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9 Sophisticated Women’s Trousers Styles for Autumn/Winter 2023/24


Gone are the days when women only had access to skirts. Modern fashion provides many styling opportunities with trousers, allowing ladies to enjoy sophisticated looks with more coverage.

However, these innovations have led to multiple pant styles flooding the market and making it tricky to know variants with the highest potential. Retailers can explore these top women’s trouser trends to make the right investment decisions for A/W 23/24.

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Overview of the global women’s trousers market
Women’s trouser trends with high appeal in 2023/24
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Overview of the global women’s trousers market

The global women’s trousers market was incredibly lucrative, as it crossed US $200 billion in 2021. Analysts expect the market to reach US $293.06 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7%. Experts attribute this impressive growth to several factors, like the increasing women’s purchasing power and the rising number of working females.

The offline distribution channel dominated the global market with a share of over 80% in 2021. On the other hand, the online segment will register a 6% CAGR over the forecast period. Experts predict such growth due to the increasing interest in online stores and shopping portals, the rising number of savvy phone users, and more consumers looking for convenience. 

Polyester emerged as the highest contributor in the fiber segment, generating approximately 50% of the total revenue share. Experts also predict it will grow at a 4% CAGR over the forecast period. However, cellulosic fibers also have enough potential to register a speedy 7% CAGR from 2022 to 2028. Finally, cotton comes in second, as research suggests it’ll expand at a 5% CAGR.

Regionally, Europe contributed the highest market share, accounting for over 30% in 2021. However, Asia-Pacific will experience the highest CAGR (5.7%), while Central and South America will register the second fastest (5.2%) over the forecast period.

Women’s trouser trends with high appeal in 2023/24

1. Carpenter trousers

Women posing in a pair of brown utility-inspired pants

While carpenter pants may not be the most flattering bottoms, they are one of the 90s trends experiencing a revival this season. These utility-inspired trousers are crowding the fashion scene as statement pieces. But, more importantly, consumers can maximize their versatility by pairing it with other wardrobe essentials.

Ladies can tap into this 90s trend with a simple and everyday combo. For example, they can consider pairing a white long-sleeve top with black carpenter pants. It creates a classic mix that women can wear every day. Although the carpenter trousers’ high waist and straight cut won’t look gracious, they make up for it with unrivaled comfort.

Frayed hems are becoming more popular, allowing them to enhance timeless pieces, like carpenter pants. In addition, female consumers can blend baggy repair-like utility jeans (with frayed hems) and a black pelerine for a chic look.

Consumers can enjoy looking like a chic Parisian-wannabe by pairing carpenter trousers with a printed T-shirt. They can also don a leather jacket over the look for a complete Parisian elegant look. Alternatively, ladies can opt for classic styling by matching this utility-inspired bottoms with white crop tops. 

2. Slouch pants

Woman rocking a pair of white slouchy pants

Slouchy pants are all about loose, baggy, and wide styling, and ladies can pair them with just about anything. Although most consider jeans the ultimate trousers, slouchy trousers are here to serve as effective alternatives to slay a casual and everyday look.

Consumers can tick out some casual wear goals by opting for a pair of chic slouchy pants. What’s more? They can pair it with a pastel blue cropped cardigan for an ultimate relaxed look. In addition, ladies can opt for a more formal take by matching the baggy piece with button-up blouses, pushing it to stylish work-appropriate aesthetics.

Ladies with a thing for cool and quirky clothes will love printed slouchy pants. They can marry the funky piece with sultry crop tops featuring net sleeves. Overall, the look showcases a chic but ready-to-party vibe.

Are consumers interested in sartorial fashion choices? They can embrace a stunner look by pairing deep blue slouchy pants with a white body-con shirt. This outfit is statement worthy and feels effortlessly elegant.

3. Comfyparty flares

Lady posing in a pair of shiny comfyparty flares

It’s tough to beat retro items when it comes to style. It’s why the fashion world can’t seem to get enough of them. Flared trousers are a perfect example of a retro trend that keeps coming back. However, they’re reviving as extremely comfortable variants that consumers can rock to day parties and get-togethers.

Consumers can try an exciting style involving cool and dark hues with a touch of leather. Ladies can rock a gray turtleneck knit sweater mixed with black flared pants for this outfit. In addition, adding a black leather jacket over the ensemble will complete its edgy look.

Ladies who can’t get enough of jeans can hop on the comfyparty flares bandwagon with flared jeans. They can match it with a white and black striped long-sleeved tee, which creates an iconic and refreshing casual outfit.

One stylish benefit of flared pants is their ability to make a lady’s legs look longer. For this reason, they make a natural pair with relaxed-fit tops. Combining these two items will create a balanced and attractive body proportion. For instance, ladies can rock black flared pants with a white lace-up sweatshirt for a cozy and casual ensemble.

4. Cropped trousers

Redhaired lady posing in pair of baggy cropped trousers

Cropped trousers are staples that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. They’re cute, comfortable, and incredibly versatile. Female consumers can style them for formal occasions or take them for a casual spin. The styling choices are endless, regardless of preference.

Ladies that love adding a little fun to their wardrobes can’t go wrong with this piece. They can try forest green cropped trousers with button detailing on the crotch area. In addition, women can add their favorite solid-colored tee and tuck them in for added flair to complete this look.

These stylish pants complement the feminine figure and showcase a flattering yet modest beauty. Women can tap into this aesthetic by grabbing a white camisole and tucking it into a pair of light green cropped pants.

