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Apple Is Testing a New Apple Pencil for the Vision Pro Headset


According to internal sources as reported by MacRumors, Apple is internally testing a new Apple Pencil. The report claims that this device is designed to support its mixed-reality device, the Vision Pro headset. This innovative development aims to enable users to engage in drawing activities using popular applications like Freeform and Pixelmator directly on the Vision Pro headset. The integration of the Apple Pencil with the Vision Pro headset should revolutionize the way users interact with their devices, offering a seamless and immersive drawing experience.

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The specifics of how the visionOS system will incorporate support for the Apple Pencil remain somewhat ambiguous. One intriguing possibility is that users will have the ability to utilize the Apple Pencil to draw directly on real-world surfaces such as desktops or flat objects. This groundbreaking feature would enable users to see their drawings in real-time, accurately replicating stroke pressure and tilt within the virtual space of the Vision Pro headset. Essentially, this functionality transforms the user’s surroundings into an expansive canvas for creative expression, blurring the lines between physical and virtual artistry.

Moreover, rumours suggest that the unveiling of the new Apple Pencil may coincide with the release of the upcoming iPad Pro and iPad Air models scheduled for April. However, there is currently no official confirmation regarding whether these devices will offer support for visionOS. The compatibility of the Apple Pencil with the Vision Pro headset necessitates a corresponding software update, although details regarding which system version will incorporate this feature remain undisclosed. Speculations hint at a potential release of visionOS 1.2 beta to developers imminently, with expectations for Apple to introduce visionOS 2 at the WWDC developer conference in June.

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As with many of Apple’s research initiatives, even if the new Apple Pencil completes internal testing, there is no definitive assurance that Apple will ultimately launch this innovative product supporting visionOS. The development of such cutting-edge technology underscores Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring novel ways to enhance user experiences across its ecosystem of devices.


In conclusion, Apple is working on a new Apple Pencil for use with the Vision Pro headset. This shows they are moving towards blending augmented reality tools into daily creative tasks. The Apple Pencil and visionOS could change how people engage with digital content, hinting at a future where art and technology come together in a new way.

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