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5 Trendy Water Exercise Accessories to Stock in 2024

Multiple people working out in a pool

Water’s natural buoyancy is a huge stress reliever, meaning consumers can move their bodies with less pain or joint strains. Even better, water is also naturally resistant, allowing one to get strength exercise without heavy lifting. This explains why water exercise is growing in popularity globally.

One of the best ways consumers can maximize the benefits of this workout style is with water exercise accessories. Whether consumers are looking to take their swim spa sessions to the next level or to get more active in the pool, these must-have pieces will help them reach their goals. So keep reading to explore five trendy water exercise accessories to sell in 2024.

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How big is the water exercise accessories market?
Water exercise accessories: 5 trendy products to offer in 2024
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How big is the water exercise accessories market?

In 2022, experts said the water exercise accessories market reached US$ 623.1 million. At present, they project the market will push to US$ 1 billion by 2032, growing at a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period. The rising awareness of the benefits of low-impact water workouts has boosted interest in this market, propelling growth. Increasing innovations in water exercise equipment also fuel market growth. While women are the dominant segment, experts predict the men’s category will boost at a 5% CAGR. Also, North America dominated the water fitness equipment market with a whopping 40% share in 2022.

Water exercise accessories: 5 trendy products to offer in 2024

Water ankle weights

Woman using water ankle weights and other equipment

Water ankle weights are special bands consumers wear around their ankles when in the water. Consumers love them because they help them exercise better while swimming or doing other water activities. These weights do two cool things at once: first, they make the muscles work harder by providing resistance. Second, they are incredibly buoyant, meaning they can help users float a bit and make moving around in the water easier.

Because they’re gentle and not too heavy, water ankle weights are great for people who are recovering from injuries or for those who just want to exercise without putting too much strain on their joints. So, if consumers want to get stronger while having fun in the water, these ankle weights could be just what they need!

Water ankle weights also come equipped with built-in water-filled chambers. What’s so cool about that? It means consumers can adjust their ankle weights to match their fitness goals and how hard they want to go in their workout. Plus, as they get stronger, users can crank up the resistance to see how much they have improved.

These products are popular in the niche water exercise market space. According to Google data, water ankle weights rose from 320 searches to 390. While only a small increase, it shows people are still interested in these bad boys.

Aqua dumbbells

Woman exercising with an aqua dumbbell

Aqua dumbbells are like the ones popular at the gym, but they are more suitable for use in water. Instead of being heavy like regular dumbbells, they are made from foam and plastic, which makes them light when consumers are out of the water but heavy when underwater.

Since it’s hard to move in water due to high resistance, these dumbbells will still make the muscles work hard—despite not being as heavy as metal ones. Think of it like lifting something heavy without feeling any strain on joints. And more importantly, these water dumbbells are awesome for making water workouts more fun and challenging.

Consumers can do all sorts of exercises with aqua dumbbells. They can lift them up and down in the water or push them through it to work the arms and upper body. Since aqua dumbbells are widely adaptable, consumers can also use them to tone their legs and arms. These products have been on the rise lately. Based on Google data, aqua dumbbells have gone from 1,600 searches in January to 1,900 in February 2024.

Water jogging belt

Lady using a water jogging belt and aqua dumbbells

Water jogging belts are special belts consumers wear around their waist while working out in the pool. As their name implies, they are designed to help users stay afloat while jogging or running in the water. Think of it as a floaty belt that helps keep consumers upright and moving through the water smoothly.

Manufacturers craft these belts from lightweight foam or other buoyant materials to not weigh consumers down instead of helping them float. So, how do they help? When consumers use these belts, jogging in the water feels like doing it on land but with less impact on the joints. The belt’s buoyancy easily supports the user’s body weight, making it easier to move and reducing the strain on the knees, hips, and ankles.

Water jogging belts are great for people of all ages and fitness levels. They’re perfect for workouts, rehabilitation, or simply enjoying low-impact exercise in the pool. So, if consumers want to stay active and have fun in the water without feeling tired or achy afterward, a water jogging belt is a fantastic accessory to have!

Water jogging belts have been all the rage as water exercise accessories, and 2024 has been their year! Starting strong with 5,400 searches in January, they stepped it up in February, hitting 8,100 searches. Looks like they are making waves in the water fitness world.

Swim training gloves

Woman using black swim training gloves

At first glance, swim training gloves look like the regular ones consumers wear on their hands. But on closer inspection, one can see these gloves have a different purpose: helping users train and build strength in the water. These gloves feature lightweight and flexible materials like neoprene or silicone so they don’t add more underwater weight.

But what else makes them different from regular gloves? Swim gloves have small fins or webbing between the fingers that catches the water as consumers move their hands. This special design helps them push more water with each stroke, making their arm muscles work harder for a better workout. Wearing swim training gloves is like adding extra resistance to swimming movements.

They will make the arms and shoulders stronger while improving stroke technique. Plus, they can help swim faster and more efficiently. That’s why up to 4,400 consumers looked for them in February 2024! Swim training gloves are great for all levels of swimmers, from beginners to advanced athletes. Whether they are training for a competition or just want to improve their swimming skills, these gloves can be a valuable tool.

Pool noodles

Multiple people working out with pool noodles

Pool noodles are lightweight and easy to handle, making them great for people of all ages! They are long, colorful tubes made of foam that add a bit of fun and versatility to water workouts. The best part is pool noodles are a fantastic piece of water exercise equipment. And a lot of people agree with this sentiment. Based on Google data, these accessories raked in 135,000 searches in February 2024.

These accessories are great for several exercises. For one, they are perfect for water jogging as they add impressive resistance, making the user’s leg muscles work harder for an amazing cardio workout.  Arm exercises are also possible with pool noodles, especially when consumers mimic a weightlifting motion. It may sound playful, but it’s one of the best ways to strengthen the arm muscles!

Final words

Water exercises may not look as impactful as those done in gyms and other land-based workouts, but looks can be deceiving. This is because exercising in the water works the muscles just like any other form of exercise—only with one added benefit. Consumers won’t have to worry about joint and body pain afterward!

This is why water exercise accessories are hot in 2024. And to avoid missing out, sellers can add water ankle weights, aqua dumbbells, pool noodles, water jogging belts, and swim training gloves to their inventories to stay on point with the latest trends.

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