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15 Best Women’s Shapewear, Leggings & Workout Sets for 2022


Shapewear and activewear are becoming the new staples in women’s fashion. People are seeking out clothing that offers support, sculpting, compression, and comfort — striking a balance between being functional and fashionable.

In this article, we will explore what is behind the growing shapewear trend. We will analyze the global shapewear and compressionwear market, looking at current market size, segment distribution, and projected market growth. The article will then highlight the best women’s shapewear, leggings, workout sets that fashion retailers should stock for 2022.

Table of Contents
What is driving the growing shapewear and compressionwear trends?
Overview of the global shapewear and compressionwear market
15 best women’s shapewear, leggings & workouts sets for 2022
Stock up on size-inclusive shapewear and activewear

Shapewear and compressionwear are a burgeoning market that is finding a growing customer base among people looking to reshape their bodies, lift any sagging, flatten out bulging, and straighten their posture.

The promotion of “fitness culture” has resulted in an uptake in sporting activities and gymming. At the same time, there has been greater awareness of the health benefits of compressionwear, leading to compressionwear replacing or highly influencing activewear styles.

When it comes to women’s shapewear specifically, social media, celebrity influencers, and body inclusivity have become key drivers of demand for shaping products. Celebrities such as the Kardashians and Lizzo use social media to promote and celebrate curvy silhouettes through sculpting shapewear.

Technological innovations have enabled manufacturers to reinvent shapewear through the use of high-performance fabrics that offer maximum utility in terms of compression and breathability, while also maintaining style.

Overview of the global shapewear and compressionwear market

The global shapewear and compressionwear market is expected to grow in value from US $1.9 billion in 2020 to US $6.95 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7%. The female segment in particular is projected to have the highest CAGR of 6.1% over the 2021–2030 forecast period, and millennials are the main category within the segment.

In terms of geographic distribution, the North American market accounted for the highest revenue. Asia-Pacific was the fastest-growing region with a CAGR of 8.5%, owing to increased investment in sports and changing consumer lifestyles.

Bonding and laser-cutting technologies are transforming shapewear by eliminating bulky fastenings, seams, and hems. The top fabrics being used by manufacturers because of their softness, breathability, and toning properties are lycra, spandex, neoprene, and nylon.

15 best women’s shapewear, leggings & workouts sets for 2022


1. Full coverage underwear

Woman in full coverage underwear

Full coverage underwear is high-waist underwear that is made from compression fabric and has a control top that creates a lasting smoothing effect over the waist, stomach, and hips.

These types of underwear refine the silhouette while also offering comfort. They can come in invisible versions made from soft, stretch-knit fabrics or microfiber that enables seamless edges.

2. Shaping shorts

Woman wearing tummy-trimming shaping shorts

Shaping shorts are the perfect innerwear for wearing beneath fabrics that are thin or body-skimming. They offer targeted compression around the thigh, stomach, and waist areas. Designs that feature waistbands prevent roll-down while worn.

Retailers can stock plain biker shorts that have a stretch fit or stylish versions with lace details. Breathable fabrics are popular for this product.  

3. Bodysuits

Woman wearing body-smoothing bodysuit

Bodysuits are worn either as supportive shapewear or as pieces on their own. They provide all-over control for body smoothing.

These figure-skimming bodysuits can come with adjustable straps and double-snap gusset closures. Products made from stretch microfiber, spandex, and nylon fabrics offer added comfort.

4. Toning tops

Woman wearing different-color toning tops

Toning tops are similar to bodysuits but less constricting. They are tank tops or camisoles that can be worn under sheer clothing while providing waist control.

Designs can be seamless for greater invisibility, or they can feature adjustable shoulder straps. Breathability and moisture-wicking enhance comfort for extended use.

5. Supportive slips

Woman wearing beige supportive slip

Slips are shapewear staples that provide extra coverage and control for the waist, stomach, thighs, and back under bodycon dresses. Slips come in a range of skin tones and silhouettes.

Some popular design features include seamless edges, padded cups, adjustable straps, and lace details.


