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Beauty Color Forecast for Spring/Summer 2025


The global beauty industry is expanding thanks to the innovation and creativity of beauty brands. Inspirational color stories ranging from berry to futuristic blues are likely to dominate in spring/summer 2025.

The season’s colors will emphasize the importance of strategic imagination during the continuous uncertainty and stress due to the pandemic, while color tones are set to reflect blurred boundaries between the natural world and technology. 

On the other hand, hues that support a rush to preserve and protect the planet will also be at the forefront of consumers’ minds. 

So read on for a forecast of the five beauty color trends to watch in spring/summer 2025.

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Beauty market size and overview
Beauty colors forecast spring/summer 2025
Final thoughts

Beauty market size and overview

According to Statista, the global beauty and personal care market is currently valued at US$ 571.10 billion. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8% in the next five years. 

Research Dive attributes the beauty industry’s expansion to the popularity of cosmetics among the younger generation, particularly women and girls. In addition, growing beauty consciousness across the globe has sparked interest in beauty care, skin care, and hair care products.

The U.S beauty and personal care market is the largest in the world, generating US$91.41 billion in 2023. With the impact of the pandemic, 27.5% of the total revenues in the market are generated through ecommerce. 

Beauty colors forecast spring/summer 2025

Annual color

A woman holding a strawberry-colored beauty cream

Annual color consists of five colors focusing on innovation and expressionism. These colors are aquatic awe, transcendent pink, plum berry, future dusk, and electric indigo.

The trans seasonal palette also includes Flame and Intense Rust which are expected to have increased longevity. Each color uniquely expresses emotions and ideas through visual art, design, or even fashion.

For instance, plum berry is rich, and a deep shade of purple could represent sophistication, elegance, and luxury. It could be used to add a touch of glamor to a design or convey a sense of depth in an artwork.

Infuse tropical tones with juicy textures

A bright colored lipstick it

Quintessential for the summer season, the warm, bright color trends utilize tones such as Ray Flower, a key color for spring/summer 2025. It allows the injection of optimistic energy into the festival-ready palette. 

These tones can be integrated into gels, oils, and serums to spark a burst of fun into skincare, body, and bath products.

The new beauty and personal care trend is all about infusing tropical tones with juicy textures. Think vibrant shades of orange, pink, and coral combined with juicy, dewy textures that give your skin a fresh and radiant look.

Incorporate these elements into your beauty and personal care product line to capitalize on the increased demand.

Metallic color

A woman in a metallic mask

Metallic palette reflects the importance of finish and surface and includes metallic versions of five key colors for spring/summer 2025. The key colors are Aquatic Awe Shimmer, Ray Flower Shimmer, Future Dusk Shimmer, Sunset Coral Shimmer, and Transcendent Pink.

Metallic colors are an emerging trend in beauty and personal care. From rose gold to silver, bronze, copper, and gold, metallic hues add glamor and sophistication to any look. These versatile colors can create bold or subtle looks for various skin tones

Stay on-trend with the latest beauty color forecast and incorporate metallic shades into your makeup and hair routine.

Seasonal color

A woman in a yellow colored face pods

The beauty and personal care industry often follows seasonal color trends, which can vary from year to year. Some common trends that are expected to dominate the market are:

  • Spring pastels: Soft shades of pink, lavender, and peach are often popular in the springtime, reflecting the blossoming of flowers and warmer weather.
  • Summer brights: Bold, vibrant colors such as coral, turquoise, and neon shades are often popular in the summer, reflecting the playful and carefree nature of the season.
  • Fall earth tones: Rich, warm colors such as burgundy, burnt orange, and deep brown are often popular in the fall, reflecting the changing leaves and cozy vibes of the season.

It’s important to note that these seasonal color trends are not set in stone and can vary depending on consumer preferences, cultural influences, and global events. Beauty and personal care brands may also create unique color palettes based on their brand identity and target audience.

Enchanted garden with dewy springtime hues

A springtime hues facial crime

Enchanted garden with dewy springtime hues builds on the popular palette from last season’s pastels and leans of nature-inspired awe mixed with AI aesthetics.

Transcendent Pink allows a more muted take with the staple tone of Cosmetic Pink, with green tones boosting a palette into the wondrous verdancy. Other colors in this trend are sage green, pink sorbet shimmer, chartreuse, and radiant raspberry.

Final thoughts

The color forecasts for spring/summer 2025 will be key as consumers search for tones that give them a sense of escape from ongoing polycrisis. 

The younger generation’s interest in beauty and personal care focuses on brands becoming more innovative, sustainable, and creative which is propelling these color trends.

In contrast, chaotic brights can be embraced as the true reflection of consumers overwhelmed by mental states and their craving for the escapist moments in Al-inspired awe.

Businesses should take notice of the forecasted color trends and strategize to make the best out of them.

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