A more daring approach would involve pairing a deconstructed tee with fitted cropped pants. The top’s baggy and irregular structure will juxtapose the bottom’s figure-hugging style, creating a bold and fashionable look.

5. Wide-leg trousers

Woman adjusting shoes while wearing green wide-leg trousers

Following the revival of hot-selling 70s trends, wide-leg trousers are getting ready to storm the 2023/24 runway. Their a-line silhouette is incredibly unique, and pulling off a look with it entails balancing proportions. In addition, wide-leg pants have designs that support consumers with work lives blended into leisure time.

Wide-leg jeans are one of the many styles consumers can rock to enjoy this comfortable aesthetic. They can create a comfy casual look by matching light-wash wide-leg jeans with crop tops. Or, ladies can opt for a dark-wash variant paired with a button-down shirt for a business-casual alternative.

Onesies also look fantastic with wide-leg styles, and consumers can enjoy them through jumpsuits. Wide-leg jumpsuits provide an overall cohesive and streamlined look. Additionally, they’re perfect alternatives for formal or casual dresses.

Do consumers want a more business-appropriate style? Then, they can rock a pair of wide-leg linen pants with pleats and tie-fronts. Although this piece seems dramatic, it offers a relaxed fit, allowing ladies to feel comfortable when working.

On the other hand, more casual-focused consumers may opt for wide-leg pants made from breathable, stretchy fabrics. Such variants are ideal for lounging and various physical activities. Usually, the list includes wide-leg sweatpants, yoga pants, and pajamas. 

6. Slim-leg trousers

Woman wearing cuffed slim-leg jeans posing with a man

Although women once mostly wore skirts, those days are long gone as they now have unlimited access to multiple pant styles. Slim-leg trousers are definitely one of the dressier options available. Despite wider-leg variants dominating the runway this season, skinny pants are still gaining popularity.

Slim-leg trousers are equal parts stylish and comfortable. Consumers can opt for variants in luxe materials like satin for a day-to-night ensemble. Also, they can pair them with close-fitting tops that rest slightly above the waistline. A pair with pleated detailing and stiffer material would offer a more business-casual appeal.

7. Foundation leggings

Woman sitting on the floor while wearing blue leggings

Nothing beats the comfort level of versatile leggings. These athleisure pieces can help protect the wearer’s legs from unbearable environmental conditions and keep them warm during freezing temperatures. But, more importantly, leggings are the go-to for casual occasions and workout sessions.

Since leggings are form-fitting, they’ll frame the wearer’s buttocks and make the feminine curves more obvious. While this is advantageous to some, others may find it uncomfortable. In such situations, women can pair the comfy piece with a long top, which helps to cover the rear and still look stylish.

Women who want to flaunt their curves can opt for short tops or jackets. The outfit will hug the body, creating an alluring sight that will turn heads.

8. Straight-leg trousers

Lady striking a pose in ash straight-leg pants

Straight-leg trousers suffer a bad reputation for being plain and challenging to style—but the reverse is the case. These classy bottoms can work in multiple outfits for different occasions. Plus, consumers can use them for a perfect transition from work to casual weekends.

Cuffing straight-leg trousers can make any outfit feel more comfortable. For this look, ladies can pair pressed pants (in darker shades) with their favorite blouse for an effortless business or casual look. It’s also a great outfit for running errands without feeling overdressed or uncomfortable.

Ladies can tuck their button-up shirts into their straight-leg trousers to avoid creating a shapeless silhouette. This style will highlight the wearer’s waist and body shape, allowing consumers to tap into a more feminine aesthetic. Consumers who don’t fancy tucking everything in can do for the front and leave the back untucked—it’ll showcase the same style.

Straight-leg pants have a spot in every woman’s office closet. They make natural matches with blazers and can showcase a professional and sophisticated look. Working with contrasting neutrals will also create an outfit that takes consumers from a day at the office to a night out with friends—and without a change of clothes.

9. Woven joggers

Woman rocking a pair of gray woven joggers

Joggers are the coolest alternatives to athleisure, workout, or sweatpants any woman can add to her wardrobe. Although they started with a directional goal, their elevated comfort levels made it hard to resist as a type of ‘wear-anywhere-anytime’ pants. Now, joggers are incredibly fashionable and versatile enough to match various wardrobe staples.

Consumers can dive into a world of glamor by pairing a black, long-sleeved, and off-shoulder crop top with turquoise woven joggers. The outfit will make ladies feel like their best versions without forfeiting comfort.

Graphic T-shirts have risen from childish avoidables to street-style essentials—and joggers naturally match their aesthetics. However, creating a chic look with joggers will require avoiding cliché graphic tees. Instead, ladies can opt for retro-rock band variants with modern graphics to showcase good taste.

Ladies can battle the cold weather by pairing a cardigan coat with woven joggers. This outfit will provide warmth and comfort while looking elegant and gorgeous. Consumers looking to overhaul the jogger’s style can use this trendy and practical outfit idea.

Final words

With consumers returning to smartened-up silhouettes, retailers must shift focus to relaxed fits that place comfort as a top priority. This shift requires investment in pieces promoting seamless work-to-leisure translatability, especially in the bottoms category.

These trends provide comfortable fits that showcase casualized silhouettes while delivering utility styles for hardwearing and outdoor-loving consumers. Additionally, retailers can leverage reliable vendors offering these trendy women’s trousers for more sales in A/W 23/24.

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