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5 Best Trucker Hat Styles for Spring/Summer 2023


Trucker hats have evolved from throwaway promotional materials to one of the most well-known fashion accessories of all time. This timeless piece features an adjustable plastic mesh at the back and a broad front brim.

Trucker hats have a place in almost every man’s wardrobe because of their one-hat-fits-all capabilities and various styles that exude personality. Plus, they are easier to make than baseball caps.

This article will discuss five stylish trucker hat styles for S/S 2023. But first, here’s an overview of the global trucker hat market.

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Overview of the trucker hat market
5 trucker hat styles consumers will love
Ride the trucker hat trend

Overview of the trucker hat market

Trucker hats have been big hits, and their market statistics prove it. Experts estimate the global caps and hats market size will reach US $96.2 billion by 2030. They also predict the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% from 2021 through 2030.

Naturally, trucker hats share in this remarkable market expansion. They’ve been making waves in the fashion market since the 1960s and have solidified their presence in American culture. For these reasons, the trucker hat segment has never been more promising. 

Other factors contributing to this market’s impressive size are the rising need for hair protection against dust and other elements, the increased rate of changes in fashion senses, and the growth of smart hats.

Experts expect North America to register as the region with the dominant market share over the forecast period. Europe also holds a solid presence in the market and is expected to generate even more revenue from 2021 to 2028.

5 trucker hat styles consumers will love

Mesh trucker hat

man wearing a denim jacket and black truck hat

Mesh trucker hats are incredible items that work with any outfit. Although they don’t come in many color combinations, the neutral, light, or dark-toned hues are enough to jazz up men’s outdoor outfits.

These caps have an excellent elastic band that secures the hat to the head. No matter the activity, even gentle hugs, the mesh trucker hat will remain secured on the wearer’s head.

The accessory also features rounded visors that rest lower on the face, effectively blocking the sun from causing discomfort. Reinforced stitching on mesh trucker hats gives them fantastic durability. They can withstand almost anything wearers throw at them.

lady posing in a black trucker hat

However, most mesh trucker hats don’t come with adjustable sizes. They either fit the wearer’s head or the elastic band will be too tight and uncomfortable. Mesh trucker hats may also feel stiff while on the wearer’s head, but long break-in periods can help ease the stress.

Camo trucker caps

man using his phone wearing camouflage attire

Trucker hats aren’t just for men, and the camo style ensures everyone can enjoy the unique aesthetics of this piece. Camo trucker caps can serve as durable and functional headgear. And they double down as stylish hats.

Most camo trucker caps use cotton and sweatbands that provide excellent moisture-wicking properties. Consumers looking towards wearing this item while working up a sweat won’t have to worry about damage. These hats are also odor resistant and possess fast-drying qualities, making them the ultimate cross between functional work gear and style.

Camo trucker caps also feature pre-curved visors that exude a lived-in feel. They can sport subtle logos on the side to retain professionalism, while some may come with large branding on the front.

A good example is a camouflage trucker cap with a laser-engraved USA flag in its center. The hat would give a patriotic vibe while being appropriate for work.

man carrying a child while wearing a camo trucker hat

Camo trucker caps make awesome combinations with neutral or dark-toned outfits. Anything too bright would offset the subtle beauty of the accessory.

Dad trucker cap

dad trucker hat resting on a dashboard

Dad trucker caps are perfect for replicating the old-school laid-back look. They come in various designs and colors that scream “Dad life.” However, most of these variations feature similar black mesh at the back.

The double stitching and top-quality construction give the dad trucker cap durability, which is perfect for consumers wearing their hats through challenging situations.

Notwithstanding, dad trucker hats use the classic snap strap to provide custom fits for different head sizes. They also provide pre-curved visors that make breaking in easier. Plain designs with no detailing give this item its unique aesthetic, but sometimes, it can have subtle logo branding.

man holding a pink rabbit trucker hat

Most of these hats are one-size-fits-all, but they may have small sizes. Although consumers can use adjustable straps, dad trucker caps may not fit those with large heads. These hats also rest high on the wearer’s head, which creates an odd fit. However, consumers that can pull off the look would favor this piece.

Snapback trucker hat

two men wearing snapback trucker hats

Snapback trucker hats have adjustable plastic straps at the back. Consumers can snap these straps into place to enjoy the perfect fit. The term “snapback” refers to the adjuster, not the hat’s style.

However, these items mostly feature flat peaks with more cotton than mesh. Snapback trucker hats can come in various colors ranging from plain to fancy details and prints.

Some variants may feature large fronts made with poly-foam constructions. These styles set the crown to be as high as possible. Other snapback trucker hats have pre-curved visors and open mesh backs, which adds to the overall aesthetic.

Snapback trucker hats can also offer two-tone designs. Consumers who love color combinations can go wild with different contrasts or complementary hues to match their tastes. These items can have blank fronts or showcase branding, or any kind of design that appeals to consumers.

man looking sporty in a snapback trucker hat

Curved-brim snapback cap

man wearing a bold curved-brim trucker hat

Nothing creates the perfect fit for the great outdoors than this trucker hat. The brim is the only difference between this piece and the snapback trucker hat. Instead of pre-curved visors, these hats come with fully curved versions, making it harder to break them in.

Curved-brim trucker hats possess all the classic trucker hat details, including all-foam fronts, mid-profile silhouettes, and plastic adjustable snapback fasteners. Vibrant color choices and bold, outdoor-focused logos can make this item the go-to for outdoor adventures on sunny days.

Businesses can offer variants with polyester foam. This material provides quick-clean properties for when this hat eventually gets dirty. Some curved-brim snapback caps exude old-school looks for consumers who love going vintage.

lady posing in a black trucker hat

Embroidery patches are also possible with this accessory. These styles will attract consumers who love a handcrafted feel and some level of personalization. The embroidery can range from large to small and can feature various graphics, like animals or flags.

Ride the trucker hat trend

Trucker hats are excellent outdoor accessories that double down as functional and stylish pieces. Most variants feature wide, curved brims that offer excellent sun protection.

Additionally, trucker hats mostly have mesh backs, but some can come in full cotton or other materials. They can also feature straps or snapback closures for consumers to get the right fit. 

Trucker hats are prime outdoor wear expected to receive a boost this season. Hence, retailers can leverage these trends to update their catalogs for S/S 2023.

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