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Choosing the Right Skateboard: A Comprehensive Guide


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Skateboard Market Overview
How to Select the Best Skateboards
Top Skateboard Models


In 2024, the skateboard market continues to ride a wave of innovative progress and expanding influence, presenting a thrilling terrain for business professionals and online retailers to navigate. This sector, once a niche interest, now boasts a diverse array of products, from high-tech electric models to customized street skateboards, reflecting its broad appeal and adaptability. As skateboarding cements its status both as a lifestyle and a sport, its market has seen substantial growth, driven by advancements in technology and a growing emphasis on sustainable manufacturing practices. This guide aims to offer in-depth insights into the 2024 skateboard market.

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Skateboard Market Overview

The global skateboard market size was estimated at USD 3.22 billion in 2022. The market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.5% from 2023 to 2030. By 2030, the market size is expected to reach USD 4.25 billion. However, other sources provide slightly different estimates, with one predicting the market size to reach USD 4.16 billion by 2030, and another forecasting it to reach USD 4.2 billion by 2030.

The retailers should consider that the global skateboard market is categorized into various types, including park boards, cruiser boards, and longboards, with applications spanning across different age groups such as kids, teenagers, and adults.The skateboard market is quite diverse, with several key players, including Element Skateboards, Krown Skateboards, SK8 Factory, Skate One, Absolute Board, Alien Workshop, and Zero Skateboards.  

How to Select the Best Skateboards

Types of Skateboards:

  • Complete Skateboards: Ideal for beginners, these come fully assembled with all necessary components. They are cost-effective and offer a straightforward entry into skateboarding, with a variety of designs and sizes suitable for different ages and skill levels.
  • Complete Skateboard Kits: These kits include all components required to build a skateboard but are unassembled. This option allows for customization, enabling the selection of a desired deck while ensuring compatible components. They are slightly more expensive than complete skateboards but offer better quality.
Complete Skateboard Kits

Longboards VS. Short Boards: Longboards are typically longer and more stable, ideal for cruising, long-distance riding, and downhill racing. They offer a smoother ride and are great for carving and speed. Short boards, or skateboards, are shorter and more maneuverable, designed primarily for tricks, street skating, and agility in skateparks. They are well-suited for technical riding and offer greater control for stunts.


  • Twin Tip: These boards have a symmetrical shape with nose and tail mirrors, reducing wheel bite and providing a balanced ride for freestyling and downhill.
  • Pintail: Ideal for cruising, pintails have a pointed nose and tail, offering smooth turning and preventing wheel bite at high speeds.
  • Drop Through: With trucks mounted through the board, drop throughs lower the center of gravity, providing stability and ease in pushing, suitable for cruising and freeriding.
  • Freestyle: Versatile and maneuverable, freestyle longboards are designed for tricks, dancing, and general use, featuring a symmetrical shape and soft wheels.
  • LDP (Long Distance Pumping): Engineered for long-distance riding and pumping, these boards offer efficiency in movement, allowing for long rides with minimal effort.
  • Downhill: Specifically built for speed and stability, downhill longboards have a lower profile for control at high speeds, perfect for racing and steep descents.

Short Boards:

  • Popsicle/Standard: The most common type, characterized by a symmetrical shape with a rounded nose and tail, suitable for street skating and tricks.
  • Old School: Featuring a wider, asymmetrical shape with a larger tail, these boards are great for pool and ramp skating, offering a retro feel.
  • Mini Cruiser: Compact and agile, mini cruisers are ideal for quick commutes and navigating through crowded spaces, offering a small and portable design.
  • Surfskate: Designed to mimic surfing, surfskates have a special front truck for sharp turns and carving, perfect for surf training and urban cruising.
  • Penny: Known for their small plastic decks and vibrant designs, Penny boards are lightweight, portable, and great for short distances and casual cruising.

Boards for Children:

  • Junior Size Skateboards: For younger or smaller riders (typically under 10 years old or shorter than 5ft), junior-sized skateboards offer a more comfortable experience. These boards are proportionally smaller, usually around 29″ long, and come in widths of 7.25″ to 7.5″.
Boards for Children

Materials of Skateboards:

Deck Materials:

  • Maple Wood: Known for its robustness, maple wood is popular for its reliability and stability, ideal for skateboarding tricks. Its decks are made from multiple layers of compressed maple, ensuring strength and resilience.
  • Bamboo: Lighter than maple, bamboo decks offer a unique flex pattern, enhancing maneuverability. It’s a sustainable, eco-friendly choice, often preferred for its agility in certain skateboarding styles.
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Decks: These decks incorporate carbon fiber for added strength, resisting breakage and warping. Preferred by experienced skateboarders, they exemplify technological advancement in skateboard manufacturing, meeting the demands of modern skateboarding.

Truck Materials:

  • Aluminum Alloy: Widely used in skateboard trucks for its balance of strength and lightness. Aluminum alloy is durable enough for skateboarding impacts, including tricks. Available in cast or stronger, more expensive forged options.
  • Magnesium Alloy: Lighter than aluminum and favored for weight reduction without sacrificing strength or durability. Magnesium alloy enhances skateboard performance, particularly in agility and trick execution, and is typically used in higher-end skateboards.

Wheel Materials:

  • Polyurethane: The go-to material for skateboard wheels, known for its balance of hardness and elasticity. Polyurethane wheels offer excellent grip and durability, with varying hardness levels for different surfaces and styles. Harder wheels are faster but less grippy, ideal for smooth surfaces, while softer wheels offer better grip on rough terrain.
  • Improved Wheel Formulas: Recent advancements in polyurethane formulas enhance wheel performance, leading to smoother rides and better shock absorption. These developments also enable higher speeds and may include specialized features for specific skateboarding styles, like sliding or extra grip for street skating.

