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Top Vinyl Flooring Trends in 2022


In the past few years, interior designers and architects have seen an increase in the number of people wanting to install vinyl flooring. Traditionally, wood and stone were the dominant choices for many people, but all that’s changed thanks to vinyl flooring. As more people look to improve the visual appeal of their homes or businesses, the vinyl flooring industry is constantly outputting new designs and materials to keep up with demand. This type of flooring is a game-changer, as it can take on the look and feel of many different materials. At the same time, it’s quite inexpensive and much easier to install than many other materials. The vinyl flooring trends in 2022 that are catching people’s eyes are a mixture of unique textures, eco-friendly materials, and high-quality features.

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The dominance of the vinyl flooring industry
Latest vinyl flooring trends in 2022
How vinyl flooring is changing the design world

The dominance of the vinyl flooring industry

While wood and stone may have dominated past interior designs, today it’s all about vinyl flooring. With the use of new technologies, vinyl flooring is being produced on a mass scale to keep up with growing demands. Consumers are looking for the latest colors, patterns, and textures to improve their homes or businesses, so new designs and materials are regularly being manufactured. Vinyl flooring is more durable and eco-friendly than traditional flooring materials as well—two key reasons why more people are using it.

In 2020, the global vinyl market industry was valued at USD 30.61 billion, and by 2028 that number is projected to grow to USD 51.45 billion. Vinyl flooring is now the dominant material for floors in both households and businesses, and in recent years it’s seen a big surge in usage. Vinyl flooring not only enhances the look of a room but also provides more features than wood or stone flooring. In the majority of cases, people wouldn’t be able to recognize the difference between wood and vinyl flooring. That’s how revolutionary it is.

Vinyl wood flooring with a corner table and red chairs

Latest vinyl flooring trends in 2022

As technology develops, so too does the type of materials being used to create vinyl flooring. To keep up with the high demand, the vinyl flooring industry is constantly developing new patterns and textures for consumers as well. The latest vinyl flooring trends in 2022 are seeing an increase in eco-friendly materials being used, wood textures, and waterproof flooring as some of the most sought after features. Here’s a look at what’s currently trending in the industry.

Authentic-looking wood flooring

One of this year’s biggest trends is authentic-looking wood flooring. This isn’t a new concept, but its popularity comes down to a rise in the number of unique wood finishes being produced. Today, consumers can choose between almost any type of wood, from distressed wood to hand-scraped finishes that help to make the vinyl flooring more realistic. Traditionally, wood flooring is difficult to maintain and is very unsustainable. Now people can get flooring that looks like any species from around the world and have it installed with minimal hassle. This type of vinyl flooring is only increasing in popularity as different styles and features are brought to the market, so it’s here for the long run.

Light wood vinyl flooring in a dining room with white furniture

Waterproof flooring

A feature that’s becoming increasingly common with vinyl flooring is waterproofing. Vinyl flooring has always been easier to maintain and clean than wood or stone, but it was only water-resistant and not waterproof. Today, many styles of vinyl flooring come with an air-tight locking system that blocks out water when it gets wet, such as by being mopped. Not only is the outer layer of the flooring waterproof, but the inner parts are also made of waterproof material. This allows for the pattern and color of the vinyl flooring to maintain its appearance over time. Waterproof vinyl flooring is becoming one of the most popular flooring types on the market today. 

Pale wood vinyl flooring inside the entrance to a house

Patterns for everyone

A big positive when it comes to vinyl flooring is the number of patterns available on the market. Self-adhesive flooring comes in a vast amount of colors, patterns, and textures, and if that wasn’t a big enough selling point, it’s also significantly easier to clean and softer to the touch than traditional flooring materials. Everything from authentic-looking wood, stone, and tiles is available when it comes to vinyl flooring. They have the same visual effect as the raw materials but are much more cost-effective and lighter in weight. The number of styles on the market today is endless, and with more hitting the shelves on a regular basis, there are plenty of options for people out there with any kind of budget.

Modern kitchen space with light patterned vinyl flooring installed

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

Recently there’s been a big spike in demand for luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). The quality of this flooring means that it can stay intact for a much longer period than other similar flooring types, which cuts down on cost as well as environmental impact. This type of flooring is water and slip-resistant, making it a low-maintenance and easy to clean material. LVT has a shock-absorbent and cushion property that often isn’t found in other types of vinyl flooring, which is why it’s so popular in both commercial and home spaces. LVT is one of the biggest vinyl flooring trends in 2022 and is expected to increase in demand over the next few years. 

Dark gray large stone vinyl tiling in a modern home

Stone plastic composite (SPC)

The vinyl flooring industry is seeing a big demand for stone plastic composite (SPC) recently. There are many benefits to SPC flooring that aren’t seen with other materials. SPC has a core mostly built up of limestone, which provides a waterproof feature as well as more stability underfoot. The integrated click system makes it incredibly simple to install, and it’s seen as a low maintenance flooring type too. The fact that it’s made without harmful chemicals, therefore adding to better air quality in the space it’s installed in, only helps to boost the appeal of SPC to consumers. This sustainable and long-lasting type of vinyl flooring, with its endless patterns, colors, and textures, is sure to grow in popularity—and fast. 

Gray wood vinyl flooring with a person and dog walking

How vinyl flooring is changing the design world

Vinyl flooring has been on the rise for some time now and is part of an evolution of flooring that started with wood, moved to laminate, and is now seeing vinyl as the dominant material. While both LVT and SPC flooring are becoming popular, there’s also a high demand for waterproof flooring, authentic-looking wood flooring, and vinyl flooring with unique patterns and textures. With the extensive amount of designs currently available and more being manufactured regularly, the demand for vinyl flooring is set to increase as people look to enjoy a more sustainable and low-maintenance lifestyle. 

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