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5 Profitable Activewear Trends That Are Popular


Activewear trends have become a big game-changer among customers who want to rock dual-function wear suitable for gym and day-to-day activities.

But it can be tricky to find the most relevant trendy styles on the market due to the plethora of options. Hence, this article will present five top activewear trends revving the fashion industry.

Before seeing the trends, here’s an overview of the market nature and size. 

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Activewear trends 2022: how huge is the market?
Five trendy activewear that consumers are rocking in 2022
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Activewear trends 2022: how huge is the market?

Based on a recent survey, the activewear market was valued at USD 366.22 billion in 2021, and it’s estimated to reach USD 455.42 billion in 2027. In other words, the market will experience a CAGR of 19.5 percent.

According to the above report, the increased number of fitness-minded consumers seeking the perfect gear for training is currently fueling the market growth. In addition, the high number of consumers who see activewear as a streetwear fashion style also boosts the market size.

The US has the largest number of targeted consumers in terms of region, with over USD 95 billion in sales since 2018. In truth, the activewear market will keep growing as many millennials and Gen Zs are still rocking it.

Five trendy activewear that consumers are rocking in 2022

Square-neck bra

Lady wearing a black square-neck bra while holding two dumbbells

The square-neck bra is ideal for females with square jawlines or rectangular face shapes. Since this bra has a lower neckline, it’s well-suited for consumers with shorter necks and larger busts. Also, this bra forms a horizontal line above the bust and helps to give balance to women with wider hips. 

In other words, the square-neck bra works well for women with the X-shape, A-shape, and hour-glass shape.

The square-neck bra comes in different cup sizes to suit different breasts. Also, the two-padded bras are ideal for consumers who perform high-intensity exercises as they feature extra side panels and layers.

Women who do cardio workouts involving back and forth movements like jogging, horseback riding, etc., can go for the breast encapsulating design. This design features supportive stitching around each breast to avoid strain at the tissue root. 

Most of these bras are made from moisture-wicking fabric like spandex, poly blend, etc., to boost comfort during workouts and prevent skin rashes. On the other hand, the crisscross style is for consumers who want firmer support. Interestingly, this crisscross design makes a bold fashion statement when paired with high-waist performance leggings.

Woman jumping over an obstacle in a red square-neck bra

The racerback design is a popular style that supports high-intensity workouts and pairs well with track pants. Consumers with neutral skin tones can go for square-neck bras in soft colors like lagoon blue, dusty pink, or cornsilk yellow. Also, end-users with dark skin tones can opt for bras in bright colors like orange, gold, or red.

Men’s smart jogger

Young man jumping off a cliff in smart joggers

The men’s smart jogger is an excellent alternative for consumers who prefer a more casual option than regular pants. Smart joggers give sweatpants a run for the money, thanks to their unique fabric and aesthetic finishing. In addition, with smart joggers, consumers can show off their leg shapes and create a flattering silhouette thanks to the apparel’s tapered legs.

Fine-gauge cotton is a common smart joggers fabric. It allows the pants to sag and bunch at the knees for a ruffled look. Consumers can get a casual look by pairing the smart joggers with a sweatshirt. To get an effortless look, consumers can match the smart joggers with fitted casual T-shirts.

Middle-aged man jogging on the street with grey smart joggers

Consumers who want to achieve a higher-style game can combine a denim jacket with smart joggers. Also, consumers can get the perfect corporate-casual look by pairing the smart joggers with a less structured casual material blazer. 

This comfortable piece comes in bright colors ideal for informal occasions and neutral colors for formal settings. Consumers can also rock the smart joggers with circle patterns, paint print, and patriotic stripes. Alternatively, consumers can rock galaxy patterns to parties, casual meetings, or dinner. 

Women’s cropped hoodie

Young woman standing and smiling with a cropped hoodie

The cropped hoodie is the ideal go-to for female consumers who want to highlight the slimmest side of their torso to get a streamlined and sexy look.

This hoodie isn’t practical to wear in the winter but is summer-perfect. The activewear is composed of sweat fabric and features an attached hood with a ribbon laced up. The long sleeves usually taper at the end with elastic cuffs and hems. Some variants feature kangaroo pockets in front. 

The knit cropped hoodie is like a cross between the regular athletic hoodie and the Baja hoodie. Plus, it comes in a variety of color schemes. 

Athletic cropped hoodies are ideal for consumers who engage in activities like running. Typically, they are made from fleece and come in various neutral colors like beige, gray, etc.

The fitted cropped hoodie is popular casual wear that features pull strings. The pullover hoodies are perfect for consumers who prefer a basic style with thick pull strings. However, the sleeveless cropped hoodie is perfect for ladies who prefer a super lightweight option.

Lady posing on the street with a black cropped hoodie

Consumers can pair a pink cropped hoodie with black or pink printed leggings for an athletic and comfy look. A brightly colored cropped hoodie with high-waist shorts is the perfect combo for a bold statement look.

Retro tracksuit for men

Senior wearing a blue sports tracksuit on a basketball court

The retro tracksuit is a staple in most men’s wardrobes because it’s incredibly versatile and comfy. The sportswear can pass for the ideal airport outfit, a statement piece, or a gym essential. However, the tracksuit also has unspoken limitations that give consumers a unique edge. Interestingly, most trainers prefer tracksuits with ankle zips.

Reflective panel tracksuits are ideal for runners who love to jog in the dark.

Consumers looking for suitable loungewear can opt for the hooded or zip-through tracksuits. College or university students can also rock this apparel to study or house parties. 

The sweater, smart bomber, or overhead tracksuits are also great options for consumers who love to have a street look. They can pair the tracksuits with printed T-shirts.

Skinny fit or muscle fit tracksuits will suffice for a good physique flaunt. The oversized, short fit, or loose fit tracksuits are excellent for travel because they offer ease of movement and increase breathability. Consumers who love the four-way stretch would go for tracksuits made from scuba fabric.

Man with curly hair wearing a tracksuit and black cap

The velour tracksuit is the ideal piece for a style statement. Also, the vintage loopback jersey is perfect for consumers who want a classic feel and look. Most tracksuits have a mix of eye-popping and warm colors.

Women’s long cycling shorts

Woman posing with a long peach cycling shorts and top

Women’s long cycling shorts feature smaller waistbands with a tapered fit immediately above the hips. In addition, these shorts come with constructed panels that contour the apparel for a better fit on the body—especially when sitting on a bike seat. Flat seams join all the panels in the cycling shorts to prevent painful pressure points and chafe. 

The shorts also have elastic bands (leg grippers) with silicon at the bottom of the legs to avoid riding up while consumers are cycling. Also, these cycling shorts come in a bib or standard design with breathable elastic straps that keep them in place. 

The cycling shorts are for consumers who love more comfort and freedom of movement. Long cycling shorts usually have a length of nine to eleven inches with classy patterns like leopard skin, stripes, etc.

Lady posing with a long brown cycling shorts and jacket

In addition, they owe their stretch and durability to nylon spandex fabrics. The moisture-wicking and breathable variants consist of spandex poly blends. Long cycling shorts feature different pad styles for friction protection and fabrics like fleece or foam. 

Consumers can pair a black turtle neck long-sleeved top with black cycling shorts for a bold statement. Also, the versatile shorts combine perfectly with a black cropped top and lemon green blazers for stunning night outwear. 

Bottom line

Consumers see the activewear trends beyond workout wear because of its aesthetics, comfortability, and versatility. They are pairing the styles with regular blazers and denim. Hence, it’s a good time for sellers to invest in square-neck bras, smart joggers, cropped hoodies, tracksuits, or long cycling shorts. 

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