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Best Weightlifting Gloves to Improve Performance

Man wearing red weightlifting gloves while touching dumbbell

Consumers who spend time strength training should have a pair of good quality weightlifting gloves in their gym bag. These gloves are designed to enhance the wearer’s performance by protecting their hands as well as providing grip for heavier weights. There are a wide variety of weightlifting gloves available and each style is designed to help with overall performance. The best weightlifting gloves will keep the user’s hands in good condition without hindering the weightlifting process. Below, we’ll delve into learn the most popular styles of weightlifting gloves.

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Global market value of gym gloves
Factors to consider when choosing weightlifting gloves
Best weightlifting gloves

Global market value of gym gloves

Woman wearing weightlifting gloves while doing bicep curl

Gym gloves have always been a popular accessory among gymgoers, but new technologies have helped them appeal to a wider audience. With more consumers heading to the gym and taking a keen interest in their health overall, gym gloves have become a vital accessory, especially among fans of weightlifting machines or free weights. The sale of gym gloves alone already makes up almost 2% of the global gym equipment market, demonstratinghow in-demand they currently are.

Two men greeting each other in gym wearing black gloves

By 2022, the global market value of gym gloves was worth over US $1.1 billion. Between 2023 and 2032, that number is expected to increase by at least a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.9%, bringing the total market value up to approximately US $1.5 billion. The majority of sales are made in North America, which accounted for US $469.7 million in 2022, followed closely by Europe with US $250.3 million in sales. Finally, the face value of individual gym and weightlifting gloves is likely to vary based on the materials used as well as how much support they provide. 

Factors to consider when choosing weightlifting gloves

Woman holding raised plank position wearing black weightlifting gloves

Weightlifting gloves come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a few factors that consumers will consider when choosing the best weightlifting gloves for them. For example, size is a major factor, as gloves that are too large may be danerous due to slippage, while gloves that are too small may be uncomfortable to wear. The material used is another big factor, with consumers recommended to choose a material that doesn’t cause them irritation, as well as something that’s comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of use. Consumers also need to take into account the amount of support the gloves provide, as some users will want more wrist support or padding. Having additional padding can lower the risk of blisters but may cause some wearers to have difficulty gripping heavier weights.

Best weightlifting gloves

Woman holding barbell on her back while wearing weightlifting gloves

The best weightlifting gloves will vary based on what type of weights the individual is intends to lift as well as their weight. Some gloves offer more support than others in the palm or fingers, so not every type of glove will be suitable for all gym enthusiasts. Weightlifting gloves need to feature both padding and grip without them hindering overall performance.

According to Google Ads, “weightlifting gloves” has an average monthly search volume of 22,200 searches, while “gym gloves” has 49,500 searches. Between March and September 2023, there was actually 23% decline in searches for “weightlifting gloves,” from 22,200 to 18,100 searches, respectively. They were most searched for in Janaury, with 27,100 searches recorded.

The most sought-after weightlifting gloves are “fingerless gloves” at 13,500 monthly searches, followed by “grip pads” at 3,600 searches, “weightlifting gloves with wrist support” at 1,300 searches, and “full-fingered gym gloves” at 720 searches. This shows that consumers look for gloves that can offer additional support as well as superior grip.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at these most popular types.

Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves, also known as half-fingered gloves, are one of the most popular weightlifting glove types among consumers. They provide the user with the perfect balance between full-fingered and minimalist gloves, with an enhanced grip that is often texturized around the palm – a major feature of the fingerless gloves – to prevent slipping when picking up weights. Consumers look for padding in areas where added pressure is likely to cause blistering.

Since the fingers are uncovered in the fingerless gloves, it’s important that the finger openings don’t cause irritation, so better-quality gloves will have reinforced stitching around that area. These gloves will most likely be slip-on or have a velcro fastening around the wrists for additional support.

Like all weightlifting gloves, fingerless gloves need to be breathable to ensure that the user’s hands don’t become too sweaty. They should also be made of a durable material such as neoprene or synthetic leather to reduce slippage. 

Between March and September 2023, there was a 55% increase in searches for “fingerless gloves,” from 74,000 and 165,000 searches, respectively.

Grip pads

Grip pads are a very popular type of weightlifting glove, and are predominantly used for crossfit training or heavy weightlifting in the gym. These pads aren’t designed to fully cover the hands but they do provide additional grip and movement compared to most weightlifting gloves. Grip pads are made of materials such as leather, rubber, and neoprene, which are known for their longevity. Unlike regular weightlifting gloves, consumers prefer less padding with grip pads so that they are better able to grip the weight and have a closer feel of the bar. 

Grip pads are designed with a wrap-around wrist closure and a pad that covers the length of the palm. At the end of the pad are finger openings to allow for better grip. They’re a great alternative to traditional weightlifting gloves and can be used in a wide variety of strength training exercises. 

Between March and September 2023, there was a 18% increase in searches for “grip pads,” from 3,600 to 4,400 searches, respectively.

Weightlifting gloves with wrist support

One of the biggest problems consumers face when weightlifting is not having enough support for their wrists. There are now a large number of weightlifting gloves with wrist support available for consumers to choose from, which are predominantly designed with heavy weightlifting and strength training in mind. The wrist support often comes in the form of a strap or wrap that can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual and, in some cases, the wrist area will be much wider than regular workout gloves.

Weightlifting gloves with wrist support come in different styles, such as fingerless or half-fingered, so it’s completely up to the consumer as to which style is best for them. They’re also ideal for consumers who are prone to, or just recovering from, a wrist injury as their extra support provides additional peace of mind during workouts. 

Between March and September 2023, there was a 23% increase in searches for “weight lifting gloves with wrist support,” from 1,000 to 1,300 searches, respectively.

Full-fingered gym gloves

Person sitting down putting on full-fingered gym gloves

What consumers enjoy the most about full-fingered gym gloves is that they cover their fingers without hindering the hand’s movement. These gloves have similar features to those mentioned above, including enhanced padding on the palm to protect against blisters, textured grip to reduce weight slippage, and adjustable wrist closures so that they fit snugly.

Similarly, full-fingered gym gloves are designed with comfort in mind and are meant to maximize hand protection. Some consumers find these gloves difficult to use if they have a tendency to sweat a lot or like to touch the bar directly.

Between March and September 2023, there was no change in monthly searches for “full-fingered gym gloves,” which had around 700-800 monthly searches.


Choosing the best weightlifting gloves depends on a number of factors, incuding preferredsize, style, material, and overall function. Whereas some consumers may want less padding and coverage when weightlifting, others will lean towards gloves that are designed to prevent blisters and calluses. Regardless of the style of gloves, they are all designed with the goal of assisting and enhancing weightlifting performance. 

Businesses will want to keep in mind the growing influence of crossfit around the globe, as it may pay to stock weightlifting gloves that are more easily adaptable to these type of full-body exercises.

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