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Hydrogen Power Market


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The Hydrogen market is expected to expand significantly in the next few years. GlobalData has tracked more than 43.6 mtpa of total active and upcoming low carbon hydrogen production capacity (green and blue hydrogen). While refining and ammonia production have traditionally been the key consumer sectors for hydrogen, new application areas are emerging. These include transport, energy storage, steel production, etc.  

As the industry develops, and the cost of producing hydrogen comes down, demand is expected to increase significantly. Countries across the world are announcing supporting policy framework for hydrogen, which is much needed at this stage. While green hydrogen presently has a small share in the overall production mix, it is poised to increase given the ambitious targets announced by various countries. In this context, this report provides insights into key issues in the emerging hydrogen space. 

  • Hydrogen value chain 
  • Demand drivers 
  • Key application areas 
  • Technology trends 

Source from Global Data

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