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5 Top-Trending Straw Hat Styles for 2023: The Ultimate Guide


Straw hats are a staple fashion accessory for consumers who enjoy outdoor activities in the warmer seasons. They come in multiple styles for both men and women and are easy to style for different occasions.

Before stocking up on these woven hats, it is important to understand the trends that your target audience is looking for.

This article provides a descriptive guide on the currently trending styles and valuable tips on selecting quality products.

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What is the market size for the straw hat?
5 top trending straw hat styles
Verdict: Should you consider buying straw hats in 2023?

What is the market size for the straw hat?

According to market research, the global straw hats market size might reach US$ 1.5 billion by 2030, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% from 2018 to 2030. Researchers attribute this growth to factors such as increased awareness of skin cancer, rising demand for UV protection products, and the fashion trend of using sun hats.

There is also a growing interest in sustainable fashion, and natural materials such as straw are a popular choice for eco-conscious consumers. These hats offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic hats.

Frequent usage has also segmented the global straw hats market, with adults accounting for the majority share by 2017. This trend might continue between 2023 and 2030 because of consumers’ rising health and well-being concerns.

5 top trending straw hat styles

Panama straw hats

Panama straw hat with white background

Panama straw hats, made from the leaves of the Toquilla palm, have become a popular choice for tourists because of their elegant style. Manufacturers typically weave these hats by hand, and their quality and pricing depend on the tightness of the twists.

These classic style hats are popular during the warmer seasons because of their lightweight, sun-protective, and breathable features. With the increasing awareness of the harmful effects of sun exposure, more people are looking for stylish ways to protect themselves from UV damage.

Men often wear these hats and pair them with a linen shirt for a classical look. Over the years, women have also embraced the style due to the hat’s versatility and sometimes intricate design. Panama straw hats provide customers with a timeless look that can translate into more sales and revenue for your business.

The boater straw style

A close shot of a brown straw boater hat

The boater straw hat is a classic style that has been around for over a century and is a popular fashion accessory for both men and women. These hats are a favorite for most fashion enthusiasts because they have a vintage feel that evokes a sense of nostalgia in the customer.

The hat’s weave comprises a stiff and lightweight straw. It has a distinct look with a flat crown and wide brim often edged with a colorful ribbon. This stylish hat comes in various colors and materials beyond traditional straw, such as felt or wool.

If you sell fashion items and accessories, the boater straw hat may be worth considering. The straw hat market is competitive, but this type of accessory can make your inventory more noticeable to consumers and create more sales for your business.

Floppy beach straw hat

Floppy beach straw hat and sunglasses

The floppy beach straw hat is a popular accessory worn mainly by women to protect them from the sun during a day out by the pool or beach. The hat is easy to carry and provides ample ventilation to keep the head cool.

Floppy beach straw hats feature a wide margin that provides full coverage of the face, neck, and shoulders. This quality makes them an ideal option for sun protection while creating a chic look for consumers.

Valuable tips on how to pick floppy beach straw hats for your business include considering the material, fit, and color. A floppy hat’s fit should not be too tight, or too loose, and it should not slip down over a customer’s eyes. You can stock them in various sizes to fit each buyer’s measurements. You can also choose colors that complement the skin tone of your target audience and suit the colors of common beach attire.

Fedora straw hat

White fedora straw hat with a black ribbon

The fedora straw hat was a popular accessory in the early 20th century and has recently regained its aesthetic because of the cyclic fashion trends. The hat is a versatile fashion statement for both men and women. It features a creased crown pinched at the front and a soft brim that an individual can snap up or down.

Straw fedoras are popular during the warmer months as they offer breathability and sun protection while still offering style. However, it is important to note that not all straw fedoras have the same quality standard. The type of straw that weaves a hat and the tightness of the twine can affect its price and durability.

The Derby straw hat

A close shot of a Derby straw hat

The Derby straw hat offers a classic and elegant style that consumers can wear with formal or casual attire. It gets its name from the famous horse race held annually in Kentucky, USA, and people often refer to it as the “Kentucky Derby hat.” It is characterized by a wide rim and a tall cylindrical crown that is often accessorized with a band.

Manufacturers make it from featherweight straw, which is comfortable to wear in hot and sunny areas. Celebrities and fashion bloggers have also influenced consumers to wear Derby straw hats, increasing the hats’ popularity.

Verdict: Should you consider buying straw hats in 2023?

Long story short, yes! Straw hats are still stylish, and the demand is expected to reach US$ 1.5 billion by 2030.

This article has described the 5 top-trending hat styles in 2023 and their unique features. It also explains why consumers are more likely to purchase straw hats than synthetic brands.

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