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Biker Shorts: 5 Amazing Trendy Outfit Ideas in 2022


Summer is approaching, and consumers are beginning to look out for fashion staples they can rock effortlessly. And biker shorts are the must-haves most females will love to have in their closets.

Hence, sellers need to get the trendiest biker shorts to increase sales. This article will unveil the top five biker short trends in 2022. Readers will also see a brief overview of the market size.

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Biker shorts: a fashion trend that has come to stay
Five sexy biker short trends most women are loving
Ride with the trend

Biker shorts: a fashion trend that has come to stay

The late 80s and mid-90s saw the biker shorts trend before they went out of vogue. In 2018, these shorts had a strong comeback and continued trending. These days, more female consumers are rocking these trend styles both in and out of the gym.

Fashion models and celebrities are also fueling the growth of the market. Biker shorts have become a big street fashion style for many women—especially in North America—thanks to their versatility and comfortability. 

According to reports, the market was valued at USD 1.05 billion in 2020, and it may hit USD 1.46 billion in 2027. Therefore, based on this data, the market has huge prospects for businesses. 

Five sexy biker short trends most women are loving

Leather biker shorts

Woman rocking leather biker shorts with denim jacket

Leather biker shorts are great for their durability and style. These faux leather shorts usually come from nylon or elastane. Lycra ensures these shorts maintain their shape without stretching during a wash. They also have adequate compression and excellent grip that prevents the shorts from riding up. 

In addition, these biker shorts don’t make noise with each move and have a crackly finish that offers the right amount of shine.

The leather biker shorts work for different occasions and offer a classy summer look. The high-waist leather biker shorts are the variety most females love because of the comfort and protection they offer.

Lady rocking black leather biker shorts with a cropped top

Consumers can get creative with these biker shorts as they come in different basic colors and blend with most outfits. For example, consumers can pair black leather biker shorts with a cropped top or button-down shirt for a casual look. Alternatively, they can get a spicy casual look by pairing these leather biker shorts with a sports bra and denim jacket.

Leopard-print biker shorts

Lady rocking leopard print biker shorts with a jacket

Leopard-print biker shorts are the perfect go-to for people rocking everyday outfits. In addition, the eye-catching print appeals to women that want a fashion statement. At a time, leopard prints gave the sophisticated look of wealth. Now, wearing leopard-print biker shorts would provide a powerful and sophisticated look. Polyester leopard-print biker shorts are quite popular because they can stretch without losing their original shape and size. Nylon and cotton are other available fabrics.

The leopard print’s scale’s versatility and color are other highlights. Asides from the tawny blend of caramel, brown and black, consumers can get these biker shorts in other eye-popping colors like rainbow, black & white, etc. In addition, customers can pair leopard-print biker shorts with a crop top and a jacket or an oversize tee for the perfect summer outfit. 

Blonde lady posing with leopard print biker shorts

Pocket biker shorts

Woman wearing black biker shorts with pockets and a jacket

Nothing beats biker shorts with functionality. The pocket biker shorts are deal breakers for consumers that need to go hiking, work out, or take a walk with a few essentials. 

Asides from the functionality, the pocket biker shorts are excellent for pairing with different outfits. Females that need these biker shorts for workout sessions or other sporting activities can pair the pocket biker shorts with a sports bra or tank top. Consumers can rock the free patterned biker shorts with an oversized T-shirt and denim jacket for a contemporary look.

Consumers who prefer an everyday outfit can opt for the high-waist variants made from cotton or poly blends to boost breathability and comfort. Interestingly, females can go commando with these pocket shorts to avoid extra heat and sweat.

Consumers can go for pocket biker shorts in cool colors like green, purple, or blue for a bolder look.

Lady wearing washed pastel biker shorts with pocket

Plus-size biker shorts

Two ladies rocking plus-size biker shorts

Consumers weighing above-average prefer the plus-size biker shorts because of the fit. In addition, plus-size biker shorts are super flattering, not to mention their accommodative features for bigger women. 

Spandex and cotton are the most popular fabrics used to produce plus-size cycling shorts. Some key features of these fabrics that interest plus-size women are elasticity, waterproofing, and wicking capabilities. 

While few plus-size biker shorts are produced in bright colors, most come in darker colors. One popular variant of the plus-size biker shorts is the float-ultralight biker shorts. This trending style is ideal for consumers interested in low-intensity workouts like barre, breathwork, or yoga. 

But that’s not all. The utility of high-waisted biker shorts is ideal for consumers who need comfortable loungewear that doubles as jogging shorts. Female consumers looking to be creative when tanning their skin would also love the high-waist shorts. Plus, they’re composed of ribbed fabric, making them pillowy and pliable. In addition, they feature an elastic band on the waist region.

Cute smiling lady rocking black plus-size biker shorts

Consumers can pair the plus-sized biker shorts with graphic tees, tunic dresses, puff sleeves, or denim jackets.

Lace biker shorts

Lady in black v-neck bra and lace cycling shorts

The lace biker shorts stand out for women who love to feel comfortable and flaunt their shape in a see-through. This style of biker shorts is mostly made from soft jersey fabric with fancy embroidery at the thigh region. 

One major feature of the lace biker shorts is their versatility. Consumers can wear these shorts with any tank top or cropped hoodie. Other features include softness, transparency, and wicking properties.

The lace biker shorts are not as durable as their other counterparts in this article. But they’re a choice fashion trend style for women that love to emphasize their sexiness. Of course, black is the most popular color of this trendy wear, but pink and a few lighter color shades complement dark-colored tops more. 

Lace biker shorts come in different patterns, but a few stand out. The drawstring detail is ideal for consumers who want to define their shape while staying cool. Another style is the high-waisted butt lift biker shorts for women who want to magnify the size of their butts. 

Lady wearing crop bra with denim jacket and lace shorts

Consumers can layer the lace biker shorts with a blazer over a fitted crop with long boots for a traditional menswear look with a feminine twist. 

Ride with the trend

The biker shorts market will continue experiencing huge growth in years to come, especially during the spring-summer season. As sellers, it is wise to capitalize on the trends because of the key factors pushing the market.

Overall, the most popular are the leopard-print biker shorts made with spandex material, which are quite comfortable during the summer. The leather, lace, and pocket biker shorts are aesthetically beautiful and appeal to consumers who love to look stylish. Of course, plus-size cycling shorts are ideal for stylish plus-size women.

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