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Amazon Launches Consult-a-Friend Shopping Feature

The feature only accessible through the Amazon shopping mobile app

In a bid to enhance the online shopping experience, Amazon has introduced Consult-a-Friend, a feature that transforms the way users seek advice while making purchases. 

The Consult-a-Friend feature is only accessible through the Amazon shopping mobile app and is not available on a desktop browser.

Connecting shoppers in a collaborative space

Consult-a-Friend marks a significant leap forward in making Amazon’s shopping platform more social and collaborative. 

Recognising the value of friends and family recommendations, Amazon aims to simplify the process of gathering feedback by introducing this mobile shopping experience.

Streamlining decision-making

The Consult-a-Friend feature caters to the consumer’s need for advice, especially in areas such as apparel, shoes, electronics and furniture.

Early testing reveals heightened interest from users in obtaining feedback on these product categories. 

As the holiday season approaches, Consult-a-Friend is poised to facilitate seamless group gifting by consolidating responses within the Amazon Shopping app. 

Global testing

Currently undergoing testing in multiple countries, including the US, Australia, Canada and the UK, Consult-a-Friend is set to revolutionise collaborative shopping. 

This feature is part of Amazon’s broader strategy to enhance collaboration among shoppers following the earlier launch of Inspire, an in-app shopping experience. 

Inspire: A hub for shopping inspiration

Another recent addition to Amazon’s repertoire is Inspire, which empowers users to discover ideas and products curated by influencers and brands. 

The new “Create” feature within Inspire allows users to share their favourite products with a wider audience, further fostering a sense of community among shoppers. 

As Amazon continues to innovate, Consult-a-Friend and Inspire represent the company’s commitment to creating a seamless and collaborative shopping experience where customers can easily transform product ideas and inspiration into tangible packages delivered to their doorsteps.

Source from Retail-insight-network.com

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