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Amazing Ways To Pick the Right Cowboy Hat


Few hats evoke nostalgia like cowboy hats. From everyday attires to displays at museum exhibits, these hats are as iconic today as they were nearly 150 years ago. Many people enjoy wearing cowboy hats for the style and uniqueness they offer. However, a huge variety of cowboy hats exist in the market, and it can be difficult to pick out the right ones..  But before we go into details, here’s a summary of the hat market size.

Table of Contents
The market size of cowboy hats
What to look for when selecting cowboy hats to sell
Trendy cowboy hats
How to choose the right cowboy hats for different end customers

The market size of cowboy hats

As pointed out by Market Watch Report, the global market for Cowboy hats is projected to reach multi-million by 2028, compared to 2022, with an unexpected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) during the forecast period. As the world becomes more interconnected, there is a growing interest in all things American, like the classic cowboy look, which is now seen as both stylish and rugged. 

What to look for when selecting cowboy hats to sell

When it comes to cowboy hats, there are a few things to take into account before making that final selection. Some of the key factors to keep in mind when choosing the best cowboy hats to sell are:


The most common type of cowboy hat is made from felt.. Felt is a durable and water-resistant material, making it a good choice for those who live in wetter climates. Another popular type of cowboy hat is the straw cowboy hat, which is made from straw. These hats are lighter and more breathable than felt hats, making them a good choice for consumers in hotter climates.

Size and fit

It’s important to have a variety of cowboy hats that cater to different customers in terms of head size and fit. Typically, cowboy hats should sit low on the head, about 2-3 inches above the eyebrows. Also, the brim of the cowboy hat should be wide enough to shade the eyes from the sun but not so wide that it obstructs vision. The cowboy hat’s crown should be tall enough to allow for ventilation but not so tall that it looks out of proportion. 


Consumers usually choose cowboy hats based on their overall look and color. Here are some tips: black cowboy hats are classic and stylish, and go with just about any outfit. Brown cowboy hats are also popular for their rustic look, and they’re perfect for outfits that are a little more casual. White or grey cowboy hats are less common, but  stand out in the crowd. 

a country musician wearing a black cowboy hat

Four trendy cowboy hats sellers should buy

Unisex wool-felt hats

Unisex wool-felt hats are made from wool that has been felted, and they are available in a variety of colors and styles. One of the great things about wool-felt hats is that both men and women can wear them. They are also very comfortable and can keep the head warm in colder months. 

lady wearing a black felt hat
old in a black hat

Felt cowboy hat

Felt cowboy hats are one of the most iconic pieces of American Western wear. The felt cowboy hat is usually made from durable wool felt, and is  designed to protect the wearer from harsh weather. Today, felt cowboy hats are still a popular choice for consumers who love stylish and functional hats. 

man wearing a white felt cowboy hat
man in black fedora hat

Fedora cowboy hat

A fedora cowboy hat is a great choice for those who want to add a bit of Western flair to their look. The hat is usually tan or brown in color and has a wide brim that is trimmed with a band of leather or cloth.  Made from 100% wool, the fedora cowboy hat is perfect for both men and women. With a brim that measures approximately 3 inches, the fedora cowboy hat provides excellent sun protection and can be worn with various  outfits.

man wearing brown fedora hat and plaid dress shirt while leaning on white post
woman in white and red checkered dress shirt wearing a brown fedora hat

Australian wool felt hat

Australian wool felt hats are made from 100% wool felt, which makes them extremely durable and able to withstand different weather conditions. These hats also feature bands or ribbons around the brim, adding a femininity touch. Australian wool felt hats are a great option for female consumers who want stylish and functional cowboy hats. They’re perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions

woman wearing white wool felt hat beside sunflower fields
woman standing on greyroad wearing white wool felt hat

How to choose the right cowboy hats for different end customers

Before stocking up on cowboy hats for different consumers, there are a few things to consider. First, you have to know your target customers based on the following factors: 


For younger customers, it’s important to choose a cowboy hat that is both stylish and functional. In other words, younger customers want a hat that they can wear to townor  the rodeo, and they also want a hat that will protect them from the sun and elements. But older customers  might be more concerned with function over style. 


For men, the most popular style is the classic cowboy hat. It has a wide brim and a tall crown, and it looks great on everyone from rugged ranchers to city slickers. Women have a few more options when it comes to cowboy hats. The “cowgirl hat” is the most popular style, similar to the classic cowboy hat but with a smaller brim and a lower crown. 

man wearing a black cowboy hat while saddling up
woman wearing a black cowboy hat


From the look of things, cowboy hats are great investments for sellers considering that they are stylish, functional, and complete outfits. But it’s essential for businesses to define their target market to know the right hat trends, designs, colors, and styles to stock up on. So saddle up and get started!

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