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623 MW PV & 365 MW/600 Mwh Battery Storage Capacity Selected Under Victoria’s VRET2 Re Auction Round

  • Victoria has completed round 2 of its VRET renewable energy auction, awarding 6 solar projects with battery storage
  • These facilities represent 623 MW solar PV and 365 MW/600 MWh new battery storage capacity
  • It enables the government inch closer to its 100% renewable energy consumption target for all government operations by 2025

Australian state of Victoria has selected 6 solar power plants with 623 MW combined capacity, accompanied by up to 365 MW/600 MWh new battery energy storage under its 2nd Victorian Renewable Energy Target Auction (VRET2).

With 623 MW capacity awarded, VRET has exceeded the minimum target of 600 MW renewable energy capacity targeted under the tender round that was launched in August 2021.

Energy storage capacity accompanying the winning facilities will also help it meet its renewable energy storage target of at least 2.6 GW by 2030, the government added. Winning facilities will support efforts to keep electricity prices down and decarbonize the state as clean energy generated will be used to power schools, trains, hospitals and tram.

Projects selected in this round are identified as the following:

  • Derby Solar Project of Sungrow Renewable Energy in south-east of Bridgewater on Loddon with 95 MW solar & 85 MW/100 MWh storage
  • Fulham Solar Farm & DC coupled battery of Octopus Investments in the west of Fulham with 80 MW solar & 80 MW/100 MWh storage
  • Stage II of Kiamal Solar Farm of Total Eren in the north of Ouyen with 150 MW solar and 150 MW/300 MWh storage
  • Frasers Solar Farm of South Energy in the north of Taralgon with 77 MW solar power capacity
  • Horsham Solar Farm of ESCO Pacific in the east of Horsham with 118.8 MW solar & 50 MW/100 MWh storage, and
  • Glenrowan Solar Farm of Pacific Partnerships in the south-east of Glenrowan with 102 MW solar PV capacity.

The administration estimates these facilities to create 920 direct jobs and bring in an investment of $1.48 billion. Strong local content requirements will lead to $1 billion of this being spent in local supply chains. Around 200 companies from Australia and the New Zealand will be involved throughout construction and operations.

Details of the winning projects are available on the website of Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The government said these projects will support its commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy consumption for all government operations by 2025.

“Victoria surpassed its first Victorian Renewable Energy Target for 25% renewable electricity by 2020 – and we’re well on our way to achieving our remaining targets of 40% by 2025 and 50% by 2030,” it added.

Under VRET1 round, it selected 6 wind and solar power plants with 928 MW even though the tendered capacity was 650 MW. Solar accounted for 254.6 MW of the winning capacity.

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