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The Best Pool Skimmers in 2024

Pool cleaning with a net skimmer and vacuum

Swimming pools can be a source of great fun, but they can easily become a burden if they’re not maintained properly. Thankfully, skimmers provide one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure pools stay clean and safe.

However, it’s advisable that businesses consider several important factors before they start selling these essential pool accessories. Here we’ll dive into the various types of pool skimmers on the market and what retailers should understand before stocking them for 2024.

Table of Contents
An overview of the pool skimmer market
What pool skimmers are good for
The types of pool skimmers to leverage in 2024
What to consider before purchasing pool skimmers in 2024
Wrapping up

An overview of the pool skimmer market

The global market for pool skimmers was valued at US $781.2 million in 2022 and is expected to grow at a 2.7% CAGR to reach US $941.36 million by 2029.

The market for pool skimmers is on the rise thanks to the growing popularity of swimming pools and other aquatic activities. With new pools being built regularly and demand coming from both commercial and private pool owners, the industry is enjoying a significant growth spurt.

What pool skimmers are good for

A floating, solar-powered pool skimmer

Pool skimmers are often the first line of defense to keep leaves, insects, and other floating particles that may fall into a pool at bay. Pool skimmers gather and hold pollutants on the water’s surface before they fall to the bottom of the water, causing even more cleaning trouble. 

Pool skimmers can also be programmed to work alongside a pool’s filtration system to guarantee the highest level of water purity. They also help prevent debris from blocking filters, improving their efficiency and preventing damage to essential plumbing equipment like pumps, pipes, and heaters.

In addition to clearing debris from the pool, pool skimmers help improve water circulation. Since they provide a moderate stream, chemicals are distributed throughout the pool more evenly, helping to reduce algae growth and other problems related to water quality.

The types of pool skimmers to leverage in 2024

Inground skimmers

An inground pool skimmer in a larger pool

Inground skimmers are the most common type of pool skimmer. They are built into the pool system, silently doing their work to filter out debris like leaves and sticks that they come into contact with it. 

Inground skimmers are popular among users who want clean and filter pools without extra tools. They attract 1,300 searches monthly, demonstrating a strong demand, according to Google Ads data. 

Pool skimmer nets

Pool skimmer nets are a pool cleaner’s trusty sidekick. Their simple design makes them particularly easy to use – simply pick them up and scoop up any debris in the pool!

Despite being compact and straightforward to use, pool skimmer nets work wonders in clearing away bothersome debris like leaves, insects, and unwanted items from the pool’s surface.

Having a pool skimmer net on hand allows users to swiftly remove intruders that threaten to disrupt their pool’s pristine condition.

Robotic pool skimmers

An automatic floating skimmer in action

In this age of technological innovation, robotic skimmers are taking center stage when it comes to pool cleaning devices. One significant advantage is that they work automatically, drawing their power from batteries or the sun as they gracefully float and skim across the pool’s surface. 

Their suction power means that debris can be removed from the surface at an incredible rate, saving us time and energy. The best part is that robotic skimmers also have self-cleaning capabilities, so they won’t clog after a full day of collecting debris.

All of this is why they’re so popular in 2023, receiving 2,900 average monthly searches on Google.

Hot tub skimmers

Also, let’s not forget hot tubs – they need skimming love too! Hot tub skimmers are just as important as their pool counterparts in upholding proper filtration, and without them, consumers’ hot tubs are likely to collect murky, green, and potentially harmful water.

These skimmers are designed to rest over a hot tub’s drain and come equipped with their own built-in pump and filter system. This year, they’ve received around 880 monthly searches.

Above-ground pool skimmers

An above-ground pool skimmer with captured leaves

Above-ground pool skimmers are usually smaller than their inground counterparts. They have an adjustable flow control valve that allows consumers to control how much water enters the filter while in use. 

They attach seamlessly to the pool’s wall or act as an extra layer of filter, working diligently to keep the pool clean and pristine. These pool skimmers are especially popular, commanding 9,900 searches in September 2023.

What to consider before purchasing pool skimmers in 2024

Pool type

The skimmer a consumer requires will most likely be determined by the type of pool they need to clean. Therefore, it’s advisable for businesses to offer a range of pool skimmers that will best match their target audience’s pool type. 

For example, above-ground pools require above-ground skimmers, and in-ground variants won’t work effectively.

Pool size

The size of the target consumer’s pool is another critical consideration. The pool skimmer must be able to effectively handle both a pool’s size and shape. 

Just like pools, skimmers come in different sizes, which affects how much water a skimmer can filter at once as well as how many times the users will need to clean the filter daily.

For instance, while a small basic skimmer may suffice for a tiny pool like a hot tub, it will be nearly impossible to function effectively in a larger pool because larger pools collect more debris.

Below we list different skimmer sizes and the average pool volume they can handle:

Skimmer sizePool size range
Small (6-8 inches)Up to 10,000 gallons
Medium (10-12 inches)10,000-20,000 gallons
Large (14-18 inches)20,000-40,000 gallons
Extra large (20+ inches)40,000+ gallons

Skimmer features

Skimmers can be divided into two major feature categories: automatic and manual. Automatic skimmers work independently after installation, while manual ones require human intervention when cleaning them out.

More importantly, automatic skimmers offer more features than their manual brethren. For example, they can vary in terms of speed settings, suction power, and pre-installed lights.

On the other hand, manual skimmers only offer different grips or nets (which could be regular or fine mesh) to help capture tiny debris.

A pool skimmer net would suffice for users who prefer a hands-on cleaning experience. However, tech enthusiasts or users with busier schedules may lean toward purchasing robotic pool skimmers that can filter the pool automatically. 


Businesses must also ensure that their pool skimmers offer top-notch durability. The best way to ensure this is by researching the skimmer’s construction quality and materials.

Ideally, pool skimmers should be able to handle exposure to various elements, like pool chemicals and different water circumstances. In this regard, some of the best skimmer materials to look out for include stainless steel and brass.

Wrapping up

Pool skimmers are an essential part of pool maintenance, keeping them clean, pristine, and ready for when users want a dip. However, because of the rising number of pool owners worldwide, we can expect that they’re likely to become even more popular and advanced.

While there is no one-size-fits-all when choosing the right pool skimmer for your customers, following the tips outlined above is a great place to start.

Finally, if you’re looking for a huge range of cutting-edge pool skimmers in one place, browse thousands of varieties on Alibaba.com.

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