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How To Choose the Best Fashionable Knit Beanies


Now that winter has officially arrived, fashion-savvy consumers are shopping for unique and stylish ways to brave the cold. The knit beanie has become the go-to winter wardrobe staple as temperatures drop. 

Knit beanies are versatile and worn year-round in various colors and styling options. Read on to discover how retailers can choose the best beanies to add to their winter accessory categories. 

Table of Contents
Overview of the global winter hat market
Understanding consumer lifestyles
15 fashionable knit beanie styles to stock
How to leverage this insight to maximize winter hat sales

Overview of the global winter hat market 

In 2021, the global winter hats market was valued at US $25.7 billion. Analysts forecast this to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% from 2022 to 2030. Fueling the interest and further growth of the winter hats market is the influence of social media, consumer lifestyle changes, street style, cold weather, and the convenience of online shopping. 

Beanies stood out, dominating the winter hat market in 2021. Consumers are now wearing beanies all year long as a fashion statement. Beanies accounted for a revenue share of over 40% in 2021. 

Understanding consumer lifestyles

Retailers should understand consumer lifestyles to have the best beanie selection to suit consumer needs. Consumers choose different beanies for different reasons. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts might gravitate to a fleece-lined beanie for added warmth when training in cold conditions. 

Fashion insiders want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd with embellished beanies or beanies with shiny metallic coatings. Fitness buffs and those on the go might be interested in a Bluetooth beanie to listen to music and stay connected to their tech. 

15 fashionable knit beanie styles to stock

Beanies come in many different silhouettes and endless styling options. Retailers familiar with the different types of beanies available will be able to make the best and most informed buying choices. 

Read on to discover and get acquainted with the many different types of beanies. 

1. Slouchy beanie 

Man wearing an orange knit slouchy beanie hat

A slouchy beanie features a longer and more relaxed silhouette, slouching down the back of the head and covering the ears. 

Slouchy beanies are generous in size, fit most consumers, and are known for their laidback look. 

2. Twisted beanie

Woman wearing a green knit twisted beanie hat

A twisted beanie, also known as a cable-knit beanie, is a type of beanie with a knit pattern that looks like two cables twisted around each other. 

This knitting technique creates texture and an attractive surface design.

3. Distressed beanie 

Woman wearing a multi-colored knit distressed beanie hat

This type of beanie is distressed to produce a well-worn and had-it-forever look. Distressing yarns until they slightly unravel at the cuff edge or on the surface of the beanie can achieve this retro look.

4. Pom-pom beanie 

Woman wearing a gray knit pom-pom beanie hat

Pom-poms are a type of adornment, usually at the top of a beanie. Also known as a bobble or pom beanie, some pom-poms are removable, while some beanies feature two pom-poms. Beanies with pom poms add a playful, fluffy flair to any look. 

5. Ponytail beanie

Woman wearing a tan knit ponytail beanie hat

Women who prefer to wear their hair up in a ponytail can run into a problem when wearing a beanie. Ponytails and updos can create an uncomfortable and undesirable bump underneath a beanie. 

When women wear a ponytail beanie, they can pull their ponytails through a circular or criss-cross opening in the back of this beanie. Ponytail beanies have become a favorite women’s beanie hat because they are hairstyle-friendly.

6. Embellished beanie 

Woman wearing an ivory knit faux pearl embellished beanie hat

Embellished beanies are anything but basic. They feature surface embellishments such as rhinestones, sequins, patches, crystals, faux pearls, or beads that elevate the beanie to a statement hat. Fashion-forward consumers can show off their unique style in an embellished beanie. 

7. Jacquard beanie 

Woman wearing a black and white knit jacquard beanie hat

Instead of printing, dying, or embroidery, jacquard beanies feature a pattern or a design woven into the fabric. As a result, jacquard beanies are long-lasting with a double-sided design. Most jacquard beanies are reversible.

8. Bluetooth beanie 

Woman wearing a black knit Bluetooth beanie hat

Fashion meets tech with the latest, most innovative beanies. Consumers that want to stay cozy and connected to their devices can opt for a Bluetooth beanie. Bluetooth beanies feature built-in headphones and functionality, enabling the consumer to listen to music or answer a phone call—wirelessly. The Bluetooth function is easily removable when it’s time to wash the beanie. 

9. LED beanie 

Man wearing a black knit LED beanie hat

The days grow darker much sooner in winter. As a result, consumers who like to run or walk at night face a serious safety issue regarding visibility in the darkness. 

Consumers will appreciate the visibility an LED beanie can offer, and LED beanies are the perfect hands-free lighting solution that provides safety in any low-lit scenario. The LED light pack is removable when the beanie needs washing.

10. Lined beanie 

Woman wearing a black knit lined beanie hat

The constant motion of putting on and taking off a beanie hat can damage hair. Fleece-lined beanies feature an inner lining that offers added warmth, while silk and satin-lined beanies are gentle on hair. 

11. Metallic beanie

Woman wearing a pink knit metallic beanie hat

Metallics are on trend for FW22. Designers have given everything the metallic touch, including beanies. Trendsetters who want to add a dose of shimmer to their everyday look can do it with a metallic beanie. Metallic beanies are coated in metallic foil or made with metallic yarns. 

12. Visor beanie

Woman wearing a green knit visor beanie hat

Traditional beanies are great at keeping the head warm, but they don’t offer any sun protection and can pose a problem for consumers with sensitive skin. A visor beanie is a beanie with an attached visor. Also known as a brimmed beanie, it provides warmth and shades the face from the sun. 

13. Cuffed beanie

Woman wearing a black knit cuffed beanie hat

Cuffed beanies feature a rolled-up cuff bottom that fits snugly on the head, and consumers can release the cuff for a cuffless look. 

Cuffed beanies sometimes feature a cuff that cannot roll down because the cuff is tack stitched into place. Cuffed beanies are ideal for retailers and brands to customize with a patch, embroidery, or a logo.

14. Cuffless beanie

Woman wearing a maroon knit cuffless beanie hat

Cuffless beanies feature a smooth look with no cuff. Consumers can easily change this look or adjust the beanie size by rolling a cuff. 

15. Earflap beanie

Woman wearing a black and white knit earflap beanie hat

Earflap beanies keep both the head and ears warm. They usually have attached braided strings that can tie under the chin, and some ear flap beanies have Velcro or clip closures. Earflap beanies with fleece linings help consumers beat the cold temperatures. 

How to leverage this insight to maximize winter hat sales

Consumers are searching for the best and most fashionable knit beanies this winter. The beanie is proven to be a highly sought-after and well-performing winter hat. 

Retailers familiar with the many different beanie styles will know how to select beanies that will suit their consumer’s needs and generate substantial profits this winter season. 

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