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4 Gift Packaging Trends to Watch Out For


Presents are a beautiful way of expressing love and gratitude. Even though the exchange of gifts is typically confined to holidays and festive seasons, individuals also exchange presents on several occasions, like house-warming, farewell, and graduation parties. Gift packaging preferences are changing worldwide, compelling manufacturers to enhance their product lines and introduce innovative techniques.

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An evaluation of the gift packaging market
Five gift packaging trends to watch out for
Choosing the right packaging for gifts

An evaluation of the gift packaging market

Generally, prospects are tempted to opt for brands that provide gift packaging designs according to regional preferences at economical prices. This guide focuses on how gift packaging has changed over time and what qualifies as the right packaging choice.

According to a Fact.MR report, the global gift packaging market is estimated at USD 27 billion in 2022. It is anticipated to surpass USD 38 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 3.6% during 2022-2032. The increasing trends of corporate gifts and personal gifts on special occasions favor the gift packaging market. In addition, the growing environmental concerns among consumers have given rise to sustainable packaging trends.

Manufacturers and wholesalers who align with gift packaging market trends will tend to maintain their existence and scale their profits.

Five gift packaging trends to watch out for

Custom logo cosmetic packaging box

A cardboard gift box with customized company logo
A beautiful red gift box with neat packing

Cosmetics have always been a staple for ladies worldwide. However, many men also believe they must look well to feel good and improve their self-esteem. Lipsticks and mascaras are just a tiny part of this industry. It also includes personal hygiene and body care products, with hundreds of items in each category.

Receiving little gifts of beauty can perk up someone’s day, perhaps because these are frivolous yet extravagant items that people often do not buy themselves. Providing feasible gift packaging options to accommodate such products will be a sound business decision.

Ideally, these boxes should look elegant and keep the content safe. Custom boxes could be designed with a glossy surface and vibrant colors. The value of a packaging box for gifts is much higher for the brands if it has a logo. The company captures more attention for its attention to detail. Likewise, packages for her are sometimes especially requested by corporations who want to pay homage to their female employees.

Choose kraft paper and cardstock, which are biodegradable and lightweight. These materials are a great option for gift packaging as they are printable and easy to dispose of.

Luxury customized printed box

An elegant gift package for luxury gifts

While many people use generic packaging for gifts, the aesthetics of custom packages are next-level. The luxury packaging options in the market are an instant choice for people looking for sophisticated gift packages for friends and family.

Maintaining high-quality premium printing services is imperative when investing in luxury gift package stocks. Also, well-designed boxes with multiple size options make it easy for prospects to select the box according to the present. For example, book-shaped board boxes with customized messages are often ordered when agencies wish to gift sports apparel to their stakeholders. Similarly, corporations that want to present beverages on special occasions order customized round-shaped cardboard gift boxes.

People are often in a fix when finding gift packages for delicate or perishable items. For instance, one of the most common concerns around Christmas is how to package cookies for a gift. A luxury cardboard box with multiple lamination options and customized finishing will grab the prospects’ attention and compel them to place an order.

Simple and small handmade wooden box

A wooden gift box with buckles to secure content
A wooden box with lining to secure delicate eatables

“Stunning” is the word used to describe simple and cute handmade wooden boxes. They hold a nostalgic appeal that allows people to feel close to culture. A wooden box with a customized message is an excellent creative package for gifts. This gift packaging box is suitable for cosmetics, jewelry, and tiny things like pens.

Manufacturers who offer boxes with strong metal buckles and easily replaceable lining have noted higher sales than those with traditional designs. A seller should check the hinges and lock quality if they want to ensure a good conversion rate. Further, tailoring the designs to include logos will attract more customers.

Wood is a classic material with its unique value. This packaging box for gifts has gained popularity over the past few years due to its versatile and minimalistic properties.

Customized lid boxes

A cute lid box with tea inside

Lid boxes are the most common gift packages for friends and family. Lately, there is a surge of lid boxes made of tin. These provide a feasible way to store tea and coffee. Hotels, corporations, and individuals often use such packaging for gifts like high-end coffee or tea.

These boxes are typically available in several materials, but the storage of consumable items requires them to be made with tin. They can also be used for storing electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, and small tools. Keeping a range of cool shades is often advised to the wholesalers as the metallic shine of the boxes gives the colors a nice finish. Foam or cotton lining can be used to prevent necklaces and earrings from sliding inside the box.

Foldable paper gift box

Even though some people might miss casually popping the bubble wraps, it is time to wave goodbye to the outdated packaging materials.

Foldable paper boxes are yet another gift packaging type preferred for their simple and sustainable properties. One of the benefits of these boxes is their ability to fold according to the gift size. The recyclable nature of the paper makes it environmentally friendly and instantly appeals to sustainable brands.

A few most demanded boxes include the magnetic or ribbon bow closures. They look fancier and add a touch of sophistication to the present. The foldable property of this packaging keeps it atop many other packaging types. 

Choosing the right packaging for gifts

People are looking for affordable yet stylish packaging ideas for their gifts. They want the recipients to feel special when they first glance at the present. Providing them with an option to print company logos and tailored messages is the best way to steal their attention. The trend of sending themed boxes for events like birthdays and anniversaries has grown exponentially across social and corporate circles. In addition to friends and families, companies also want their employees to feel valued by sending gifts on their big days.

Options like the lid and wooden boxes are great for those searching for gift packages for her. Items such as jewelry and cosmetics can stay safe in these boxes. Meanwhile, square boxes with rigid structures and customized labels are in high demand for apparel.

Overall, the gift packaging market is quite competitive, and the sellers must learn to swim expertly in the tough competitive waters. As new packaging designs are introduced, the sellers should stay in the loop and pile their shelves with market-relevant products. Improved packaging that keeps the present secure and makes the recipient glad is what every prospect wants. If a business takes all these steps, it will succeed among competitors, and the brand image will improve for its user-centric approach.


Unlike our assumptions, there is intense competition in the gift packaging field. Businesses should adhere to the latest trends and guarantee their customers that their gift packages will safeguard the content. Moreover, they must understand what their prospects want and fill the market gaps if they find any. Appropriate packaging that enhances the value of presents and secures them against wear and tear is essential if the wholesalers and manufacturers want to maintain strong ground in the market. All those who want to keep tabs on current packaging trends should check out Alibaba.com and learn how to enhance their product range!

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