Technology and Design:

  • Electric Boards: Electric skateboards have become popular due to their ease of use and reduced environmental impact. The integration of batteries and motors allows for longer rides and less physical exertion, making skateboarding more accessible for commuting and leisure.
  • Motorized Boards: There’s ongoing development in solar-powered skateboards, which could use thin film solar panels for charging.The addition of traditional motors to skateboards, although it’s noted that the extra weight might affect board use. Motorized skateboards are seen as the next technological step, particularly for those using skateboards mainly for transportation.
  • Hoverboards: Hoverboards, inspired by sci-fi movies like “Back to the Future,” would be shaped like a skateboard deck but wouldn’t require trucks or wheels. These boards could potentially hover about a foot off the ground, using technology like air propulsion or anti-gravity devices. The development of hover technology faces challenges in terms of control, stability, and weight balance.
one wheel hoverboard

Top Skateboard Models

Exway Flex-Riot:

  • Board Specifications:
    • Length and Width: Typically, electric skateboards have a length around 38-40 inches and a width of about 10 inches, offering a stable and roomy platform.
    • Weight: These boards are generally heavier than traditional skateboards due to the added components like the battery and motor, usually weighing around 15-17 pounds.
    • Battery Capacity: 216wh, configured in a 12s2p arrangement.
    • Motor Power: Equipped with dual 1500W belt-driven motors for robust performance.
  • Functional Design Features:
    • Deck Composition: Crafted from a composite mix of Maple, Bamboo, and Fiberglass, offering both flexibility and an aggressive concave for enhanced carving.
    • Truck Quality: Features C&C forged trucks, recognized for their durability and precision, ensuring a stable and controlled ride.
  • Performance and Construction:
    • Range and Speed: Capable of covering 16 miles (26 km) with a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h).
    • Control System: Utilizes a 12s Hobbywing ESC with smart-turn on, ensuring smooth acceleration and precise control for a comfortable riding experience.
    • Durability and Adaptability: Boasts an IP55 waterproof rating, making it resilient in various weather conditions.
    • Tech Integration: Includes app connectivity, allowing riders to customize speed profiles and access additional board settings for a tailored skateboarding experience.
Exway Flex-Riot

Globe G3 Series:

  • Board Specifications:
    • Length and Width: Skateboards in the G3 Series typically feature lengths ranging from 30″ to 33″ and widths around 8″ to 8.5″, providing a balanced platform for various skateboarding styles.
    • Construction: Made from high-quality materials, often incorporating a mix of maple and other performance-enhancing materials for durability and responsiveness.
  • Functional Design Features:
    • Performance-Oriented Decks: Decks in this series are designed for enhanced performance, suitable for technical street skating and park use.
    • Durable Trucks and Wheels: Equipped with sturdy trucks and high-performance wheels, ensuring a smooth ride and excellent maneuverability.
  • Performance and Construction:
    • Street Skating Focus: The G3 Series is designed with a focus on street and technical skating, offering decks with the right mix of flexibility and strength.
    • Quality and Durability: Emphasizes the use of premium materials to withstand the rigorous demands of advanced skateboarding.
Globe G3 Series

Sector 9 Bamboo Series:

  • Board Specifications:
    • Sustainable Materials: Made from 100% sustainably harvested bamboo, these longboards are eco-friendly and robust.
    • Length Variety: The Bamboo Series features a range of lengths, typically from 38″ to 42″, catering to different riding preferences.
  • Functional Design Features:
    • Flexibility and Strength: Bamboo construction provides a unique flex, ideal for cruising and carving.
    • Eco-Friendly Approach: The use of bamboo aligns with Sector 9’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Performance and Construction:
    • Smooth Riding Experience: Designed to offer a responsive and comfortable ride, suitable for a range of longboarding styles.
    • Aesthetic Design: Combines natural bamboo beauty with artistic elements, making each board visually appealing.
Sector 9 Bamboo Series

Loaded Tan Tien:

  • Board Specifications:
    • Length: 39″
    • Width: 8.75″
    • Wheelbase: 27″
    • Weight: Ranges from 3.1-3.5 lb, varies with flex options.
  • Functional Design Features:
    • Drop-Through Truck Mounts: Enhances stability and simplifies pushing.
    • Large Cutouts: Provide ample wheel clearance, ideal for deep carves and tight turns.
    • Nose and Tail Kicks: Facilitate advanced freestyle tricks and efficient navigation in urban environments.
  • Performance and Construction:
    • Responsive Deck: Offers a lively and energetic flex, suitable for carve-oriented longboarding.
    • Material Composition: Constructed from bamboo and fiberglass, combining strength and flexibility.
    • Flex Ratings: Available in multiple options to suit different rider weights and styles.
      • Lower Flex: Best for heavier riders or those who prefer aggressive tricks.
      • Higher Flex: Ideal for lighter riders or those seeking a more responsive board.
    • Eco-Friendly Approach: Uses bio-based materials like tree sap in its epoxy, reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing performance.
Loaded Tan Tien


The 2024 skateboard market showcases an impressive array of innovation, catering to a wide range of skating preferences and styles. This era is characterized by a blend of technologically advanced features and sustainable designs, appealing to both eco-conscious consumers and performance-focused riders. Key considerations such as board types, materials, and the integration of new technologies are essential for business professionals and online retailers in making informed product selections. The market’s diversity, from electric and street skateboards to longboards, reflects its adaptability and the evolving demands of modern skateboarders. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, staying informed about these trends will be crucial for those looking to meet and exceed the expectations of a dynamic and diverse skateboarding community.

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