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The Best Hat Trends Everyone Is Wearing Now


Fashion-savvy consumers want to effortlessly top off their casual and dressy looks with hats that perfectly complement their aesthetic. Although there are various trending hats this season, balaclavas and beanies are the most major hats trend everyone is currently wearing. This article will highlight the best balaclavas and beanies retailers should have on their radar. So read on to discover how to best leverage these trends for the winter season.

Table of Contents
Overview of the global winter hat market
The best balaclava styles that are trending now
The best beanie styles that are trending now
How to leverage this insight to maximize sales

Overview of the global winter hat market 

In 2021, the global winter hats market was valued at US$ 25.7 billion. Analysts forecast this to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% from 2022 to 2030. Fueling the interest and further growth of the winter hats market are factors such as the influence of social media, lifestyle changes, street style, celebrity style, changing climate, and the convenience of online shopping. 

Interestingly, beanies dominated the winter hat market in 2021. Part of this is because consumers have embraced beanies all year and not just in winter as a fashion statement. As a result, beanies accounted for a considerable revenue share of over 40% in 2021. 

The best balaclava styles that are trending now

The balaclava is a type of headwear with military origins. It got its name from its use in the Battle of Balaclava in 1854 during the Crimean War. Like a ski mask, balaclavas have since evolved from their original knit design to becoming a fixture on the runways and the streets. Celebrities, street style stars, and influencers have proven that the balaclava is a chic way to stay warm in winter while strolling the streets or skiing the slopes. 

Consumers can choose a balaclava that covers the entire face or a partially exposed style. Recently, one style that has gained popularity is the one-hole balaclava. This style features one opening that exposes only the eyes.

Another version of the one-hole balaclava reveals the entire face, also known as a whole face opening or an open balaclava. This particular style is versatile and easy to wear. Learn more about this trending look and discover the best one-hole balaclava styles. 

1. The one-hole balaclava reveals a part of the face

A woman wearing a knit navy blue one-hole balaclava

The one-hole balaclava features a horizontal one-hole opening. This balaclava ranges from a small hole that only reveals the eyes to a much larger hole that shows the entire face. Some one-hole balaclavas have an opening that can morph back and forth between both looks.

These shape-shifting one-hole balaclavas feature a wider cut horizontal hole and have a stretchy design made of rib knit. As a result, this knit hat has a wider opening that can reveal only the eyes or easily stretch apart to show the entire face. 

 2. One-hole hood balaclavas are an essential winter layering piece

A woman wearing a royal blue one-hole hood balaclava

Stylish consumers have another option if committing to an entire face covering is too extreme. The one-hole hood balaclava is a hood that features a full-face opening. These open balaclavas can be worn differently, such as scrunched around the neck like a neck gaiter or raised over the head for more coverage.

Hood balaclava styles range from simple pull-on versions to versions that zip, cinch, or button at the neck. They are a great option that adds warmth to the head without adding bulk to the rest of the body. No matter how they are worn, hood balaclavas are incredibly versatile. They offer a perfect fit and can quickly adapt to protect from a mix of winter conditions such as wind or snow. 

3. The one-hole crochet balaclava is a craftcore favorite

Two women wearing multi-color crochet granny square balaclavas

The one-hole crochet balaclava is one of the trendiest versions to hit the streets. Fueled by the current craftcore trend, the crochet balaclava is a cozy winter hat that satisfies a homespun look that consumers have been craving in recent years. 

One-hole crochet balaclavas are available in various crochet patterns, such as granny squares. In addition, thick crochet balaclavas offer plenty of warmth on chilly days. 

A man wearing a black windproof one-hole balaclava

Consumers that like the hooded look but need additional protection against the wind can opt for a windproof balaclava. Windproof one-hole balaclavas are ideal for anyone that spends an extended amount of time outdoors in winter. Windproof balaclavas made of ultralight down provide insulation from the elements during hunting, skiing, cycling, or hiking.  Whether it is an athlete training outdoors or anyone participating in outdoor winter sports, a windproof one-hole balaclava can help protect the head from the effects of brutal winter wind. 

5. The one-hole fur balaclava is a luxurious and warm option

A woman wearing a black knit one-hole balaclava

Anyone participating in outdoor activities during winter can fend off the cold with a one-hole fur balaclava. This balaclava features fur trim around the face opening for cozy warmth. Some iterations also feature an inner fur lining for additional protection from winter weather. 

6.  Luxury knit one-hole balaclavas offer plenty of style and warmth 

A man wearing a gray knit cashmere one-hole balaclava

One-hole balaclavas in a luxurious knit fabric such as cashmere and mohair elevate any winter look. These balaclavas provide plenty of warmth during cold conditions with no sacrifice of style. 

The best beanie styles that are trending now

Beanies come in many different silhouettes and endless styling options. Retailers familiar with the different types of trending beanies on the market will be able to make the most informed buying choices and meet their consumer’s expectations. Read on to discover the most coveted beanies of this season.

1. The oversized beanie is a statement hat

A woman wearing a rust orange chunky knit oversized beanie

The oversized beanie is an exaggerated beanie with a super-sized or chunky silhouette. This statement beanie commands attention. It features a fit that is generous and slouchy. 

2. Embellished beanies stand apart from the crowd

A woman wearing a black knit beanie embellished with rhinestones

Style-savvy consumers who want a not-so-basic beanie can reach for an embellished beanie with appliques, rhinestones, embroidery, sequins, patchwork, and beadwork

3. The wide cuff beanie offers versatile styling options

A woman wearing a dark gray wide cuff knit beanie

One of the most versatile beanie styles is the wide-cuff beanie. This beanie features a broad cuff. If the cuff is not tacked down or stitched into place, it can be rolled down further on the forehead, resulting in a slouchier fit. 

4. The earflap beanie offers more face coverage

A woman wearing a knit earflap beanie with pom poms

A beanie hat that does double duty is the earflap beanie. This beanie covers the head and the ears for added protection from the winter elements. Earflap beanies featuring fleece linings or a thick knit design will offer the most warmth. 

5. The twisted beanie adds an eye-catching texture

Two women wearing pink and beige cable knit beanies

Twisted beanies feature a cable knit design that resembles ropes and braids or combines both. As a result, twisted beanies have an attractive raised surface texture design.

6. The high-top beanie is an exaggerated, bold, and rebellious statement beanie 

A woman wearing a royal blue knit high-top beanie

The high-top beanie is a beanie that stands high atop the head. How high this beanie stands depends on the depth of the beanie. Depending on the consumer’s desired look, high-top beanies with a considerable depth result in beanies that stand higher atop the head. 

How to leverage this insight to maximize sales

The beanie and the balaclava are the most prominent winter hat trends. Retailers that understand the hottest winter hat trends will be able to make the most informed buying decisions confidently. In addition, offering consumers an exciting product assortment that includes the trendiest winter hat styles will translate into more sales, loyal clientele, and repeat business. 

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