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5 Profitable Electric Bike Parts to Stock in 2024

An electric bike parked on a street

E-bikes have been a marvel since their inception in 1985. They have quickly caught on today, dominating the cycling industry and raking in millions of monthly searches. However, one of the best features of these vehicles is that they are upgradable. Consumers can transform their regular bicycles into e-bikes with simple conversion kits!

This article will explore five amazing electric bike parts buyers can add to their conversion kits for a complete bike makeover or upgrade in 2024.

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Electric bikes: The state of the market
5 electric bike part trends consumers are searching for in 2024
Rounding up

Electric bikes: The state of the market

The electric bike market is booming and is projected to grow even more. According to experts, the global e-bike market reached an amazing US$ 37.47 billion in 2022. Predictions show the market will readjust to US$ 119.72 billion by 2030 at a 15.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The many benefits of e-bikes as an eco-friendly and convenient travel method are the major drivers behind the market’s growth.

According to the above report,  the e-bike market flourished the most in city/urban applications, which emerged as the dominant and fastest-growing segment in 2022. Pedal-assist e-bikes also registered the most sales in 2022. And Asia Pacific led the e-bike market in 2022, with China accounting for the most revenue.

5 electric bike part trends consumers are searching for in 2024

Battery packs

Anonymous person removing a battery pack from e-bike

Battery packs are evolving rapidly in the electric bike world, fueling a trend towards longer range, faster charging, and sleeker integration. E-bike batteries are getting bigger and more powerful, increasing their capacities yearly—translating into longer rides without running out of power.

One of the biggest concerns for new e-bike riders is “range anxiety,” which is the fear of running out of battery power miles from home. Business buyers can capitalize on this and stock up on larger-capacity batteries to mitigate this fear, allowing riders to explore confidently. Fortunately, batteries are not only getting bigger but also faster at charging. Some new batteries can even reach an 80% charge in under an hour.

Gone are the days of bulky, external battery packs. Now, manufacturers masterfully integrate modern batteries into e-bike frames, often hidden within the downtube. The result is a cleaner, more streamlined look that seamlessly blends with the bike’s design. But buyers who desire removable ones for easy upgrades and charging can get those. 

E-bike motor

A black installed e-bike motor

Electric bike motors are at the forefront of innovation, with smaller, more powerful, and smarter motors heading the charge. Motors are getting smaller and lighter without sacrificing impressive power output and torque. What is the benefit of this size reduction? Manufacturers now design e-bikes that look and feel more like traditional variants without the clunky look of the older hub or mid-drive motors.

Speaking of mid-drive motors,  they remain one of the top favorites consumers get when they want to upgrade their traditional bikes. Their position (under) lowers the bike’s center of gravity for better stability and handling, especially on uneven terrain. Moreover, id-drive motors are popular for their torque and can deliver powerful assistance for tackling steep ascents and challenging conditions. So, it’s unsurprising that bikers who intend to ply rough and daring terrains with their traditional bikes choose e-bike motors as one of their top upgrades. 

However, consumers who don’t ride on hills and dangerous paths won’t necessarily need the power of mid-drive motors. Instead, they can go for hub motors. They are generally less expensive and have simpler designs and installation. Alternatively, friction drive motors are another great option, especially for adding electrical power to regular bikes. Despite being easy to install, they are less powerful than hub or mid-drive motors.


Hand holding the throttle of an e-bike

Throttles allow users to engage the e-bike motor without pedaling, transforming it into almost a motorcycle. Traditional bikes don’t come with this part. Hence, many users who want an electric bike with assisted pedaling (but can’t afford it) feel compelled to purchase the throttle part—making it possible to remove their legs from the pedals while cruising on a steep hill or straight road.

Even better, throttles open the world of e-bikes to riders with limitations who might struggle with constant pedaling. They can also be a fun alternative riding style for those seeking a more casual, scooter-like experience. While the classic throttle design is still a thing, some e-bikes offer simpler push-button styles.

Like their classic cousins, push-button throttles can reach full power with minimal effort, making them quicker and easier to use. But that’s not all. Some e-bikes offer pedal assist and throttle control, allowing consumers to switch between riding modes for maximum versatility. Certain throttles integrated with the e-bike display may enable users to customize the power output or limit the top speed when using the throttle mode, offering more control and flexibility.


An e-brake on the wheels of an e-bike

E-brakes are a rapidly growing trend in the e-bike world. They offer enhanced stopping power and precision compared to traditional rim or disc brakes. Essentially, e-brakes automatically cut power to the e-bike motor the instant bikers engage them. This immediate disengagement of the motor makes braking more effective and significantly reduces the stopping distance.

The faster e-bikes can go, the faster they need to stop. That’s why e-brakes provide stopping power corresponding to the e-bike’s increased speed capability. For this reason, many consumers are upgrading their traditional bikes with e-brake upgrades. In truth, high-quality e-brakes, especially hydraulic systems, provide much better brake feel and modulation than traditional cable-activated brakes. 

Moreover, more consumers gravitate toward e-brakes, especially hydraulic disc brakes, because they perform well in various weather conditions and are less prone to power fade due to rain or mud accumulation. Hence, riding with hydraulic system e-brakes in such conditions is a huge game changer because they maintain performance no matter how wet it gets.

E-bike displays

An e-bike with a helpful display

E-bike displays are becoming much smarter and more sophisticated. They’re evolving from simple readouts to interactive command centers. High-quality e-bike displays show essential information like speed, battery level, assist mode, and distance traveled.

The best part is that consumers can control everything from these displays. They can adjust assist levels, control lights, and access other e-bike settings directly from the display. Some displays even function as keys, turning e-bikes on/off for added security.

Modern e-bike displays connect to smartphones via Bluetooth for advanced features like turn-by-turn navigation, fitness tracking, app-based ride customization, and even social media notifications. High-end displays can provide in-depth performance analytics and motor diagnostics, helping consumers troubleshoot potential issues.

Rounding up

Whether consumers upgrade their old e-bikes or convert their favorite traditional model, they need the right parts. Luckily, conversion kits often contain all the electric bike parts discussed above, giving consumers everything they need for a successful upgrade. And these conversion kits are catching on! Google data shows they got 74,000 searches in February 2024. So, don’t hesitate to grab these parts and build conversion kits that consumers will love. And remember to subscribe to the sports section of Alibaba Reads for more in-depth information about related products.

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