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Bundesnetzagentur Offers Upward Revision Of 2023 Solar Additions With 14.6 GW Combined Capacity

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  • Bundesnetzagentur has increased the monthly solar additions for the year 2023 to a total 14.6 GW 
  • In January 2024, the country added 1.25 GW of new PV capacity, growing 25% annually 
  • EEG funded rooftop PV systems continue to bring in the largest chunk of solar capacity with 816.5 MW in the reporting month 

Germany has continued its 2023 streak to install GW-level solar PV installations on a monthly basis in 2024, starting the year with 1,248 MW additions in January. The country’s Federal Network Agency or Bundesnetzagentur has also revised its 2023 numbers, leading to a total of 14.6 GW capacity. 

The 2023 additions include 1.017 GW added in December, which was revised from the previously stated 880 MW. The agency had earlier announced 14.26 GW new solar additions last year (see Germany’s Official 2023 Solar Installations Exceed 14 GW). 

German solar installations per month exceeded 1 GW for 10 straight months, barring 999 MW in January 2023. Bundesnetzagentur has registered almost 25% more capacity a year later in January 2024. 

The maximum new capacity additions in January 2024 were in the Bayern region with 267.5 MW, followed by 196.2 MW in Baden-Württemberg, and 183.4 MW in Nordrhein-Westfalen.  

Segment-wise, 816.5 MW was registered in the EEG funded rooftop PV systems category, a significant rise from 521.8 MW in the previous month. Another 208.9 MW came from subsidized ground mounted systems that were awarded under EEG tender scheme, same as in the previous month. 

Rooftop PV systems with 11.6 MW combined capacity and 106.2 MW ground mounted projects that were registered during the reporting month, were not funded by the government. On a sequential basis, this is down from 16.1 MW and 206 MW, respectively. 

At the end of 2023, Germany’s total installed solar PV capacity grew to 83.44 GW, according to the agency. 

A recent Rystad Energy report forecast Germany to lead Europe’s expected 50 TWh solar power generation growth in 2024 as the country takes steps to become self-sufficient in energy production (see Expect Exponential Growth Of Solar In Europe In 2024). 

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