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Top Trending Leggings for Yoga Pants Season


As soon as the heat of summer starts to cool down and winter approaches, shorts are replaced with pants and leggings – and that’s when yoga pants season starts. Every year, different styles of yoga pants emerge that play on new consumer demands as well as fashion trends. It’s an exciting time of the year for yoga-obsessed consumers who can’t get enough of the comfortable athleisure wear. 

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Global market value of yoga pants
Top yoga legging trends
Yoga pants season popularity

Global market value of yoga pants

When it comes to comfortable athleisure wear, nothing can compete with yoga clothing. The soft and stretchy material paired with the vibrant colors and patterns appeals to the consumer in a way that other sports clothing doesn’t. It’s because of this popularity as well as an increase in people spending more of their income on fitness that yoga pants have continued to increase in global value over the past two decades.

In 2018, the global market value of yoga clothing reached USD 31.3 billion, and between 2019 and 2025 that number is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2%. The market is seeing an increase in consumers of all ages purchasing yoga pants that are not only comfortable but also help to enhance their overall appearance while they’re at a fitness class or in the gym.

Three women wearing colorful leggings holding a headstand pose

Top yoga legging trends

Yoga pants season is an exciting time of the year for many consumers, as it’s when new styles and patterns of yoga pants are released. On top of that, new materials and features are often included in these releases, so it’s the perfect time of the year for consumers to upgrade their wardrobe with a new pair of yoga leggings. The latest trends are seeing a rise in demand for all-season yoga sets, seamless leggings, high-waisted elasticated leggings, plus-size yoga wear, and flare yoga pants.

All-season yoga set

One of the best ways to get a complete look is by purchasing a yoga set. For the fashion-conscious consumer, having a complete outfit that not only matches but is the same brand is essential for their overall workout look. These sets can vary but most will combine either the leggings and a bra or the leggings and a t-shirt. It’s all about personal preference when it comes to which set the consumer will choose, but both are equally as popular overall.

The full-length leggings set is very versatile as it can be worn all year and still provide optimum comfort to the wearer. Although a crop top or bra isn’t ideal for outdoor activities in the wintertime, it’s still perfectly suitable for yoga classes and indoor gym sessions. The all-season yoga set is also a popular gift option as it combines two pieces of clothing for less cost. 

Woman wearing a blue matching yoga set with leggings

Seamless leggings

A big trend for the past few yoga pants seasons has been seamless leggings. This style of yoga pants is made of a knit fabric material which is not only more lightweight than other materials but also offers more stretch and shape retention. The fact that they don’t have a seam anywhere means that they’re also less restrictive than regular leggings, which is a big positive for consumers who are doing a lot of flexibility movements.

There are different fittings to take into account when it comes to seamless leggings as well. The most popular is the high-waisted legging as it tends to stay in place better than lower-fitting ones. It’s also great for tummy control so there’s one less thing to worry about when the wearer is in motion. Seamless leggings are the perfect option for consumers who want a more flattering silhouette for their waist and legs without compromising on their overall comfort. They’ll look good in all the right places with these yoga pants.

Woman wearing light purple seamless leggings with high waist

High-waisted elasticated leggings

High-waisted leggings have grown in popularity in recent years and are now the most sought-after on the market. The elasticated waistband enables the leggings to stay in place even if the wearer is actively moving. This is comparable to low- and mid-waisted leggings, which tend to fall down more easily and can be a pain for the wearer to keep pulling up. 

Another reason for the popularity behind the high-waisted elasticated leggings is the fact that they can be paired with just about any top and look great. This pair of leggings is frequently partnered with crop tops so that the high-waisted design isn’t covered over. For consumers who prefer regular t-shirts or tank tops though, the overall silhouette of the leggings won’t be affected and they’ll still look great.

Woman wearing yellow tie dye leggings with high waist

Plus-size yoga wear

In recent years, there’s been a big push within the fashion industry for inclusivity, especially with the size options. Plus-size yoga wear is one of the biggest trends in the activewear market today, and new designs are always a big hit when yoga pants season rolls around. A key feature to look out for with this type of leggings is the waist. Most plus-size consumers are looking for high-waisted leggings that are not only comfortable but also flattering. 

Color is yet another important factor for plus-size yoga wear. In the past, plus-size clothing used to hover around neutral tones, but there’s now an increase in demand for colors and patterns that are the same as in regular-fitting leggings, and many brands are jumping on board with this trend to promote inclusivity.

Woman wearing bright blue yoga leggings and crop top

Flare yoga pants

Not all consumers enjoy wearing tight pants, which is where the flare yoga pants come in. This style of leggings first rose to popularity in the early 2000s and then fell from grace as tighter leggings became more popular. That’s all starting to change though, as flare leggings are being reintroduced with features, such as side pockets for phones, that are helping them to appeal to a wider range of consumers. 

Flare yoga pants are predominantly used in a yoga studio, as the flare makes it difficult to do more strenuous sports, and the stretchy material is useful for flexible yoga movements. They’re also perfect for walking around town in a casual look or for lounging around the house, so they’re much more versatile than regular leggings in terms of comfort level. They’re becoming so popular that the market is seeing a surge in sales for flare leggings sets as well.

Woman wearing dark gray flare yoga pants with seams

Yoga pants season popularity

As soon as yoga pant season begins at the end of the summer, there’s always a surge in demand for the latest yoga pants. There’s now a big expectation among consumers that the beginning of autumn is when they’ll update their wardrobes and add the latest fashionable yoga gear to their sports clothing options. The latest yoga pants trends are seeing more demand than ever for all-season yoga sets, seamless leggings, high-waisted elasticated leggings, plus-size yoga wear, and flare yoga pants.

Yoga pants have now embedded themselves as an essential piece of clothing for a large portion of the world’s population, and their popularity doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. There’s been a shift in the market in recent years towards more sustainable materials being used to create yoga pants, so that’s a big trend to get in front of as eco-friendly clothing is on the rise. 

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