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Best Personal Printers for Individuals and Small Businesses


Personal printers are invaluable in producing hard copies. From printed forms for businesses to brochures and other documents, a personal printer always comes in handy. 

Creating labels for home and business use is something we cannot overlook. Labels are crucial in identifying and distinguishing between the items at home and in the office. There are many models of printers in the market today. They have different features and choosing a suitable one depends on personal and business needs. 

Knowing the market trends, new models, and features to look for in printers is necessary when choosing one for personal and business use. This post outlines all you need to know before buying an intelligent printer.

Table of Contents
Overview of the global printer marketarket trends
Important features in intelligent printers
Factors to consider when buying intelligent printers
Simplify label making with the best intelligent printers

Overview of the global printer market trends

The global printer market stood at US $27.4 in 2021 and is estimated to reach US $49.7 mark by 2030. This projected growth translates to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.84%. 

The establishment of small and medium-sized businesses in the pharmaceutical, food, and tech industries has contributed to the high demand for printers. Businesses are designing and printing flyers to advertise their services, business documents, and labels for their products. This calls for intelligent printers in every business premise. 

The future of printers looks positive as demand for health products, packaged foods, and supplements increases. However, businesses in the tech field should embrace innovations in the printers market and avail a variety of market printers for small businesses.

Note that different businesses have varying needs for printers, therefore, offering a variety of models is the ideal way to meet all customers’ needs.

Important features in intelligent printers

The functionality and output of intelligent printers depend on the following features: 

1. Mode of charging power 

Different printers have varying modes of charging. A printer with an intelligent charging system is easier to power. Furthermore, you can use a mobile charger to keep your device powered for interrupted functioning.

Printers using intelligent chargers rarely experience a power surge. They have an internal circuit breaker that detects when fully charged and disconnects from power.

2. Size and weight 

A medium-sized intelligent printer is ideal for producing labels while on the move. This helps users to get prints while on the move because they are portable. 

Intelligent printers which are compatible with mobile devices are ideal because one doesn’t need a PC to get prints. When choosing an intelligent printer for outdoor use, look for portability and mobile compatibility.

A light printer is easy to carry around and the small size makes it portable.

3. Speed

Smiling woman handing over a print-out

The number of copies a printer churns out in a minute is a crucial feature to look out for when purchasing. Depending on daily requirements, a printer should meet the quantity required in a reasonable time. 

Whereas printers with very high speeds can consume a lot of power, slow ones are inefficient. Therefore, it is important to check the printing speed and relate it to daily requirements before buying a printer

4. Quality 

An intelligent printer should produce quality printouts. For example, the labels it produces should be legible with quality images. In addition, look for models that produce colored prints if the labels are meant for marketing.

Some printers are fast in black-and-white prints but slow in colored ones. When prints are meant for relaying data in hard copies, such models are ideal. However, colored prints are more catchy and therefore efficient for business prints.

A fast colored printer is suitable for printing labels used in small businesses.

5. Scanner resolution 

High-resolution labels are easy to read and don’t lose color shades when reproduced. The amount of text captured in print depends on the dots per inch (DPI) resolution of the printer.

Intelligent printers used with mobile devices should have medium DPI since their images are smaller. Therefore, when choosing printers for small businesses, avoid high resolution and go for medium-low DPI. 

6. Wireless connectivity 

With the growing number of businesses adopting remote work, wireless connectivity is a must-have feature. This helps businesses create prints even out of the office. 

Mobile phones are now integrated with copy-creation capability. This makes it easier to print copies from a mobile device’s internal storage through wireless connectivity. 

Printers enabled with wireless connectivity must be Wi-Fi-enabled to function well. In absence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared connectivity are ideal.

Factors to consider when buying intelligent printers 

Small businesses and individuals need intelligent printers for the production of labels and other copies. The number of prints and their function is the major determinant in choosing printer models. Other factors to consider include:

Function of printers 

Two women in a discussion at a table

The primary function of a printer is to scan, copy and print documents. For example, a food products vendor can use the printer for producing labels while a typesetter needs it for copy printing. 

The main business activity determines the type of printer suitable for a small business. Whereas a label producer needs a printer with a high DPI, a typesetter will go for high-speed models.

Source of power 

Printers with inbuilt power supply are more portable and convenient to use. The wattage of the power supply should be moderate. This ensures robust charging and longer working time.

Compatibility with the working device 

Whereas most printers are designed to produce copies with Windows and Mac, new models are compatible with mobile devices. An ideal intelligent printer for remote work should be compatible with Android and iPhone devices

In addition, intelligent printers for small businesses should have a wireless connection to improve efficiency and convenience.


Some businesses require movement while producing copies. A portable copy printer should be easy to carry and move around with. Their shape and design should be easy to carry around.

Material also influences portability. Avoid printers made of heavy material for seamseamlessnting and outdoor experience.

Simplify label making with the best intelligent printers 

There are a variety of intelligent printers in the market today. Individuals and Small businesses choose printers according to their needs. 

The features to look for should be based on the business needs. Tech business owners should therefore avail the different models in the market to meet a range of customer’s needs.

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