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6 Most Popular Wedding Chair Styles Trending in 2022



With hundreds of weddings every year, the style trends in wedding chairs quickly go in and out of fashion. Chairs are essential – they add significantly to the look and feel of the wedding, and they always show up in pictures! The market keeps expanding to suit the evolving needs of customers—aesthetic themes, budgets, and of course, the comfort of hundreds of guests. Buyers have thousands of designs to choose from, ranging between materials such as wood, metal, velvet, and bamboo. Read on to learn about the various wedding chair trends suited to all kinds of buyers.

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Overview of the Party Rentals Supply Industry
Top Trending Wedding Chair Styles in 2022
Since It’s Always a Wedding Season

Overview of the Party Rentals Supply Industry 

Wedding chairs, along with other furniture, decoration, props, speakers, lights, and so on, make up the party rentals supply market. The occasions for celebration spread across different social groups that host these gatherings throughout the year. As a result, the industry is always thriving. The global party supply rental market size was estimated at $17.92 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $29.13 billion by 2027. Over just the last three years, the industry has witnessed an annual growth rate of 2.8%. In 2021, industry sales amounted to $6 billion

With modern evolving solutions for many of our technological needs, the demand for certain products exceeds that for others. Wedding furniture and decoration props, for instance, have a constantly developing demand in the market because they contribute significantly to the look of the event and also show up in pictures.

Top Trending Wedding Chair styles of 2022

1. Lightweight Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs for Wedding

Chiavari chairs are characterized by their bamboo-like joints built into the back frame of the chair. Also known as Tiffany chairs, they add a sleek, elegant, and sophisticated look to the wedding. Their structural brilliance is that each part is uniquely designed to suit the amount of stress. Chiavari chairs are often built with neutral or gold and metallic tones. They are easily among the most famous chair designs.

2. Minimalist Acrylic Chairs

Transparent Acrylic Outdoor Wedding Chairs

These chairs are made almost entirely of acrylic or lucite. Acrylic chairs have earned quite a name for their elegant, minimalistic look. They are often made in a clear transparent finish and therefore also known as ghost chairs. In addition, they come in sleek round or square backs that make for an ultra-modern touch. With many flexible options, acrylic chairs also come in colored options like opaque black, pink, blue, etc., for customers who want to add a little pop to the wedding decoration.

3. Old School Cane Chairs

Outdoor Wedding Canned Back/Rattan Chairs

Old-school rustic-style weddings never go out of fashion, and cane chairs are perfect for such themes. Couples often seek to decorate their antique-themed functions with caned back chairs. These are made typically from bamboo, palms, and other natural materials that ensure a sturdiness that also comes with comfort. They can easily be fitted with comfortable velvet and satin cushions, which pair well in neutral colors. Cane chairs are often a top choice for old-world, cottage, and other outdoor wedding styles.

4. Modern Velvet Chairs

Velvet Cushion Chairs for Wedding

Velvet cushions have proved their adaptiveness to various kinds of wedding chairs across trends. Velvet chairs, therefore, are the modern solution for comfort and elegance at the same time. Velvet is known for the luxurious look that it brings to wedding decor and also high durability. Velvet chairs are exceptionally comfortable. When paired with a gold metal frame, velvet chairs bring about the perfect fusion of the ultra-modern contemporary look with high-style elegance.

5. Folding Lawn Chairs

Affordable Folding Chairs for Wedding

Made out of different materials such as wood, metal, or plastic.

Good old lawn chairs have always been a classic choice for wedding decor. They are made out of different materials such as wood, metal, or plastic and are an accessible choice for slightly informal weddings. Lawn chairs can be easily folded and stacked and therefore aren’t much fuss to manage and carry around. The simple design is also sought after for its affordability. Lawn chairs are also more flexible options for decoration. They can be left as they are, fixed with a cushion, or adorned with aisle markers or other props.

6. Farm Benches

Farm Benches for Affordable Wedding

Many customers like to cut down the hassle by replacing chairs with long benches. For many customers, it is ideal to cut down the hassle by replacing chairs with long benches. These benches make for a better-organized venue and bring a symmetrical, simplified look to the seating arrangement. Benches are most suitable for informal, cottage-themed, and outdoor weddings. Many couples go for dark brown farm benches that make for the perfect rustic vibe. For those looking for a touch of elegance to their outdoor weddings, gold metal benches with velvet cushions do the job just as well. Many customers these days prefer minimal wedding decor; benches are the perfect fit for them.

Since it’s always wedding season

Wedding chairs are a significant part of the wedding decor and play a crucial role in the wedding budget. There can be hundreds of them at the venues, depending on the number of guests who always seek comfort in the seating arrangements. Comfortable and stylish wedding chairs are always a top priority for hosts, who also want to make sure that the chairs fit into their chosen aesthetic. From rustic, wooden, old-school looks to sleek, metallic, modern aesthetics and plain, minimalistic designs, the trending wedding chairs shown above will always be on the buyer’s mind. These designs are also comfortable, compact, portable, and suitable for different budgets.

By offering these trending designs, you can narrow down your research from numerous designs, and classify the buyer’s needs based on aesthetics, convenience, comfort, and cost to build a product portfolio that will impress customers.

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