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A Buying Guide for Beautiful Metal Beds


For consumers looking to add a modern touch to their bedroom, or for those wanting a more industrial look, metal beds are the way to go. Metal bed frames are strong and versatile, and look good in almost any space, so they’re an investment worth making. Plus, they come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning there’s something for everyone. 

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The market value of metal beds
Top 5 styles of metal beds
Will metal beds continue to be popular?

The market value of metal beds

Metal bed frames are a very popular piece of furniture in today’s market. By 2027, the global metal furniture market size will reach USD 266.7 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%. The market is seeing more manufacturers using recycled materials when creating metal furniture. The demand for metal bed frames is at an all-time high thanks to the innovative designs that can be made from metal. 

White painted metal bed frame on hardwood floor

Top 5 styles of metal beds

The use of metal as a material for bed frames has been popular for decades due to the sturdiness and customization that it can provide. Nowadays, there are many different types of metal beds including detachable bunk beds, classic iron beds, adjustable Bluetooth beds, four-poster beds, and minimalist iron beds.

Detachable bunk beds

Bunk beds are always a good option for larger families who have minimum space in their homes. They’re also increasingly being used by budget hotels in family rooms, hostel rooms, and camping sites. But it’s the metal detachable bunk bed that’s making waves in the furniture industry.

This metal bed can be used as it was first intended, as a bunk bed, or it can be separated and used as two separate single beds. This allows for different designs and sleeping arrangements to accommodate changing needs. The detachable bunk bed is built to last, and the modern design means that it can seamlessly fit into any room style without looking out of place. 

Two single metal bunk beds detached in a room

Classic iron beds

Metal beds have a history that dates back over 200 years, and with this deep-rooted history comes a love of classic styles. The classic iron bed, with its beautifully designed headboard and footboard, is one of the most sought-after metal beds on the market. This type of metal bed is traditionally white, but black models are also becoming a popular choice as well among consumers who want a more modern look but still want to keep the classic design of the bed itself.

Metal beds are great for storage reasons as well. The height of the bed means there is ample space underneath to place storage boxes and other items that need to stay away from eyesight. The footboard is not required for this style of classic iron bed it is strictly a matter of personal preference. More designs are coming out with elaborate headboards that omit a footboard, and they’re proving to be a big hit with consumers as well.

Large classic iron bed in black with bedding on top

Adjustable Bluetooth beds

Metal bed frames are making way for technology, along with many other types of household furniture. The adjustable Bluetooth bed allows consumers to adjust the angle of the bed’s backrest and footrest, ensuring that the frame itself is as sturdy as ever. 

The adjustable Bluetooth bed also comes with a pair of USB charging ports, under-bed lighting to enhance the mood of the room, and 3-in-1 adjustable legs, allowing consumers to raise or lower their bed as they see fit. Some styles of the adjustable bed also include a massage button to provide ultimate comfort. The timeless metal bed frame, paired with its modern functions, makes it a top pick for today’s metal beds.

Man laying down on a single bluetooth bed

Four-poster beds

Four poster beds were originally designed to evoke wealth and status, and not much has changed since then. In any given room, a four-poster bed really stands out against other pieces of furniture. And whether or not the bed has curtains around it, it still very much screams elegance. In recent years, the metal four-poster bed has been increasing in popularity, and black is the color of choice. These beds can either have a classic design or a more modern and simple look.

When it comes to the level of sturdiness a bed has, the four-poster bed is one of the best. It is ideal for large rooms with high ceilings, as its size doesn’t overwhelm the space. Honeymoon suites often use the metal four-poster bed to increase the luxurious look of the room and make it a trip to remember for the guests. 

Large four-poster metal bed with a black thin frame

Minimalist metal beds

When consumers want a room to look as minimal as possible, they often look at metal beds as one of the first pieces of furniture to buy. Minimalist metal beds are as simple as a bed can be, stripped of all unnecessary frills and headboards. Many consumers are changing their lifestyles and creating a clean look in the household. This has made this type of bed popular despite its lack of features.

This bed frame is a simple metal frame with a similarly straightforward headboard. And to make the bed stand out more in space, consumers add nice bedding and pillows to enhance the room. The result is a clean and classy look that belies the bed frame’s simplicity.

Grey rug on top of a black metal bed frame

Will metal beds continue to be popular?

Metal beds have become one of the most popular furniture items in today’s market, surpassing wooden beds. The consumer has many choices for bed frames that range from traditional styles to modern and contemporary designs. The metal furniture market is seeing a spike in sales for detachable bunk beds, classic iron beds, adjustable Bluetooth beds, four-poster beds, and minimalist beds. 

In the future, the market will see an increase in sales of metal beds as consumers look to purchase recycled furniture that can last for a long time. It’s also important to note that the trend of custom-made beds is on the rise, and metal is poised to be the most in-demand material.

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