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How To Pick the Right Charger for Smartphones


Investing your capital in the right products is the right move for your business. Stop piling up cheap but bad-quality power supplies as they will not sell and unsatisfied customers will never return to shop again. This article will explain how to pick the right charger, both wired and wireless, for smartphones. 

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Why chose the right charger for smartphones?
How to pick the right wired charger for smartphones?
How to pick the right wireless charger for smartphones?

Why choose the right charger for smartphones?

A good mobile phone charger must meet a series of characteristics so that it not only charges the device’s battery without problems but also does not cause any damage. The main difference between a good charger and a poor charger is that a good one complies with the promised specifications and has good filtering and protection. Decent smartphone chargers can make customers happy. They are not necessarily expensive to invest in, as long as you know how to pick the right ones.

How to pick the right wired charger for smartphones?

In order to pick the right wired charger for smartphones, we need to understand the varieties of the product. Chargers vary in terms of charging ports, smartphone power outputs, fast charging protocols, and how many devices they can charge simultaneously.

Mobile Device Charger With UK Plug
Mobile Device Charger With UK Plug

Charging port

Android smartphones have two different types of charging ports, USB-C and micro USB ports. While USB-C ports are for the latest Andriod devices, the micro USB ports are for the older models. For Apple iPhones, lightning ports are for all the models.

There are adapters in the market, like USB-C cable to lightning cable, so that Apple phones can use Andriod phones’ chargers, and vice versa. There are some chargers equipped with multiple ports to make charging different devices at the same time easier.

Smartphone power output (W)

The right charger has to provide the right voltage (V) for the user’s smartphone. The standard voltage used to be 5V, but a charger with the latest technology allows 9V to 12V and is also capable to switch back to 5V if an older model is detected.

20W QC3.0+PD Quick Charger
20W QC3.0+PD Quick Charger

In terms of charging speed, the more amperage a charger has, the faster it will be. The minimum amperage for a good charger is 2A. Some devices have set their own limit and will not charge faster even with a high amperage charger.

The higher the voltage and amperage, the higher the smartphone power output (W). Multiply the voltage by the amperage to get the power output. The latest smartphone models are good with a power output of 18W to 65W. Usually, 18W is for most smartphones, 30W is good for tablets like iPads, and 60W meets the charging needs of laptops. It is best to choose chargers that match the power outputs of different smartphones.

Fast charging protocol

Fast charging technology allows us to juice up the devices in a short span of time. When recommending fast chargers to customers, remember to offer one with the same fast charging protocol as their smartphones. Most devices use USB Power Delivery or Quick Charge protocols. USB PD can be used with all USB devices. Quick Charge is developed by Qualcomm and offers greater power to compatible devices and is faster than normal USB chargers. 

Samsung phones support 2 fast charging protocols: Adaptive Fast Charging and Super-Fast Charging. Chargers that are equipped with Quick Charge and Power Delivery protocols are compatible with all kinds of Samsung devices. Apple iPhone 8 and newer models support Power Delivery’s extra fast charging up to 18W power output and can get charged to 50% in 30 minutes. 

Charging for multiple devices

A power supply that offers multiple outputs will be more efficient, as it allows charging different devices’ batteries simultaneously. And every single device can juice up in a short time with fast charging technology. 

Make sure the charger supports high power to achieve simultaneous fast charging for different devices. LDNIO 2.4A multi-wall charger offers 2 USB output equipped with short circuit protection and prevents over-charging. The handy design comes with 4 different plugs and is really good for traveling.

How to pick the right wireless charger for smartphones?

Although it is categorized as wireless, the Qi charger still involves some wires. Since the wireless charger is quite new technology and still evolving, not all smartphones have this technology built in yet. It is anticipated that wireless chargers will take over wired chargers in the near future though.

Charging port

Same as wired chargers, wireless chargers come with different charging ports. Micro-USB wireless chargers are using Quick Charge, which is an older standard and has a lower power limit than a USB-C charger. That is why it is recommended to get a USB-C charging port since it is more powerful by using Power Delivery and is more future-proof. 

Wireless chargers are better for overnight charging or not using the device for a period of time because charging and using the smartphone at the same time is not quite convenient. However, it is possible to unplug the wireless charger and put the cord directly in the smartphone. That is also why getting a USB-C charging port will get most devices to charge easily as most devices are equipped with a USB-C port instead of Micro-USB nowadays.

Samsung smartphones and iPhone

Samsung has developed its own protocol for fast charging, which is called Fast Wireless Charging, and whose power output is up to 15W. LDNIO 3 in 1 wireless charger supports 15W Qi wireless charging and a total of 32W charging and offers fast charging for all kinds of devices because it is equipped with Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 Output. This LDNIO multiple charger can juice up a battery by 50% in just half an hour.

3-in-1 Wireless Qi Charger For Smartphones
3-in-1 Wireless Qi Charger For Smartphones

On the other hand, iPhone has a charging protocol called MagSafe and its own wireless charger can charge the battery faster than the general Qi charger. Newqi 15W magnetic wireless charger is a foldable Type-C 3-in-1 wireless charger that allows users to charge the battery of smartphones, earphones, and smartwatches at the same time. 


When you know what to look for in a smartphone charger, picking some to sell becomes pretty straightforward. Sticking to the points outlined here will ensure that you get the right products for your customers. Decent mobile chargers that make customers happy and are offered at affordable wholesale prices from manufacturers are available on Alibaba.com.

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