently. Google Ads data shows that they started 2023 with 90500 searches, dropped to 49500 mid-way through the year, but closed the year with 165000 searches in December (an impressive 100% boost). 

However, that doesn’t compare to their 246000 searches in January 2024, representing a staggering 120% interest growth! Seems like 2024 is looking like a great year for neck massagers.

Handheld massagers

A man using a handheld massager on a woman

When it comes to all-around targeted massages, nothing beats handheld massagers. These handy tools offer convenience and comfort with designs targeting different tense muscles and specific muscle parts with high-intensity and deep-pressure massages.

Since they’re handheld, consumers can reach even the tightest corners of the body. Most handheld massagers come with various speed settings and compatibility with attachments for muscle varieties.

The best part is these devices are also portable. This means that consumers can easily throw them in their bag and whip them out for instant relief anywhere. They also won’t have to bother about disturbing others with a ‘humming noise” as most handheld massagers come with quiet operation.

Handheld massagers have also recorded significant growth in 2024. They grew from 74000 average searches in 2023 to 110000 inquiries in January 2024—an impressive 40% increase.

Closing words

Massagers are starting 2024 with a bang! More consumers now understand the benefits of a good massage, and this is leading to a surge in interest and demand globally. Even market forecasts predict tremendous growth over the next few years.

Now is a great time for businesses to leverage this interest spike and attract consumers with irresistible massage equipment for all budgets. All five trends discussed here have witnessed a significant search boom in 2024, so don’t hesitate to add them to your inventory for more sales in the year ahead!

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