6. Super-high shaping leggings

Woman wearing super-high shaping leggings

Super-high shaping leggings are tight-fitting high-waist stretch trousers that have a wide shaping panel providing sculpting for the waist, hips, and legs.

These leggings can come with added features such as a pocket at the back of the waistband to keep a phone or other small accessories. Consumers look for designs that are seamless or have fast-drying functions.

7. Butt-lifting leggings

Woman in white butt-lifting leggings

Butt-lifting leggings are highly popular leggings that are made from compression material. Trending styles have a ribbed, honeycomb pattern as well as a scrunched seam in the back that enables butt sculpting. Consumers tend to look for fabric options with high elasticity.

8. Compression leggings

Woman wearing form-fitting compression leggings

Compression leggings are body-hugging leggings that provide smoothing control and leg sculpting. They are designed to be squat-proof while being comfortable and slimming. Breathable fabrics with sweat-wicking offer greater comfort. 

The leggings can feature high-rise waistbands, cropped lengths, seam-free centers, and hidden pockets.

9. Tummy-control leggings

Woman wearing green tummy-control leggings

Tummy-control leggings are sports compression leggings that feature a high waistband to provide waist and stomach smoothing. 

Styles with anti-slip strips offer better grip to the skin. Seamless and chafe-free designs are also popular.  

10. Squat-proof leggings

Woman wearing purple squat-proof leggings

Squat-proof leggings are high-intensity sports leggings that are made with compression materials that provide coverage for moving, stretching, and bending.

These types of leggings should be made from high-performance fabrics such as spandex with four-way stretch for greater mobility.

Workout sets

11. Seamless top & biker shorts yoga set

Woman wearing top and biker shorts yoga set

Featuring a top and biker shorts, this set offers yoga enthusiasts stylish yet functional activewear made from fabrics with high elasticity and durability.

The top can be ribbed, cropped, padded, or long-sleeved, and the biker shorts can come with a high waistband for waist- and tummy-smoothing. 

12. Long-sleeve crop top & leggings set

Woman in long-sleeve crop top and leggings

The long-sleeve crop top and leggings set offers a comfortable and flattering fit. It is made out of lightweight fabrics that deliver both flexibility and style for wearing during workouts or when running errands.

As this set is perfect for all-day wear, soft, quick-drying fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and spandex are ideal. 

13. High-waist leggings & sports bra set

Woman in leggings and sports bra set

This set features leggings with an extra-thick band for tummy control and a sports bra for chest support. The high-waist leggings and sports bra combo is comfortable and perfect for high-impact workouts.

The sports bra can have a cross-back design, adjustable straps, and removable pads, while the leggings can have a ​​gusseted crotch, squat-proofing, and butt-lifting features.

14. Zip-up crop top & leggings set

Woman wearing a zip-up crop top and leggings

This two-piece set adds a bit of style to workouts. The crop top has a standing collar and zipper design and is easy to put on and take off. The long-sleeve top can have thumbholes, giving it a more comfortable fit and keeping the sleeves in place during workouts. 

The leggings can come with a high-waist elasticated waistband for tummy control or a butt-lifting design for rear shaping. A popular fabric texture to use for this set is the honeycomb pattern.

15. Bra, shrug & leggings set

Woman in a sports bra, shrug, and leggings set

This three-piece set offers a highly flattering look with super-stretchy leggings, a high-support bra, and a super-cute shrug. 

The leggings can have a waist-cinching waistband for shaping, and the bra can have adjustable straps for a better fit. A hoodie and ruched detailing make the shrug even more flattering.

Stock up on size-inclusive shapewear and activewear

Demand for shapewear and compressionwear is growing across all size ranges as consumers seek out body sculpting and compression in their innerwear and activewear. 

With reports showing that the plus-size clothing market is expected to reach US $696.71 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.9%, catering to this market would open up a larger customer base for fashion retailers. 

As you add the top-trending women’s shapewear, leggings, and workout sets, extend your catalog to include size-inclusive shapewear and activewear to maximize on the ever-growing market. 

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