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Best Car Chargers for Android and iPhone


Android and iPhone mobile devices can run out of power pretty fast when traveling, especially when navigating routes. Mobile devices consume more power when browsing the internet and may go off while on the ride. 

On the other hand, having the devices charged is crucial for communication, entertainment, and catching up on the latest news on the internet. Therefore, every car needs a charger to keep mobile devices powered.

There are many car chargers ranging from type-A to type-C USB chargers. Explore the features to look for in a car charger and how to choose the best from this buying guide.

Table of Contents
Overview of the global portable charger market
What to look for in a car charger: Must-have features
How to choose the best car charger
Frequently asked questions
Final thoughts

Overview of the global portable charger market

There is high demand for phone chargers, including those used in cars. Their global portable charger market value was US $6.8 billion in 2021. Market analysts have projected the global market value to hit US $17.3 billion by 2031 with a 9.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

The high demand results from many factors, such as the innovation of new features in the latest car models, frequent traveling, and remote working. In addition, motorists navigate new routes while driving using their devices, and therefore they have to be powered throughout the ride.

Woman using a mobile phone in a car

Car charger demand is growing, and their market value is set to increase as more people travel, work away from the office and interact through the internet. 

What to look for in a car charger: Must-have features

With many car chargers in the market, choosing one can be tricky. In addition to fast speed and multiple charging options, the following must-have features form an easy guide when choosing car chargers:

1. Speed — should charge fast

Speed is essential when choosing a car charger. A high-speed car charger ensures that mobile devices are powered within a short time, avoiding interruptions. Besides, a fast car charger can help power more than one device in no time, thereby maintaining a flawless internet connection.

USB-C chargers are ideal for fast charging, especially when the device battery is about to die. Their programmable power supply (PPS) technology alters the charging speed to meet the device’s needs. 

2. Size — should be portable

Portability is another feature to look for in a car charger. Small and medium-sized chargers are ideal because they can fit in a travel bag and occupy minimal space in the car. The shape of the charger also matters. A rounded charger with smooth edges is more comfortable and occupies less space.

Moreover, there are many places to plug a medium-sized charger in a car, including the headrest and back seat.

3. Wattage — should be compatible with your car battery

Person playing a game on a mobile phone

Advanced iPhone and Android devices require a minimum wattage of 12 for USB-A ports. On the other hand, QuickCharge (type-C) should have a 3.0 minimum output to work efficiently. 

Most car chargers have a 5–12 W output. It is crucial to examine a device’s power needs before choosing its ideal charger. For multiple devices, a 3-in-1 charger with a micro USB comes in handy.

A compatible USB cable for Android and iPhone mobile devices improves efficiency and high-speed charging.

4. Multiple charging options

Although most chargers can accommodate one device, new models can power up to three devices simultaneously. These advanced chargers have multiple USB cables attached to the adapter and are retractable. 

A charger with multiple charging options helps riders with more than one device to keep them powered. For example, the multiple charging options can keep phones and tablets charged simultaneously. 

5. Made from scratch-resistant material

Frequent use of car chargers and keeping them with other objects expose them to tear and wear. A scratch-proof material on the coating maintains the charger’s surface.

Polycarbonates and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) are ideal materials for car charger casings. They are hard and have insulating properties, hence long-lasting. Furthermore, they are waterproof.    

How to choose the best car charger 

Knowing the main features of a car charger is not enough. It is important to understand the factors to consider when choosing car chargers for different cars. They include the following:

  • Should have multiple cords to charge many devices simultaneously: As more people and companies embrace remote work, it is common to go for a ride with more than one device. An ideal car charger should have multiple cords to accommodate two or three devices simultaneously.
  • Suitable size to accommodate different devices: Common devices charged in a car include mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. When choosing a car charger, ensure it has the size and capacity to charge different devices, including Android and iPhone devices. Chargers with ports that fit both USB-A and USB-C cables accommodate many devices. The cables should be long enough to serve passengers from different points in the vehicle.
  • Avoid inbuilt leads: Car chargers with inbuilt lead consume more power and affect the charger’s storage capacity. This impairs the charger with time, rendering it defunct. Therefore, when choosing car chargers, go for those without inbuilt led.
  • Power output: Whereas Android devices require low power output (5–12W), chargers for powering iPhones should have a 5.0 minimum output for QuickChargers or 12W for USB-A cables. Therefore, it is crucial to check the specification of a charger and ensure it meets the devices’ power needs.
  • Durability: Car chargers made from metal with tough plastic casing are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and insulated. When choosing a car charger, check its features and select one from durable materials.
  • Use a cable compatible with the adapter: Using a cable incompatible with the charger port interferes with charging speed. Ensure the USB cable is compatible with the adaptor before purchase.

Frequently asked questions 

What is the best iPhone car charger?

There are many car chargers for iPhones on the market. The best charger for the iPhone should have a high power output and be compatible with the device.

Can I charge my Android phone with any charger in a car?

The best charger for Android should have 12W output or more for efficient charging.

Is a USB-C car charger faster than USB-A?

Yes. But the USB-C charger should have more than 18 power outputs and the right cable (compatible) with the adapter.

Final thoughts

Sleek car pictured in black and white

Car chargers are must-have accessories in every car. There are new features in modern chargers which improve their efficiency. However, not all chargers are ideal for every device. The above features are a guide to choosing a charger that meets your customers’ needs. 

Note that no single charger model meets all buyers’ needs. Therefore, having a variety of chargers in the market for different customers is crucial. Check out the new models in the market and help your clients have flawless rides.

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