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The Complete List of Top Trucker Hat Trends


A trucker hat is an inexpensive and comfortable hat style that is popular because of its carefree attitude. Trucker caps also offer utility and convenience by keeping the head cool during outdoor activities. This is a comprehensive list of trends in trucker hats businesses need to know right now.

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What makes trucker hats so popular?
Top trucker hat trends
Trucker caps are back in style

What makes trucker hats so popular?

Trucker hats are a type of baseball cap distinguished by their broad front and plastic mesh back. The global baseball cap market was valued at USD 15.57 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand to USD 21.79 billion by the end of 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.76% between 2020 to 2025.

Although trucker hats were originally used by agricultural workers, farmers, and truck drivers, trucker caps are part of the current Y2K style revival and are now being worn by both men and women as a fashion statement. Trucker hats also offer functional benefits, such as a breathable mesh back that keeps the head cooler when exercising, traveling, or participating in outdoor activities.

Top trucker hat trends

Foam front

White mesh baseball hat with foam front
Blue foam trucker hat with distressed logo

Trucker hats with a foam front look ultra soft and comfortable. A polyester foam front with a polyester or nylon mesh back helps absorb sweat from the forehead and allows perspiration to evaporate quickly. 

Some foam trucker caps may also come with a front panel with foam backing for extra comfort and durability. Other trucker hats may feature a cool dry sweatband along the inside to wick away moisture. 

Although a foam front is ideal for heat pressed logos or embroidery, foam front trucker hats are often produced in a simple design with a single logo or no logo at all. For a more youthful look, they can even be designed with color blocking in bright or pastel colors.

Tall crown

Maroon and white trucker cap with tall crown
Black mesh baseball cap with structured crown

Structured trucker caps with a taller crown are popular right now because they are reminiscent of the trendy 1970s look. A structured cap is a hat that keeps its shape once it is taken off the wearer’s head. The structure is created through a buckram, which is a piece of stiff cotton cloth generally inserted into the two front panels of a cap. 

To make tall crown trucker hats more comfortable, the high crown can be paired with a curved or pliable bill that can be bent to a wearer’s liking. An adjustable back strap will also enable fit for a wide range of head sizes. Adjustable closures can be designed as a snap closure, leather strap, nylon strap with plastic buckle, cloth strap with metal slider, or a Velcro strap.

Custom logos

Gray mesh cap with embroidered white branded logo
Beige trucker hat with custom patch logo

Trucker caps are appealing partly because they can be customized with any logo or design along the crown. Custom logos are great for promoting a brand or giving customers a way to express their interests, beliefs, and affiliations through headwear. Custom trucker hats are also ideal for work uniforms or branded merchandise.

Trucker hats are most often customized along the front of the crown or on top of the brim. Branding can also be applied to the cap in a variety of ways. A 2D or 3D embroidered logo is most common, but embroidered, woven, rubber, metal, or leather patches can also be applied to the hat. Screen printing or heat pressed printing are other techniques for custom branding.

Colorful caps

Man wearing teal monochrome trucker hat
Man in red mesh cap with white front

Even though trucker caps are intended to be worn as a casual and laidback fashion accessory, color is often used to give the caps a stylish twist. 

The crown, mesh back, and brim of a trucker hat can each be created in different colors for a color blocked design. They can even feature all-over prints and patterns like florals, tie-dye, or geometric shapes to create a more unique statement. Alternatively, some caps may boast a monochrome look, where the entire hat is produced in the same color.

For an unexpected feature that shows attention to detail, the inner taping along the crown can also be designed in a different color. Contrast stitching and a sandwich visor are other subtle ways to incorporate color contrast into a trucker cap.

Vintage hats

Black distressed denim baseball cap with mesh back
Man wearing faded trucker cap for work

Vintage trucker hats often have a significantly aged appearance. They are popular because they are casual and can match the aesthetic of distressed clothing. 

There are a variety of ways to design a vintage trucker cap. Faded color and fabric can make caps look as if they have been frequently washed, while snags, nicks, streaks and worn spots along the brim or crown give trucker hats a tattered appeal. Frayed ends or loose threads and an unstructured design are other ways to give vintage trucker caps a weathered finish.

Vintage logos reminiscent of established sports, workwear, or streetwear brands can give trucker hats a nostalgic and laidback feel. The distressing can also be slightly different on each hat for a customized design that looks truly vintage.

Trucker caps are back in style 

Although trucker hats were originally designed for the working class, they have come back as a fashion item for both men and women. The latest trends in trucker caps are focused on emphasizing their unique characteristics, such as foam fronts, tall crowns, and vintage appeal. Custom logos and colorful designs are other trends that give customers an opportunity to express their personal style.

The comfort and affordability of trucker hats give them a carefree energy that is currently coveted in fashion. Businesses are advised to offer trucker hats in designs that are retro, casual, and unique enough to emulate the relaxed aesthetic of the noughties.

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