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6 Outstanding Womenswear Packaging Trends


E-commerce has experienced a global rise, allowing major markets to emerge for packaging and shipping boxes and gain high traction. Over the years, e-commerce packaging has moved from providing only protective functions to adding aesthetics, brand representation, and customer retention strategy.

With rising concerns about the biodegradation of plastic compounds, more companies are now shifting their attention toward creating 100% organic and reusable packaging options.

Here are six womenswear packaging trends that reflect these values.

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Overview of the global clothing packaging market
6 remarkable packaging trends for women’s apparel
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Overview of the global clothing packaging market

The introduction of the e-commerce market, coupled with the rising population with high-speed internet, has yielded a huge market potential in the clothing packaging industry.

The purpose of carefully packaging goods is to avoid any natural or physical damage to goods from the time of packaging till it’s delivered.

The clothing packaging market is booming, with revenue valued at US $27.15 billion in 2020 and expected to surpass and reach US $62.24 billion by 2026.

The industry has four categories: corrugated boards, plastics, paper and paper boards, and wood-based materials.

The plastics segment accounted for the maximum share of more than 36% of the overall revenue in 2021. These stats likely result from the clothing industry’s high dependency on plastic packaging.

Asia-Pacific dominated the global market by generating the highest revenue and accounting for the largest market share. Countries like China and India are significant propellers for this region’s growth. In addition, Europe and North America are expected to experience stagnant growth.

6 remarkable packaging trends for women’s apparel

1. Mailer bags

Anonymous hand holding a white mailer bag

Sending out small items shouldn’t cost a considerable chunk of the packaging fee or take hours or days to package. Thankfully, that’s where mailer bags come in.

These bags, usually made of plastic materials, are designed to be tear-proof, tamper-evident, highly durable, and flexible. The most significant attribute is flexibility because mailer bags are elastic enough to accommodate high-volume items.

In addition, mailer bags are great for small businesses, especially new ones, because of their affordability.

Also, businesses have some variety to explore regarding mailer bags. For example, they can opt for paper mailers, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, or the more lightweight and flexible poly variant.

Bubble mailers are also incredibly trendy as they offer extra protection while maintaining lightweight designs.

2. Kraft paper boxes

Kraft paper box on a white surface

Kraft paper boxes offer the perfect blend of eco-friendliness and incredible strength for marketing. These brown-colored packaging options provide more durability than regular cardboard boxes.

More importantly, Kraft paper boxes feature various natural materials like natural wood fibers, recycled paperboard, and sulfur. Interestingly, the sulfur percentage in these boxes is what gives them a higher substantial density.

Combining sulfur with unbleached kraft paper provides an extra protective layer without sacrificing eco-friendly properties. What’s more? Retailers can invest in various kraft paper types.

They can opt for the basic variants (coated unbleached kraft paper) for its brown color and rip resistance. Coated kraft paper also offers similar benefits but with a white bleach, allowing retailers to express more creative freedom.

Other investment-worthy types include virgin, recycled, and mixed kraft paper. These packaging options are also compatible with other sustainable materials. For example, businesses can wrap a kraft paper package with PP film to make it waterproof.

In addition, kraft paper boxes have impressive heat resistance, making them the go-to for transporting delicate clothing. Sellers may also customize them to their preferred size and shape to make the packaging more appealing.

3. Nylon drawstring bags

Branded nylon drawstring bag packaging

Nylon drawstring bags are one of the most trendy packaging options due to their light texture, fashionable design, and lightweight features.

As the name suggests, the bag has two drawstrings on both sides, keeping it shut and giving it a compact look when drawn. It is portable, durable, and offers a luxurious feel incomparable to other packaging options.

Nylon drawstring bags appeal more to the womenswear sports section, and they come in different sizes and colors, depending on brand preference. They are also customizable and can be used to ship multiple clothing items at once.

The best part is nylon drawstring bags are reusable. So consumers can recycle them to keep their outfits or for fancy gym holders.

Nylon drawstring bags are affordable, cost-effective, and offer water resistance to protect clothing items from moisture damage.

Like corrugated boxes, nylon drawstring bags give consumers a sense of curiosity when unveiling their items and allow extra room for promotional items.

Call it a break from the norm, but receiving orders in a different packaging style from the typical boxes and mailers would make packaging more exciting for consumers and profitable for businesses.

4. Upgraded cardboard boxes

Upgraded cardboard box with a fancy design

The cardboard box trend has evolved over the years into some of the most effective, cost-effective, and sustainable ways to package women’s clothing items.

With businesses trying to curate personal experiences for consumers, brands now use cardboard boxes for marketing and creating a great first impression.

Upgraded cardboard boxes are incredibly affordable packaging options in different shapes, mostly square and rectangular, and sizes.

They’re also cost-effective, allowing retailers to fold various women’s clothing items in one box neatly.

Made from paper, upgraded cardboard boxes are reusable and recyclable, making them a great alternative to plastic. Consumers may also use them as extra storage.

Upgraded cardboard boxes work well with different outfits, from dresses to lingerie and athletic wear. In addition, the packaging option moved from ordinary taping to customized flaps, stickers, and labels, enhancing the packages’ appeal and creating the right impression.

5. Ziplock plastic bags

Clothing item in a plastic ziplock bag

Plastic is one of the leading packaging material options in the world. It is cost-effective, protects products from water, and is flexible enough for all types of apparel.

Ziplock bags come in different sizes with resealable ends, mostly zips, ensuring the product is kept airtight like the “lock” in the name suggests. They are reusable, have an economic advantage over several other options, and are one of the most convenient packaging trends.

With changing times, some ziplock bags now come in paper material, giving the packaging a new feel and look different from the conventional clear-zip styles.

Like other packaging styles, ziplock plastic bags are customizable with brand logos and additional important information.

It also allows minimalist designs, sometimes giving a sneak peek of the content in the bag without offloading it—an option many other types of packaging do not offer.

A ziplock plastic bag is a perfect way to ensure clothes do not come to any harm and is not tampered with during and after the shipping process.

6. Gift boxes

Stack of gift boxes beside some flowers

Gift boxes are perfect ways businesses can make their packages feel more personal. Although they’re incredibly decorative, they don’t offer less protection than other packaging options.

More importantly, sellers can get gift box packages in various materials, including paper, leather, plastic, and cloth. But that’s not all. Sellers can tailor this high-end packaging to meet their business needs.

In addition, gift boxes have high environmental benefits as consumers can recycle them for other purposes. Manufacturers can also make them from waste paper packaging products, encouraging energy-saving and environmentally friendly practices.

But that’s not all. Gift boxes showcase high corrosion resistance with properties like insect-proof, anti-mouse, anti-mite, and microbial inhibition. Retailers can rest assured that their products will stay safe while in transit to the final destination.

Although there’s no limit to how creative gift boxes can be, it’s best to stick with simple designs.

Final words

Product packaging is as crucial as product quality; brand presentation is the first step to consumer retention. Depending on aesthetics and style, different packaging options work for various retailers.

As a womenswear business, infusing style and sustainability in brand packaging are essential. Get creative with ways to give women an exciting and luxurious experience whenever they order outfits or lovely pieces.

Regardless of size or aesthetics, retailers can focus on these womenswear packaging trends to present a breath-taking delivery and keep buyers coming back.

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