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UK Furniture Resale Market Growth Will Surge by 40.8% Between 2022 and 2027, Forecasts GlobalData

Forecast indicates a 40.8% growth in the UK furniture resale market between 2022 and 2027, reaching £1,101 million, driven by increasing financial and environmental concerns among consumers, surpassing the overall furniture market growth rate of 7.9%. Younger demographics, particularly 24-34-year-olds, contribute significantly, constituting 10.7% of total purchased resale furniture. Explore the latest trends in the UK furniture resale market through GlobalData’s newest report.


Hydrogen Power Market

While green hydrogen presently has a small share in the overall production mix, it is poised to increase given the ambitious targets announced by various countries.


Global Mobile Phones

Moderate market growth is expected to resume over the forecast period. This slows market growth as it creates little value for New mobile subscribers.


Global Advertising

The advertising industry is highly correlated with consumer spending and financial strength, and achieved very strong growth in 2021.

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