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Audi Preparing To Manufacture Electric MEBeco Drives in Győr

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Preparations for the production of the next generation of electric motors, the MEBeco (Modularer E-Antriebs-Baukasten, modular electric drive concept), have begun at Audi’s plant in Győr, Hungary.

The virtual design of the production lines is underway and the first production equipment for the future production of the transmission components have arrived. The MEBeco project, which is also supported by the Hungarian state, will contribute to the preservation of 260 jobs and further strengthen the competitiveness of the Hungarian automotive industry in the transition to electromobility.

Manufacture Electric MEBeco Drives

Just a few months ago, we successfully launched the series production of our drives for the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) electric platform and have already started preparing for the production of the next generation of electric, i.e. MEBeco drives. This also shows the intensity of the transformation in our company. We are constantly preparing our employees for the production of the new engine range, which will also require new activities and competences.

—Robert Buttenhauser, Member of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria responsible for Engine Production

In the future, MEBeco drives will be built into the Volkswagen Group’s small electric cars. A new production area is being set up at the company to manufacture them. The new electric motor family will be produced at Audi Hungaria with greater production depth, which will also require new competences: the plate pack for the MEBeco drive will be mass-produced for the first time at the company, and the rotor and power electronics for the electric drive will be produced in Győr.

As the world’s largest powertrain plant, Audi Hungaria produced a total of 1,660,425 powertrains in 2023, including 114,058 electric drives, up from 108,097 in 2022.

The company produced 158,802 three-cylinder, 806,685 four-cylinder gasoline and 198,802 diesel engines. A total of 19,734 five‑cylinder Otto engines, 277,081 gasoline and 78,905 diesel six-cylinder engines were produced. Audi Hungaria also produced 6,216 ten-cylinder gasoline engines in 2023.

Source from Green Car Congress

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