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Active Materials: Coverage Guide for 2022


Clothing is an essential subject; no matter which kind of clothing sector your business is being run in, you need to have a detailed insight into all sorts of materials. If you are in the field of bringing about the best active materials for your clients, the year 2022 is going to face you with changes.

There is a massive change in the way people dress up or demand different aspects of materials to be highlighted as an integral part of their clothing. Hence to be in the business, you need to work in a similar direction. There is a lot of improvement needed to move with the trends.

Table of contents:
Understanding customer’s concern
Active materials for versatile wearables
Unique activewear material

Understanding customer’s concern

In the wake of changing trends, people have started to focus on several such aspects of clothing materials that they would have never done before. It is the main responsibility of businesses in procuring active materials to understand such demands and bring about the expected choice for their clients.

Protection of environment

It was normally observed that people’s focus on the environment was limited to just the smoke and radiation emissions only. This is not the case; people are genuinely inclined toward protecting the environment.

Therefore, the demand for such active materials is on the rise, making room for recycling and biodegradability. So, introducing such active material may help you attract more and more customers.

Hygiene practices

Hygiene standards are taking a toll on the minds of many individuals, so your clients would also look forward to this aspect. There is an imminent need to bring about all such choices in active materials that ensure the extreme form of antibacterial properties. 

Materials based on copper offer filtration, have antibacterial properties and provide self-sanitization, which is very much in demand these days.

Diversified purposes

Your client would look forward to investing in a piece of active material suitable to cater to everything, activewear, and casual loungewear. This is because more and more people now prefer diversified options that cater to more than just one purpose.

So, working on such materials that are good to serve activewear and loungewear should be an aspect you must work on to gain clients.

Active materials for versatile wearables

There could be various choices when looking forward to adding to your collection of summer/spring 22. This calls for adding these choices to your aisle of activewear so that your clients may get what they desire, keeping in mind their comfort and desire.

Crushed texture

It allows a look that is very decent and features a finishing in a matte look. The crushed texture gives a rise to associate with current trends. 

In order to achieve this particular crushed look, the most suitable material is lightweight polyester. It is a sustainable choice, and when recycled, the texture of the crush stays intact. 

It will be a suitable choice to introduce in outdoor styles such as trousers and shorts

In fact, when introduced in office wear, the crushed look is going to be suitable for the professional look as well.

Translucent tinted look

Layers of translucent fabric offering a paper touch give a very decent approach to having the right summer activewear essentials. 

These paper-based textures may be introduced keeping in mind the endless protection that they offer and the unique look they possess.

They are good to choose as a layer to go outdoors and are even waterproof materials good to cater to circumstances that require such clothing choices

Translucent fabrics are very much relevant to be worn as activewear required all day or when customers wish to jog in the park or work as gym trainers.

Translucent tinted look

Sweatshirts with textures

People seem to be highly focused and inclined towards textured sweatshirts, and the textured sweatshirt look covers a seasonal demand this year. 

Textured patterns are very suitable to go with jacquard-, waffles- and crepe-finished fabrics. These materials not only offer comfort but also ensure breathability and stretching properties, which are essential for activewear.

Crepe material is good to go for manufacturing shorts because they stretch well, whereas jacquards and waffles are more suitable for loungewear that comprises workout tops. These get well for all kinds of workouts and even support loungewear choices.

Sweatshirts with texture

Sensory ribs

The ribbed texture is always a neutral one and goes very well for all-time wear. They have a great stretching capability and at the same time offer soft comfort. 

Merino fabric caters to the ribbed pattern. This fabric also has the property of being an antibacterial material and hence is suitable for workout wear.

Solid colors for all-day wear followed by stretching and required flexibility could work very well using this fabric.

Sensory ribs

Summer shine

The satin never goes out of consideration. The lightweight satin fabric was in the trends of the previous year and even this year it could be added to the active material list with a little woven look. Adding the woven finish to satin would make it more finished and smooth.

Nylon may be recycled and converted to this satin finish, which is equally glossy as the actual virgin fabric but with less impact on the environment. Jacquard also proves to be a popular choice to add this shiny satin finish and make it suitable for sportswear.

Solid colors may blend well, and the jacquard fabric is good for stretchable leggings and trainers, followed by convertible tank tops and tees.

Summer shine

Infusion of copper

Most people do not have an idea, but copper-based material has an antibacterial property worth going for. So, most of your clients would look forward to choosing clothes with copper-infused material.

Hence choosing it could also be a perfect uplift for your activewear collection because no bacteria are retained in the clothes after working out.

Infusion of copper

Patches and knits

Activewear textile may also feature patchy fabric work and knitted options that ensure endless comfort. Fabrics equipped with micro quilts go well for such patches and knits effect. 

T-shirts and sweatshirts blended using such patterns are pretty much in demand. 

Hence introducing them would increase your clientele because you would be providing them with what lies in the demands.

Patches and knits

Unique activewear material

Some very commonly considered unique trending choices are also gaining popularity like never before in active textiles for spring/summer 22.

Metallic fabric

Activewear with a touch of metallic hues is also in demand by most people who prefer to invest in good activewear. Jersey material is usually suitable and it is infused with such properties of copper and silver that amount to be anti-bacterial.

This fabric is mostly common for leggings and looks very appealing. Colors like silver and black may go well in blends.

Metallic fabric

Inflated textures

Inflated-styled jackets and uppers have been very popular in the trends these days. Nylon and polyester-based materials that are based on a woven finish are suitable for such textures. 

So, adding them to your activewear collection may prove a very good idea. These puffed cushioned fabrics are associated with a pump that helps inflate them.

Inflated textures

Stunt of technology

Technological innovations are also incorporated in activewear textiles; yes, you heard it right, famous brands like Adidas and Google Jacquard have brought this innovation.

A recent innovation is the changing in the color of shoes during exercise, they are equipped with such insoles. This eliminates the need for the trainer to touch the individual while training them for the workout.

Similarly, wire-based masks have been in the league. The fabrics are breathable enough because the wire-based textile is introduced to cater to all those people who want to work out and at the same time avoid transmitting any bacteria or viruses.


Stunt of technology


Bringing your active materials aligned with the changing trends would be a great shot to move your business ahead on the path to success. Therefore, focusing on these options amounts to a great deal.

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