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Amazon Fortifies Consumer Protections Against Scammers

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The e-commerce giant ramps up efforts alongside industry partners to combat online fraud.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that American consumers lost approximately $8.8bn to scams in 2022. Credit: Nikola93 via Shutterstock.
The Federal Trade Commission reports that American consumers lost approximately $8.8bn to scams in 2022. Credit: Nikola93 via Shutterstock.

Amazon is bolstering its commitment to safeguard consumers from scams through a multipronged approach that leverages technology, collaboration, and education.

This strategy emphasises thwarting scams at their source and empowering customers to avoid falling victim.

A growing challenge

The rise of online commerce has unfortunately created fertile ground for scammers. They exploit sophisticated techniques and social engineering tactics to impersonate trusted brands and steal from unsuspecting consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that US consumers lost nearly $8.8bn to scams in 2022, with the Global Anti-Scam Alliance estimating global losses surpassing $1tn in 2023.

Taking action

Amazon said it employs a dedicated team of specialists encompassing machine learning scientists, software developers, and investigators.

This team proactively identifies and dismantles fraudulent websites and phone numbers impersonating the company.

Additionally, Amazon provides educational resources to consumers, including scam trend alerts and self-defence tips.

Recognising that combating scams effectively requires a united front, Amazon actively seeks partnerships with industry leaders.

Examples include collaborations with the Better Business Bureau and the Anti-Phishing Council in Japan to share intelligence on impersonation scams.

Furthermore, Amazon participates in cross-industry working groups to launch coordinated enforcement actions.

In 2023, a joint effort with Microsoft and India’s Central Bureau of Investigation led to the dismantling of more than 70 fraudulent call centres.

Focus on prevention

Timely scam reporting is crucial for effective action.

Amazon said it offers a multilingual self-reporting tool for customers to easily report suspected scams.

Additionally, Amazon advocates for streamlined reporting mechanisms across all relevant entities.

Equipping consumers with knowledge is essential for scam prevention. Amazon regularly informs its customers about current scam trends through emails and public advisories.

Looking ahead

Amazon said it acknowledges the ongoing battle against scams and the need for continued collaboration.

The company seeks to partner with industry stakeholders to develop standardised communication practices that make it easier for consumers to differentiate legitimate communications from scams.

Furthermore, Amazon emphasised the importance of bolstering support services for scam victims to help them recover financially and emotionally. 

By uniting across sectors and borders, Amazon believes a future where consumers can confidently navigate the online world free from the threat of scams is achievable.

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