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The Best Neck Massagers for Rapid Relief

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce stress and relieve pain from the neck and shoulder area is through the use of a neck massager. Finding the best neck massager can be a struggle for a lot of consumers as there are so many versions in today’s market that claim to provide rapid pain relief. This guide is going to look at the key features that consumers will look for when choosing the right neck massager for them as well as what the most popular types of these massagers are.

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Global market value of neck massagers
Key features of neck massagers
The best neck massagers for rapid relief

Global market value of neck massagers

Older woman using grey neck massager to relieve pain

Both neck and shoulder massagers are popular devices for consumers to have on hand, whether they’re at home or on the go. Modern versions of neck massagers are much smaller than past designs which means they can easily be used without the need of a massage therapist. And in such a fast paced world people are under a lot of stress so they inevitably look for some way to relieve this stress or pain caused by excessive work, and that comes in the form of portable massagers.

By 2023 the global market value of neck and shoulder massagers reached USD 3.39 billion. That number is projected to grow substantially between 2023 and 2033 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 8.3%, bringing the total market value up to approximately USD 8.64 billion. This tremendous growth is down to advances in technologies that are helping massaging devices become more desirable among consumers as well as ecommerce platforms that allow consumers to get these massagers delivered right to their doors.

Key features of neck massagers

Woman using pillow neck massager at home on chair

Neck massagers are designed to target the neck and sometimes the shoulder area too, but there are several adaptations of these massagers available to consumers in today’s market. Not all neck massagers carry the same features though, so it’s important to first understand what consumers will be looking for when they’re choosing the best neck massager.


Neck massagers are designed with different techniques in mind. Whereas one may focus on rolling or vibration, another might use heat therapy or kneading to work the kinks out of problem areas. It’s completely up to the consumer regarding what technique they like the best.


In the past neck massagers have been bulky but some of today’s versions are very portable and easy to store. Many consumers enjoy taking their massagers on the go with them so having a compact design that does the job of a stationary massager is a good option. 


Consumers will look for the level of intensity that a massager has to offer. Some areas of the neck may be more problematic than others, therefore requiring different levels of intensity at various times. 

Woman using long black neck and shoulder massager at home

Charging capabilities

Modern technologies have enabled many devices to become wireless and neck massagers are no exception. A higher portion of consumers are more interested in purchasing cordless massagers than ever before but it’s important that the device can hold the charge for a long period so the consumer doesn’t need to charge it after each use.


Neck massagers aren’t meant to be bulky. They’re designed to fit comfortably around the neck, like a neck pillow, which is important for consumers using them on the go. Incorporating a durable material in the design will increase the massager’s longevity and add additional comfort while it’s being worn.


Having a good selection of programs or modes available is crucial. The needs of the consumer can change from day to day and they will want to be able to change from a deep tissue massage to a more relaxing one when the time comes. Neck massagers that come with multiple programs are more likely to be purchased than ones with only a single setting.

Control panels

Just like sport massagers, neck massagers need to be easy to use. Some massagers will have panels built into them whereas others will have a remote that’s separate from the massager. In both cases having easy to use buttons that are clearly labelled is important.

The best neck massagers for rapid relief

Woman relaxing on couch wearing electric neck massager

Neck massagers are designed to help relieve tense muscles and alleviate pain in certain areas. With so many consumers looking for ways to relax at home rather than spending time on a massage table, the variety of neck massagers available has significantly increased. 

According to Google Ads, “neck massager” has an average monthly search volume of 74000 searches. The most searches come in January at 165000 searches and in the past 6 months, between April and October 2023, searches remain steady at 74000 searches each month.

When looking at the different types of neck massagers consumers are searching for, Google Ads shows that “neck and shoulder massager” comes out on top with 12100 searches. This is followed by “neck roller massager” at 4400 searches per month, “shiatsu neck massager” at 3600 searches, “intelligent neck massager” at 1300 searches, and “electric pulse neck massager” at 390 searches. Keep reading to learn more about the features of each.

Neck and shoulder massager

Woman pressing button to control neck and shoulder massager

The neck and shoulder massager is one of the best neck massager options for consumers who want to target two areas at once. These massagers often have massage nodes built into them that mimic the feel of a kneading massage from a masseuse. Consumers will want a massager that conforms comfortably to the neck and shoulders with the option of additional heat to help alleviate the more tense areas. The neck and shoulder massager should also feature various modes and intensity levels.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between April and October 2023, there was an 18% increase in searches for “neck and shoulder massager”, with 9900 and 12100 searches respectively. 

Neck roller massager

Teal neck roller massager being used by young woman

The neck roller massager is a more traditional manual massager that doesn’t require any batteries or charging to use. It has multiple massage rollers built into it that helps to apply extra pressure to specific areas around the neck and shoulders. The intensity will depend on how hard the person using it pushes down since it’s not controlled electronically. The neck roller massager is incredibly portable, easy to use, and significantly less expensive than higher end neck massagers though it is rather basic. 

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between April and October 2023, there was a 33% increase in searches for “neck roller massager”, with 3600 and 5400 searches respectively. 

Shiatsu neck massager

White and grey shiatsu neck massager in thin design

The shiatsu neck massager is one of the most popular designs among consumers as it creates a more natural massage feeling by using a kneading technique in the settings that helps to loosen tight knots. This neck massager also comes with a heating feature that many consumers find relaxing and the added benefits of improving blood circulation and increasing neck flexibility are additional bonuses. The shiatsu neck massager predominantly targets the neck but some may incorporate a design that works for the shoulders too.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between April and October 2023, there was a 17% decrease in searches for “shiatsu neck massager”, with 2900 and 2400 searches respectively. It’s most searched for in December with 9900 searches.

Intelligent neck massager

White intelligent neck massager with buttons on the outside

Both manual and remote controlled neck massagers are popular but the intelligent neck massager is starting to grow in demand as more and more consumers begin to incorporate smart devices into their lifestyle. The intelligent neck massager is a wireless device that can be controlled using smart devices such as tablets and mobile phones. There is usually an app to download with the massager where the user can control the intensity, the amount of heat, and the massage programs.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between April and October 2023, there was a 23% decrease in searches for “intelligent neck massager”, with 1300 and 1000 searches respectively. 

Electric pulse neck massager

Woman wearing electric pulse neck massager on upper back

There are various modes that electric neck massagers can run on, and although kneading is one of the most popular it’s worth pointing out the popularity of electric pulse neck massagers too. The technology in these massagers allows electric pulses to be delivered in intervals into the muscles around the neck to help alleviate pain and relax the area. Electric pulse neck massagers will come with electrode pads to attach to the skin so that the pulses can reach specific target points. 

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between April and October 2023, there was a 46% decrease in searches for “electric pulse neck massager”, with 480 and 260 searches respectively.


Woman putting on makeup while wearing green neck massager

This guide to choosing the best neck massager for rapid pain relief has looked at the different features consumers will consider before purchasing a massager such as the different modes, design, and portability. It has also looked at the top five types of neck massagers that are the most popular among consumers. As the need for self care at home increases, portable neck massagers are expected to grow in demand and continue to incorporate smart devices into the design and overall function. 

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